Scuba Obsessed Netcast
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Hosted by: Darrin Jillson
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 73759
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Title: 350 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast

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Past Episodes (351)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
11/16/2017 09:30 PM EST
350 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast
08/31/2017 09:58 PM EDT
340 - All Over Michigan and a Secret
08/25/2017 10:30 AM EDT
339 - Sweeping The Lakes
08/25/2017 08:00 AM EDT
338 - That is Deep
08/24/2017 11:00 PM EDT
337 - Almost Wasn't
08/09/2017 07:00 PM EDT
336 - Just a Little Broke - Scuba Obsessed Netcast
07/27/2017 09:00 PM EDT
335 - It May Be Wet Underwater
07/20/2017 10:00 PM EDT
334 - Diving a Butt Off
07/06/2017 09:00 PM EDT
333 - You Better Be Diving!
06/29/2017 09:00 PM EDT
332 MeteoTsuinami...
06/22/2017 09:00 PM EDT
331 - Lack of Action
06/15/2017 10:15 PM EDT
330 - A Little More Barge
06/08/2017 10:00 PM EDT
329 - Something Wet Going On
06/01/2017 10:00 PM EDT
328 - Drop in the Bucket and S**t!
05/25/2017 10:00 PM EDT
327 - More Training and Sawing Wood


Best Scuba Podcast... - Reviewer: Vacaville_Mark 08/10/17 07:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great Podcast, fun, consistent broadcast, knowlegable cast. I have been listening since the beginning, actually episode 13 was my first, but I quickly caught up with past episodes and have not missed one since. They share my love for diving and enthusiasm for shipwrecks. I expected them to fizzle out like all the others before them, but they have stayed the course and continue to produce great content!

Diving for the rest of us - Reviewer: Eric Rohloff 02/02/17 09:02 PM EST
Full Comment: This podcast is the best scuba one I've heard. Darrin orchestrates his cast of characters to bring a real life feel to the show. The chat room feature that's available during the live recording allows users to give their spin on stories the cast brings up. They cover wide range of subjects but the show still follows a standard format when technology allows it. The scuba joke at the end brings real closure to a show that could go on for hours if somebody didn't bring it up. If this show was only available inside a decompression chamber, I would go into deco every time.

Keep up the good work, guys. - Reviewer: stlouissam 01/10/15 12:58 PM EST
Full Comment: Sitting here listening to your latest show and some of the reviews you discussed. Your podcast is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. And I am not even a diver!! I would like to think I could do it some day before I turn 70. After all I didn't do my first skydive till I was nearly 50. But I enjoy listening to your news reviews and comments. You often crack me up with your humor. Darrin keep doing the dumb jokes and Mac, keep looking for the mermaids. Be careful out there especially when you dive alone. Thanks

