The Triple Feature
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Hosted by: tombrazelton
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 7738
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Title: EPISODE151 - The Triple Feature - The End

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/11/2010 09:46 PM EST
EPISODE151 - The Triple Feature - The End
01/04/2010 09:49 PM EST
EPISODE150 - The Triple Feature - December Recap
11/30/2009 10:00 PM EST
EPISODE149 - The Triple Feature - Fantastic Ninjas
11/23/2009 09:38 PM EST
EPISODE148 - The Triple Feature - Howling at the Moon
11/16/2009 09:50 PM EST
EPISODE147 - The Triple Feature - Foxy
11/09/2009 09:48 PM EST
EPISODE146 - The Triple Feature - Humbug
11/02/2009 10:10 PM EST
EPISODE145 - The Triple Feature - When the autumn moon is bright
10/26/2009 09:54 PM EDT
EPISODE144 - The Triple Feature - See Saw Six
10/19/2009 09:46 PM EDT
EPISODE143 - The Triple Feature - Wild Activity
10/12/2009 10:00 PM EDT
EPISODE142 - The Triple Feature - Tasty Flesh
09/28/2009 09:49 PM EDT
EPISODE141 - The Triple Feature
09/21/2009 09:44 PM EDT
EPISODE140 - The Triple Feature - Cloudy With A Chance of Informants
09/14/2009 10:00 PM EDT
EPISODE139 - The Triple Feature - Back on The Horse
08/31/2009 09:46 PM EDT
EPISODE138 - The Triple Feature - Who's The Leader of The Club?
08/24/2009 10:00 PM EDT
EPISODE137 - The Triple Feature - An Inglourious Show


- Reviewer: Captainspaceheart 09/28/09 09:55 PM EDT

Like the webcomics better than the show... - Reviewer: smurfwreck 08/25/09 07:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: I've been listening to the show for a few months now (downloading past episodes and such) and I have to say that it's a pretty frustrating listen. The main issue I have is the constant debate to avoid spoilers when talking about current films. My stance is pretty much this, if you're going to have a film podcast that talks about current films then all bets are off. Why would an audience member want to listen to a show about a current movie if all that's going to be talked about is tiptoed generalities? Good criticism comes from deconstruction and you can't do that without talking about the movies, plot points, reveals and all, period. Don't want to spoil a movie? Don't talk about it. Don't want to be spoiled on a movie? Don't listen to a podcast about that movie. The show is frustrating because of this. Secondly, I have to say that the dynamic between Tom, Gordon and Joe is a little off putting. Though I have to believe they're friendly with each other most of the time I can't help but get the feeling while listening that Joe and Gordon really aren't into doing the show. Joe has a tendency to not participate, whether it's because he seems to fear having an impact on the other's opinions or because he just doesn't want to talk in general. Gordon is a little overbearing in his very unshakable dismissal of most of the conversation, and it borders on annoying when he switches gears from a know-it-all to a drooling fanboy reiterating just how smokin' hot some actresses are. And honestly, I feel kind of sorry for Tom who seems to be the one pose questions for discussion that are either ignored by Joe or dismissed by Gordon. I'm not saying Tom is an angel, he even gets a little too concerned with the box office of each film they talk about, it's just that he seems to be trying the hardest to make the show interesting. Overall, I enjoy the show the most when they don't worry about spoilers or when they seem to be having fun talking about movies. There's a good show in there somewhere underneath the tiptoeing and malaise.

Great show - Reviewer: Dugray 08/04/08 09:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for having me on the show for Episode 21! Was an honor to be able to share your vast audience to spew my meaningless opinion!

A long over due thankyou! - Reviewer: tianree 05/14/08 06:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi guys, hope you still read the comments. bassically I thought I should get round to commenting. this is one of two podcasts I listen to regularily (the other being the bungie podcast), but I've read the theatrehopper and Mulitplex comix for many years (used to both keep me sane when I worked in an office) but I never listened to the triple feature as it was US time (a bit of a problem for a UK reader) then I discovered the podcasts and I'm really impressed by the combination of normal everyday comments mixed with high brow discussion though I do feel that the US rating system feels F****d up. I want to go backj and read the comic archives again now though as I feel I know you now -probably as I've listened to the archives one after another in my rep job (3-6 hours a day!!!) so thanks for keeping me sane! Tian

Good Show - Reviewer: DrPepperMD 09/19/07 06:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: ... but there were technical glitches in the 9/10 show. Several times, a women's voice cuts in to the podcast. I don't know if that's from someone being on a mobile phone, or someone using ShoePhone or Skype, or what, but it was rather disconcerting.

