BioScan Light Therapy & Photopuncture
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Hosted by: Kay Aubrey-Chimene
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 90574
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Title: Light Therapy vs. Photopuncture - what is the difference?

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03/17/2011 09:00 PM EDT
Using the BioFind Effectively
02/10/2011 09:00 PM EST
Light Therapy vs. Photopuncture - what is the difference?
02/03/2011 09:00 PM EST
Adjusting the Hips - From the Neck?!
01/07/2011 02:00 PM EST
NEW Spinal Pad System
12/23/2010 11:00 AM EST
Photopuncture for Ringbone
12/09/2010 11:00 AM EST
Light Cap - Therapy starts at the top
12/02/2010 11:00 AM EST
BioScanTendon Saver for Wound Healing


100% FAN - Reviewer: penelopepony 12/16/10 10:56 PM EST
Full Comment: Haven't been able 2 make all the live talks, but DEFIANTLY have double down loaded everything so far, on pc & cd. Keeping my fingers crossed 4 this 2 b my new 2011 career. I believe SO much in this program from ANY & ALL the research n LIVE testimonies that I have gotten off the racetrack, that I am requesting to those wanting 2 send me 2 vocational rehab, 2 put me into this. :D There is also a place close by that mends wild animals, & hope 2 help give back some there. I have a bad, bad, ankle, so YES, I will b playing w/my own toys so I can EVEN better sell my new toys :D