Scuba Obsessed Review - Reviewer: LeeClark 06/11/14 03:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: Whoever said that that you canâ??t teach an old dog new tricks needs to listen to Scuba Obsessed. The first time I listened, I wondered where the mermaids, all the references to movie trivia, and travel stories like that other â??bigâ?? scuba show have and moved on. Never the less as I listened to a few more episodes, I quickly became aware that this was a different kind of podcast. The more I Listened to Scuba Obsessed, I quickly realized that listening to this program is like eating donuts. You know you should eat only one, but most people will come back for more. Scuba Obsessed is made up of three primary divers. Darren Jillson, the host; who has a relaxing, easy to listen to, radio voice. He starts each show by reading any news involving â??Scuba in the Newsâ??. Darren is a hoot to hear, as either by design, or accident, he manages to murder the pronunciation of at last half the worldâ??s most popular dive destinations. He is a likable chap that loves scuba diving and all the gear associated with diving, but it quickly becomes apparent that he is just too cheap to ever actually buy himself a drysuit. For over a year now, he has talked about it but has yet to purchase one. The highlight or lowlight of each show, depending on how you take it, is the scuba joke told by Darren at the end of every show. Most are old jokes that we have all heard before, with the addition of the words â??a scuba diverâ?? inserted as needed. Mac, his co-host, brings all the talent and experience of a diver who seems to have made at least the greater part of his living underwater. Ask a diving related question and Mac probably knows. Occasionally Mac needs to get reigned in as he often gets sidetracked on political topics. Not that I disagreed with him, (I donâ??t) but a first time listener might think they have just tuned into the Fox News Radio Network. Mac sometimes seems to have a hard time figuring out how Talkshoe works as he is often â??droppedâ?? or stepped on by the other hosts of the show. Mac, how about spending a little time telling us about your plane? Make and model and where it is hangered? How about some of your skydiving stories? Jim, the third member of the show, seems to be involved in all things Club and/or Michigan Preserve related. His role seems to be one of always trying to recruit new members and keeping listeners updated on the happenings on the West Michigan Preserve. With all the above comments, one might think that I donâ??t enjoy Scuba Obsessed. This is not true. I have found that when I miss episodes, I just have to download them for later listening to get caught up on the West Michigan happenings. While not a part of their inner circle of chatroom friends and fanatics, I do listen more often than I would like to admit too. I am sure that a large portion of the audience also listens outside of the chatroom as I do. I hope this review gives you three the â??pat on the backâ?? that you all deserve. Hey guys, keep up the good work! The hour spent listening to Scuba Obsessed makes a long drive or an evening spent at work fly by. I would like to meet the crew in person someday, but their exact location seems to be a mystery. All I know is that Darren lives close to the round barn. (Yes, I listen carefully) As I go to Muskegon every summer, I know where the round barn is. I tried to meet Darren in Grand Haven last summer, but he didnâ??t make it. You guys should know the show Iâ??m talking about. Thanks for filling the void between my dives. You are a welcome oasis in the vast void of scuba diving podcasts. I hope you continue your podcast and maybe someday we can all dive â??Macs Wreckâ?? together. Sincerely, Lee R. Clark San Diego Area, CA.

Great surface diving - Reviewer: Dave Tonneman 05/09/14 03:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Love to keep up on the happenings in diving... Scuba Obsessed helps me keep up. I love the chat room and miss it much, I have been teaching open water classes on Thursdays. Keep up the good work Darrin, it is appreciated.

Awesome Podcast Full off info. - Reviewer: BigStig 08/09/12 10:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent pod cast. great information and a great bunch of folkes. full of information. take advantage of the live chat room

Fantastic Show! Thanks for the Inspiration - Reviewer: RichSynowiec 05/24/12 06:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: Scuba Obsessed is a fantastic way to get through those long drives and (with a slight shudder) those dry times. You Seriously need to listen to every episode if you are into scuba diving! Darrin and Guests keep you entertained, informed and give a fresh "new diver" approach to each dive. Darrin and Jim inspired me and mentored me towards my own podcast, DiverSync, also found on talkshoe. I have had the good fortune of being able to dive with Darrin and look forward to the next time! Keep it up guys and I will see you soon, underwater!

Great show - Reviewer: Paulmal 03/15/12 08:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great program, keeps the surface intervals bearable. Keep up the great work. See you in the chat room.

I had no idea! - Reviewer: JohnPananos 12/23/11 11:33 PM EST
Full Comment: Darrin is able to find new diving news every week! I had no idea (as a novice to diving) there was so much out there! Thank you for bringing it in such a fun and informational podcast. Great insight from all of the co-hosts. Keep up the great work.

Great new Podcast! - Reviewer: MarkEaster 04/28/11 12:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: I too have long considered myself "Scuba Obsessed" and really like the title of your new podcast. I am inspired by your enthusiasm and I have actually been shamed by you and your dedication to local diving year round in Michigan. Here in Virginia, I "usually" dive only May - Nov and find myself doing drastic things like driving all the way to Florida in Jan/Feb just to get a diving fix, to get through the winter. I have been seriously contemplating arriving at the local Quarry in March (its earliest open dates - without prearranging individual access in is off season), since I do own a 7mm Wetsuit I am sure I can endure its 40-50 degrees if you guys can dive 32 degrees in wetsuits! Keep up the good work!