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Title: EPISODE682 - Freeamerican's Community Call

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09/02/2010 10:00 AM EDT
EPISODE3 - Freeamerican's Community Call
09/01/2010 10:00 AM EDT
EPISODE2 - Freeamerican Hour
08/31/2010 10:00 AM EDT
EPISODE1 - Freeamerican Hour


Looks like Rabbi William R. Finck of the ADL slanders you, too! - Reviewer: DONALDCARLSMITH44 03/26/15 09:36 AM EDT
Full Comment: We laugh at Rabbi Finck's attempt at infiltrating CI, a religion he's never been a part of nor ordained within like those honorable men he attacks! His little mutiny backfired and now he's left with ZERO listeners except a known race-mixer named Allen Rouse and still tries to use Eli's name of Christogenea (God's Penis). We reap what we sow and today Rabbi Finck has NOBODY but known shills and ANTIFAs that love the universalist tripe spewing forth. It's a conspiracy! Google jews have framed me! Oi vey! Angels are Mexicans? HAHA! Nice try, jew boy! Your own whore daughter excludes you from the priesthood - or did you rewrite that in your lame, race-mixing " CNT Bible?" A total embarrassment to the advances CI has made - I need not say "stay away" as nobody but a few fake sockpuppets (like Joe and Heather who are Rabbi Bill himself) even tune in for giggles.

Clown - Reviewer: mrrosenblatt 12/20/14 06:36 PM EST
Full Comment: Clayton Douglas is CI with Eli James, an atheist with Kaminski, an anti American with JB Campbell, a usurer with Russell Papallardo and an all around POTHEAD! He is disinfo and he thinks the Mossad would waste their time trying to attack him. He is also on one of the white networks shows (some jew dweeb) and Douglas claims its not really the jews its the white people hiding behind the jews. The guy is a chameleon and thats just a few examples, Ive got lots more.

- Reviewer: Guest Seven 03/13/13 09:46 AM EDT

- Reviewer: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 03/13/13 09:26 AM EDT

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- Reviewer: ntot 08/30/11 08:38 AM EDT

A-LIST INTERVIEWS WITH A-LIST GUESTS. - Reviewer: DrAnthropology 08/31/10 01:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: The Barnes Review guest, is abit misleading, stating bill gates and donald trump are not from khazarian neanderthalic origins, but alexjoans is right, you have an a-list of guests, and should centralize your operations, here on talkshoe. That blogtalk is really filled with garbage.

Please CENTRALIZE your show to talkshoe.. IT'S AWESOME!!!! - Reviewer: AlexJoans 08/31/10 01:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: You interview all my favorite guys from every site I read!!! Stay on talkshoe, because blogtalk is ad-filled and locks up my computer!!! I think you are awesome, but the blogtalk interviews destroy my computer. AWESOME SHOW!!!!!