The addition enhances an already-fun podcast. - Reviewer: JasonMehmel 09/04/07 01:18 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've been listening to this show for awhile, mostly in podcast form, so I never have the chance to shout out my responses to the various positions on movies that are taken by the original three. It has made me start looking at my schedule to see if I can take time to join in, either by typing, or, (hope of hopes) being allowed to chime in vocally, as some listeners have done in the past. It's also taken away some of my movie-lethargy. Hearing movies that you are anticipating makes me re-think some of my own opinions, and I've gone to see shows simply to see what has got the you all so excited. (Superbad being the most recent example.) I've also held off listening to episodes until I've seen the movie addressed therein. Not to avoid spoilers, but because I want to be able to agree or disagree based on my own viewing. The passion you've all displayed for movies has re-invigorated my own consuming of film, and for that alone I give you thanks. The dynamic between Tom, Gordon, and Joe was always fun, with Tom taking a facilitator position, making sure points are heard, while never losing the fact that this is a collection of friends. The addition of Brian has taken this to the next level; sometimes the most illuminating points are made when Gordon and Brian are disagreeing heatedly. I often see both sides of their point, and I very rarely agree with either of them, but it always brings a new perspective to the topic. (Most recently, the debate between 'smart' and 'dumb' comedy was fascinating.) The only advice to give would be for Tom to proceed even further than he has: giving each side their statement and response, just to clear things up when people start talking over each other. I found the podcast through Gordon's Multiplex, where I likewise found the comics of everyone involved, which has been a great discovery. Even though we've never spoken, I still feel like I'd enjoy a conversation with all of you at the local pub, after watching whatever's in the local cinema... (and in thanks for the show, I might buy the first pint. Alas, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.) A loyal listener, -Jason

One of the greatest podcasts in existance. - Reviewer: MilesRaymond 08/20/07 08:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I mostly listen to this through iTunes, and every time, it never fails to disappoint. These three guys are as funny and entertaining as the comics they have created. Pound for pound one of the best podcasts going and the best movie podcast in the world.

Pretty good... - Reviewer: osirisda26 07/17/07 10:27 AM EDT
Full Comment: I love the content here. Who doesn't like movies? You guys all play off each other well. The sound quality is really bad, though. I guess you're doing it over the phone, so that explains it,but... damn. Hard to listen to sometimes. Funny stuff, though.

Three Frineds chatting - Reviewer: Ibhstree 07/11/07 11:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: I think the dynamic is good. You feed well off of each other; however, it's like listening to three good friends sitting around the porch chatting about movies. That is ok if that is the way you were moving. But I think that greatly takes away your credibility as movie reivewers. A movie reviewer should not flip flop on his decision of a movie from one show to another, especially after his friends don't like it. Stick to your guns! There should be more structure to your reviews and your debates. Be careful of contradicting yourself. The review for Ratatouille, you say is an excellent movie, but that you couldn't get into the characters. That is a HUGE issue, especially with cartoons. In that case it's all eye candy. Just say it, and don't spend 20 minutes telling us to go see it! Because of your review I'm NOT going to see it. I listen to one show about J'Taime Paris where one of you just re-hashed the same thing and rambled on for a good 20 minutes. I listen to my mp3 at work to stay awake and be informed, not be bored. The sound quality, especially your last show was honestly crap. I listen to podcasts only, so any technical mumbo jumbo will be lost on me. I think I may listen every once in a while, when I have nothing else to listen to, but I definitely think I'll stick solely to my other movie podcast. They're more succint, formatted, and funnier.

Great show - Reviewer: unlabled00 06/02/07 01:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: A fan of all three of the hosts' webcomics, I really love the dynamic you guys have; a pseudo-mix of good ol' movie reviewing and each speaker's own brand of comedy. um... Two Thumbs Up?

great alternative to Ebert & Roeper XD - Reviewer: grimsp 04/23/07 09:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: i give you guys 4 out of 5. your comics are awesome especially the "Crappy Movies" from Joe Dunn. but sometimes you guys ramble on random things but overall love your reviews and further insignt on the movies you're talking about. Great job!

on the upstarts - Reviewer: ...moze... 03/24/07 09:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: content great, i get along with you guys. but your quality is

Content vs. Presentation - Reviewer: 03/14/07 10:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Content wise, very funny. I love the movie talk mixed with the crazy stories. The missing Back the Future to see some crazy Santa Clause story had me laughing pretty hard. My only complaint, and the only reason I can't yet give this 5 stars is the sound quality and echoing gets to me after a while. Please figure out a way to clear this up. I know, I ask the impossible.

An excellent way to spend an hour - Reviewer: thebodyguard 03/12/07 10:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: I think this is a terrific show and listening to these guys talk shop is great. It would be a lot more fun if they interacted with the chat room people during the show.

Great Fun - Reviewer: HeirToPendragon 02/09/07 02:36 PM EST
Full Comment: Normally I don't listen to talk shows. Why would I listen to someone talk for X hours and not join in? Well I was able to join in on this show and it was a blast and loads of fun. Even if I'm not actually talking, my comments are readable and responable by the little community that creates itself just within the chats. I'll make sure to join whenever I'm not working.

Great - Reviewer: ChrisC098 01/01/07 03:55 AM EST
Full Comment: Truly great, it is a pleasure to listen to the masters of web comics chat amongst themselves.

Getting better and better... - Reviewer: Beeley 12/20/06 08:57 AM EST
Full Comment: When I was looking down the list of the various livecasts here at Talkshoe, I was pleasently surprised to find that Tom Brazelton, the creator of the Theater Hopper webcomic, was now broadcasting. I've enjoyed the comic for a little less than a year now and its focus on movies. This livecast is no different, but also sprinkles in some slice of life humor. The first two livecasts Tom is really getting his feet under him with the livecast. This third enstallment was really good though, especially at the end with the discussion revolving around his and his friend's webcomics. Keep it up Tom, it's getting better and better.