Independent Road with Peter Palmiotti
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Hosted by: Peter Palmiotti
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 74008
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Title: EPISODE 99 - Independent Road with Scott Serkland

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Past Episodes (100)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
07/17/2011 07:10 PM EDT
EPISODE 40 - Independent Road with Ryan Ingels
07/10/2011 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 39 - Independent Road with Peter Palmiotti
07/03/2011 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 38 - Independent Road with Greg Scott Bailey
06/29/2011 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 37 - Independent Road with Tom Hutchison
06/26/2011 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 36 - Independent Road with Shawn Surface
06/19/2011 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 35 - Independent Road with J.d. McWilliams
06/12/2011 05:51 PM EDT
EPISODE 34 - Independent Road with Matthew Adams
06/03/2011 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 33 - Independent Road with Jonny Ledford
05/25/2011 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 32 - Independent Road with Peter Palmiotti
05/11/2011 02:03 PM EDT
EPISODE 31 - Independent Road with Peter, Alan & Jonny!
04/14/2011 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 30 - Independent Road with Gary T. Becks
04/03/2011 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 29- Independent Road with Michael W. Keller
03/19/2011 10:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 28 - Independent Road with Joe McFee & Kimberly Moseberry
03/18/2011 07:20 PM EDT
EPISODE 27 - Independent Road URGENT
03/17/2011 06:30 PM EDT
EPISODE 26 - Independent Road with Eryck Webb


Good Show Peter! - Reviewer: BrianGermain 06/21/11 02:28 AM EDT
Full Comment: Peter does better flying by the seat of his pants than many podcasts do with a script!

Excellent Program - Reviewer: acetra 06/19/11 11:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Enjoyed listening. Thanks, Peter!

Always a great informative and entertaining listen!!!!! - Reviewer: Robgoblin79 04/10/11 02:04 AM EDT
Full Comment: I've been listening to the Independent Road for a few months now and each time I listen I learn something new about the creative process. Though I'm not that much into comics, I am into the process of creating stories and listening to the show has really helped me understand the process of creativity a lot more. Keep up the good work Peter.

Proven Talent - Reviewer: TheHeroMaker 04/09/11 06:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: Peter Palmiotti is a proven talent in the Comic industry. A professional in his field.

Proven Professional Peter Palmiotti Pefrection! - Reviewer: Jahhdog 04/09/11 09:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: A worthwhile listen to a industry professional. We all could learn a thing or two from Peter! ArrrOOooo!

Great Stuff - Reviewer: Arthurp 04/09/11 08:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks Peter.. I enjoy listening to your program!

- Reviewer: Peter Palmiotti 03/07/11 10:35 PM EST

- Reviewer: BookemDano 09/23/10 10:26 AM EDT

We got something here! - Reviewer: Fishdirt 01/21/10 02:22 AM EST
Full Comment: I'm the honest after the fact guy. When Peter did the first show his attitude was catchy. Good mood and not a negative word to be said. I thought this thing was going to be bad. He assured me had experience with radio and I kept thinking, this is gonna be bad. I wanted to support him and I like listening to positive people hoping some more positive would rub off on me. So I kept listening. Really quick the show picked up it's pace and Peter got a groove going. Should have trusted in Peter's words. Which brings me to a good point. His words. You'd be a fool not to listen just for the sage advice Peter gives. For all the laughing and what not his advice is hard core, common sense ,industry standard talk. In the short time I've known him I've learned tons. He's been in the trenches and he's passing on that wisdom of working in comics. His guests will fit any aspect of everyone hoping to make the dream of working in comics or things related to comics. You won't find big names here. You'll find people without huge egos telling you their experiences warts and all and not hold back. It's nice to get it raw for once. Listen to the show, sit back, relax and enjoy this very accommodating atmosphere where everyones a Pal of Peter's. Let him know what ya think too!

Roads Less Traveled - Reviewer: Deleted1000237 01/20/10 05:44 PM EST
Full Comment: Peter Palmiotti is a nice guy. Anyone who has worked with him will say the same thing. And as a nice guy, he has met a large number of creative types in his years of active comic book work. He really is the kind of man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk. With Independent Road, Peter is quickly building a stack of one on one interviews with a wide range of artists and creators. What's he doing here? Comparing notes, sharing stories, getting these artistic forces to just open up a bit and share some of themselves for the casual listener. These talks can be candid, informative, and entertaining. Give a listen. Check out what's down the road.