The American Reconstruction Project
Category: Politics
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Hosted by: Jack Bauer
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 74235
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Title: EPISODE #171 - The American Reconstruction Project

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09/22/2012 08:55 PM EDT
EPISODE #142 - The American Reconstruction Project
09/15/2012 08:55 PM EDT
EPISODE #141 - The American Reconstruction Project
09/08/2012 08:55 PM EDT
EPISODE #140 - The American Reconstruction Project
09/01/2012 08:55 PM EDT
EPISODE #139 - The American Reconstruction Project
08/25/2012 08:55 PM EDT
EPISODE #138 - The American Reconstruction Project
08/18/2012 08:55 PM EDT
EPISODE #137 - The American Reconstruction Project
08/11/2012 09:07 PM EDT
EPISODE #136 - The American Reconstruction Project
08/04/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #135 - The American Reconstruction Project
07/28/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #134 - The American Reconstruction Project
07/21/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #133 - The American Reconstruction Project
07/14/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #132 - The American Reconstruction Project
07/07/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #131 - The American Reconstruction Project
06/30/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #130 - The American Reconstruction Project
06/23/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #129 - The American Reconstruction Project
06/16/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE #128 - The American Reconstruction Project


Good Job - Reviewer: LuckyN 02/16/13 01:42 PM EST
Full Comment: I always enjoy the spirit of people on these shows

- Reviewer: FreeLunchSeeker 01/06/13 05:52 AM EST

- Reviewer: Luis Ewing 01/06/13 05:41 AM EST

- Reviewer: TheFraudBuster 01/03/13 08:45 PM EST

Okon Case - Reviewer: elizabethokon 12/09/12 08:24 AM EST
Full Comment: This is the wife of SPC. Jason Okon, in the Okon case, I wanted to thankyou for your support in our case. My spouse who is a decorated army ranger received the bronze star with valor, valourous unit citation award among many other awards, was attacked by an illegal immigrant. Bill Stoller has graciously stood by the Okons from day one in this case. Thankyou so much Bill. Others that were going to stand by us, decided they don't want to speak up and are cowards. An interesting point brought up by Bill Stoller was John Mc Cain, I went to his office with a photo of my husband in his hospital bed, tubes coming out everywhere, I didn't even get a card, or a call from Mr. McCain, but then when he was running for president he wanted to use Jason Okon as a poster child for his campaign, of course we denied this. We just want immigration rules enforced, we want to be able to live in a world that we can be free, my husband fought for this country and the country turns their back on us. Why did senator Russell Pierce not want to stand by the Okons anymore? I even flew to Arizona and spoke in reference to the SB1070 bill at a rally outside the capitol, and while there Mr. Joe Arpaio didn't say two words to me. I cannot believe these cowards. I want my voice heard, and for people to back out in the process of our case maybe in fear of retaliation from the government is sickening. We the people have the right to speak, and follow through. Now even if the Okon case doesn't get any monetary award, we just want it to be known historically that we fought to get the immigration, and corruption known. I will never stop fighting this war to the day I die. I will stand strong beside my Ranger Veteran spouse who fought for my own freedom. A funny thing regarding all of this is, I graduated from a police academy wanting to be a police officer, I have since changed my mind because of the disgust and the corruption of officers that I see. I could not stand to have to take an order that I knew was unjust. One example I was a privately contracted security officer, it was a hot day in the 100's last summer, with humidity being severe. I put a cooler in the back of my squad car filled with bottled water,and was passing it to people that looked dehydrated or woozy from the weather. I got my ass reamed out by a superior officer that the company I worked for could be sued if someone were to choke on the water, or cap etc. I could not believe that. So many people thanked me that there was a good cop out there that cared about the people, days after I did this. I quit the job soon after. So with the Okon case, if the police arrested Martino Lozano, my husband would have never been stabbed in his liver, and almost killed. We called the police numerous times regarding this drop house, gun fire etc. And the police did nothing. Does the government really stand by the people hell no, do the police really serve to protect, hell no. The only people that can protect the people is ourselves. There are too many cops out there that I am a cop I have a badge, and dont have any mannerisms to actually help the people. In the Okon case it took 11 days for my husbands attack to be reported. Why? Were they covering it up? But yet there was an illegal that was stabbed and it was known right away can you believe it..... What weighs more decorated veteran, or illegal immigrant? I could keep rambling on and on, but I wont rant and rave now. I will definitely be calling in next weekend for your show. Thanks Jack Bauer, and thankyou Bill Stoller. For standing by what our country stands for.

- Reviewer: unitedonestates 12/07/12 03:52 AM EST

- Reviewer: Raymond23 12/07/12 03:51 AM EST

Mike Golden is the man! - Reviewer: dmobile215 11/03/12 06:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: I can say for a radio host he is accurate and understanding, a true American its a shame we don't have more people like yourself. We as Americans are losing our rights because we have been lost by the media and its context due to this we will always have people walking around blind sided by the powers that be, this will always exist but we just have try our best and keep the knowledge moving along and keep it circulating around people whom think the same. Thanks Mike for all your support your a prophet of this NWO and hopefully this will end with a time of peace if not then we have to do what we got to do and by any means necessary.

You're almost as good as Alex Jones - Reviewer: Osbogosley 10/24/12 06:04 AM EDT
Full Comment: Why won't you read my emails? Why don't you visit Stop talking about them and they and learn who they are. You;ll get over the shock soon.

- Reviewer: CommunisticModerator 06/05/12 03:40 PM EDT

the LUV bug - Reviewer: hermitjohn 06/05/12 01:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: jack is the man!! because jack has one of the most popular shows on talkshoe other hosts and listeners demonize and criticize. there jealous,remember,condemnation without verification is not cool. hermitjohn

The Golden Rule - Reviewer: Rocko Van Zetti 02/13/12 12:12 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks Jack for lining up guests and getting the documents we need to flourish in the light of lush comprehension instead of wilting in the sun of dull govt understanding and living under the curse of the sheeple.

Great show !! Simple, to the point with documentation and personal proof ! - Reviewer: deowen082088 05/20/11 07:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've known Mike a lot of years now and we need more media sources like him to counteract the "bankster scripted" so called "news" that simply takes up the timeslot of 6 & 11 !! It's not news !! It's what they plan to "program your mind" with to continually "keep you in the dark" !! Mike does a bangup job of "pulling their masks off" !! Take in his show, you won't be sorry !!

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 06/26/10 09:18 PM EDT