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Hosted by: Hatton
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 75570
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Title: FPPT Episode 98: Let it Go

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Past Episodes (479)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/19/2017 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 98: Let it Go
02/12/2017 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 97: Going in Both Directions
02/05/2017 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 96: Uncovering
01/22/2017 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 95: Similar Story, Next Chapter
01/15/2017 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 94: Opposition, Indecision, Distance or Support
01/08/2017 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 93: Setting the Narrative
01/01/2017 03:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 92: TurDuckEn
12/18/2016 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 91: Scapegoats and Excuses
12/11/2016 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 90: It's a Season
12/04/2016 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 89: American Exceptions
11/13/2016 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 88: Unrealistic Expectations
11/06/2016 09:00 PM EST
FPPT Episode 87: Is That How This Works?
10/30/2016 09:00 PM EDT
FPPT Episode 86: Pain, Rage and Trump
10/23/2016 09:00 PM EDT
FPPT Episode 85: Negative Acceptance
10/16/2016 09:00 PM EDT
FPPT Episode 84: Not About Politics


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- Reviewer: WhiteTrashRadio 10/09/16 10:28 PM EDT

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- Reviewer: GoldiggaMolarkilla 12/20/15 02:29 PM EST

Good show fellas - Reviewer: Najradio 03/17/13 09:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good job on the show thinking people sharing ideas im gonna check the new I missed now. March 17, 2013 Hatton just wanted to add that common core test you talked about the formative assesment of it is from the company Amplify owned by rupert murdoch

Real conservative ideas to forge a real conservative way - Reviewer: KBLO003 01/25/09 10:13 PM EST
Full Comment: Finally a show that asks the tough questions, is willing to hear all possibilities, and tries to forge the way forward. It is so refreshing to hear a couple of great guys who are willing to resist the pull of popular sentiment and simply get to logic, truth, and the best way forward. Keep fighting the good fight.

Great Show - Reviewer: Freedom Fighter Radio 09/07/08 09:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: The host are extremely polite and focused. they keep your interest I will be listening to more of them.

Wonderful Insight - Reviewer: puresurplus 04/20/08 10:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: What a great show; keep up the good work! So glad that I accidentally stumbled upon it by checking Live Now. I can't wait to be a dedicated listener, and I look forward to sharing some important information with you next week about natural health and wellness in this very toxic world.

Good Show - Reviewer: agentx216 03/02/08 09:12 PM EST
Full Comment: This is a really great conservative talk show. The conversation is smart and well organized. The comments are not platitudes and are well thought out. You may not agree but the show will give you something to think about. Keep up the good job!