Covenant Warriors - MARRIAGE IS 4 LIFE
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Title: Judgment and Righteousness: What it Means

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/28/2015 08:00 PM EDT
Gay Marriage vs Adultery -The Speck vs the Log
05/03/2014 07:00 PM EDT
The "Old" Testament - History or Parable??
12/17/2012 08:00 PM EST
Judgment and Righteousness: What it Means
06/01/2011 08:18 PM EDT
EMPTY TALKERS Part II - Inside the Divorce "Ministry" of Joel Davisson.
04/20/2011 07:13 PM EDT
EMPTY TALKERS - Rick Godwin and the Danger of Lying Pastors
12/04/2010 07:00 PM EST
HOLY WHOREDOM - Adultery, Sound Doctrine, and "False Gospel" Heresy
10/19/2010 09:20 PM EDT
INTERVIEW - Dr. Mike Gorrie of High Calling Ministires NZ
03/20/2010 02:00 PM EDT
Dr. Leslie McFall - Debunking the Mat 19 "Exception Clause" via the Greek!


Yes Marriage IS 4 Life! - Reviewer: AllaboutHim 12/04/10 10:43 PM EST
Full Comment: Very encouraging and informative session about some truths that so many miss. I appreciate your courage to expose those who are tearing families apart. May the Lord open their eyes and turn this tide of destruction. May He raise up more men like you to preserve the insitution of marriage that is being perverted even within the church.

Thank you for speaking THE TRUTH - Reviewer: EweLamb 03/28/10 12:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you for speaking the truth and providing such a valuable program. Having researched the matter in depth, Dr. McFall has provided key scriptural references. This program and the related insights are greatly appreciated!

God Bless this man - Reviewer: smom 03/20/10 07:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: I was amazed to hear that he was saying what so many standers claim. The original texts show our stands to be true. I pray that more prodigals can hear this, and will listen. God bless everyone that brought this too us. :)

Episode 1 -- Excellent - Reviewer: Noble Wife 03/20/10 04:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: This first episode of the show was excellent. It was very educational and interesting. I learned a lot about the true translation of the original texts of the Bible in reference to divorce and remarriage. Dr. McFall was simply brilliant and he is such a gentleman. I am so glad I had the opportunity to listen in!