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Title: EPISODE695 - Never give up

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Hostile Dave - Reviewer: RoddyK 07/02/16 01:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: Let me point out one simple answer to people like Myrdland: If CtC weren't completely correct, there would never, ever be an occasions where an open-eyed tax agency capitulated to a CtC-educated filing/claim. But there are many, many fully-documented cases accumulated year after year after year in which this is precisely the case-- with those at being especially instructive. So there is no question that CtC is 100% correct. The fact that there are some cases in which the government tries to resist educated filings, or contrive some pretext to harass or even harm people after the fact, or even tries to figure out some way of managing to reverse a capitulation (as it has tried to do in the case of Doreen and me for 10 years now without success), doesn't change or diminish the foregoing truth even one little bit. Bad and corrupt behavior from arrogant and invested government actors can happen regardless of what is true. But open-eyed capitulation can ONLY happen if what is being capitulated to is correct. So, again, it is established fact that CtC is 100% correct. If trolls like Myrland argue that people should avoid it because it is not correct, they are simply wrong and that should be pointed out to them. If they do not then abandon their nonsense scare-mongering, and their own pet theories about the tax and become advocates for CtC, they should be hounded from the stage. If trolls like Myrdland argue nonetheless that people should stay away from CtC, even though it is correct, because acting in its knowledge might draw bad behavior from the government, then they are advocating an abandonment of the rule of law to its enemies, and should be denounced and hounded from the stage as cowards and poltroons. Real Americans don't embrace lies or tolerate them from their servants, and they don't abandon the law and subordinate themselves to its enemies just because that might seem the "safer" path. Not only are they made of better stuff than that, but they are wise enough to know that one never improves one's fortunes overall by sacrificing the good in hopes of placating evil.

Listen more closely - by David R. Myrland - Reviewer: *Data* 01/15/16 01:13 AM EST
Full Comment: REPLY to RoddyK: â??Stuck in their waysâ??? My approach is unique because itâ??s based solely on responsible and competent code pleading; thatâ??s how law is to be done. Yeah, Iâ??m stuck on this. All P. Hendrickson has done is to proffer a string of theories resulting from an utterly incompetent [analysis] of the Tax Code. Heâ??s NOT a scholar, he has NO education, and heâ??s caused countless Americans to be imprisoned or liened and levied into poverty with a process I predicted would cause exactly that, because Iâ??d seen it several times before beginning in 1992. Hendrickson hasnâ??t helped anyone but those the IRS is too busy to get to to recover the refunds it handed out. When people do as I prescribe they HAVE NO PROBLEM except indictments or levies caused by getting into the garbage â??the movementâ?? peddles before theyâ??ve heard what I suggest. Inasmuch as my stance on sec. 83 is a statutory argument, Hendrickson (or anyone else) has to provide a briefing to the contrary to disprove my conclusions about that provision; thatâ??s how itâ??s done. Hendrickson looks right at all the cases that require sec. 83 be applied to ALL compensation and simply says theyâ??re wrong. A statutory argument is NEVER a â??theory.â?? It is either a valid or invalid interpretation; never a â??theory.â?? â??So whatâ??s Daveâ??s point?â?? - You have to listen to what I say much more closely, because youâ??ve missed it, my point. I have prevented indictments, Chris has prevented indictments, while Hendrickson has CAUSED indictments; can you see the difference? Thatâ??s my point. Nobody else can claim this, and this SUCCESS was derived from sticking strictly to my 1994 treatise, when Hendrickson was still putting explosives in US Postal Boxes. (See US v. Hendrickson, No. 2:1991cr80930 (U.S.D.C. E.D. Mich.). Hendrickson was sentenced to 21 months in prison, and was released on 8/25/1993 (register # 15406-039, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Dep't of Justice). Iâ??m not trying to get the courts to read anything - You have to listen more closely! I have obviously written what the DOJ reads, thus preventing many indictments; thatâ??s called â??success.â?? Thereâ??s no truth in Hendricksonâ??s writings that I can identify. I am indeed hostile to anyone who suggests that Hendrickson be paid one scintilla of respect, for Iâ??ve watched as innumerable Americans have been imprisoned and levied into poverty because of Hendricksonâ??s incompetence. If youâ??re okay with that I have nothing to offer you. My personal case is still open. Iâ??m accused of threatening to share the public record with others, and you actually believe thatâ??s worse than injuring postal workers with explosives . . . Really??? Really??? Thatâ??s amazing to me. To honor the two women I've seen stressed TO DEATH by tax controversies caused by "the movement," and to honor Dick Simkanin, I stand firm on all that I say to defame the ranks of the anti-tax "leaders" - They haven't done the work, and they'd rather experiment with others' lives than learn the law. This FACT makes their operation of their web sites to make a buck wire fraud in violation of 18 USC 1343. David R. Myrland

Great information in this call - Reviewer: Chappy 09/22/10 07:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: After listening to Dave Myrland who would not want to join his Criminal Complaint to Congress

Fascinating! - Reviewer: lamb323 09/17/10 02:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listened intently. Great education. Thank you! Rachel