world-wide light-workers call
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Hosted by: happy acres
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 74743
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Past Episodes (32)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
08/06/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday news call, guest ken talks about ham radio
07/30/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday. news and horses.
07/30/2010 10:50 AM EDT
summary, click ! for details.
07/09/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news. Last time d. is on for awhile! D. is on at 30m.
07/02/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference; news. D. on from beginning, just D.
06/25/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday news. D. on at 32 minutes.
06/18/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news. D on at 1h52m mark.
06/11/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news. D. from the start.
06/04/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news. D. from the start.
05/28/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news. D. on at 1h09m.
05/21/2010 10:45 PM EDT
Friday conference, news. D. at 40 minutes.
05/14/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news. D. at 29 minutes.
05/07/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news call. D begins at 1h17m.
04/30/2010 10:45 PM EDT
AD 2010 04 30 no d. this day.
04/23/2010 10:45 PM EDT
friday conference, news call. D on from start, huge Q&A.


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THE REVIEW. - Reviewer: happy acres 11/05/10 11:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi. First and foremost, I love you all. Even if I think for the time being the friday calls are only following rabbit holes or future-tripping.(break) I have *stopped* live recording the friday call. For the time being I am continuing to make available the archived calls (see above URL) as I receive them once or twice a month from the secretary. The thursday calls have some nice anastasia material and I know the other calls have other beneficial aspects for people for the here and _now_.(break) Please, people. Be realistic. Besides the information 'd' gave early on in these recordings, which had it's own interest, one cannot be a man and live to one's fullest potential while living in the past and 'future-tripping'. We must be fully-engaged in what we can do, right _now_, and recognise the future and past are pure fantasies of the mind/let them take care of themselves. And for god-sakes, quit reading mainstream news reports. This is part of the programming! Read 'Silent weapons for secret wars' instead, and study private trusts/private equity, david (williams) and self-determination, or what keith-edwards & friends are doing to bring forward relief that you can equally participate in manifesting.(break) This friday call has become just much too draining to me for now, though, to even want to tie up my computer resources to record it. It is the repetitive story of doing nothing but sitting on hands, and man is made to act, not be acted upon. Searching for leadership outside of ourselves ('white knights', etc), only robs us of our own natural leadership skills.(break) IF something of note should come along, besides stories of the past or tripping on the future, as to what people are doing, right _now_ to effect their own change, then I'll post it up above. But for now basically this show is *off* (no new updates on talkshoe) and the archives are at the URL above.(break) good day. -moo

Thanks for posting these calls. Do you have the Wednesday night calls too? - Reviewer: rosey 08/23/10 09:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: Daryl is brilliant, a true hero. I'm so grateful for these Friday night archives. I was also looking for the Wednesday night World Wide Lightworker Family call archives. Do you have the Wednesday night WWLW calls archived somewhere too?

Cudos! - Reviewer: boltville 08/02/10 06:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: Keep up the good reporting to us Moo Chooo. I am very familiar with Lindsey Williams, etc. Enjoying what your putting out very much. Blessings sent to your house.

Darryl Freck litigant - Reviewer: Ohioan 07/13/10 03:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: Mr Freck was part of a class action suit against the banksters by US farmers. He does an absolutely fabulous job explaining the circumstances that led up to these lawsuits and the most amazing results they were able to achieve. Pastor Lindsey Williams did a video account of what happened to our farmers called Torn From the Land, that also tells this story. While many (including the light-workers and Mr Freck) are convinced the consequences of the farmer's lawsuit led to NESARA and intergalactic intervention, not everyone is ready to accept that awareness. Whatever your religious beliefs or spiritual development might be, please don't discount the huge wealth of knowledge Mr Freck has to offer. His understanding of the 'workings' of our defacto government and its relationship to the global gangster/banksters is really quite exceptional. The independent research he has done regarding U.S. history and 'how our gov't became parasitic' is hugely important for us all to understand. I found Mr Freck's story absolutely spellbinding and if we ever regain an honest media, his story could be made into one of the most inspirational movies of all times. If you take the time to hear what Darryl Freck has to say, you will not regret it!

Tremendous Affirmation; Daryl has come thru his trials as pure GOLD - Reviewer: Rockets 07/10/10 11:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: Many thanks for this profound affirmation! I only differ with one point made: If people are moved to stand up against the false authorities, such as Federal Reserve, IRS, and every manifestation of the Great Extortion, NOW; from their core truth, DO SO! LIFE WILL BACK YOU UP. Just be sure you're coming from your center. Daryl and the host's advice to keep low profile is for those who choose to remain safe.

Carol and Darrell - Reviewer: HaronDaddy 06/16/10 03:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: Carol and Darrell are wonderful light workers who are informing humanity of the coming changes to Earth. If you want to know the Truth about what is taking place behind the scenes, then your are in the right place. The White Knights along with other secret organizations from around the Universe are working together to help advance humanity into an energetic plane in which unconditional love shines.