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Title: Final Session - Heart Sutra - Tibetan Buddhist

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/22/2010 12:00 AM EST
Final Session - Heart Sutra - Tibetan Buddhist
02/21/2010 12:00 AM EST
EPISODE 38 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/20/2010 12:00 AM EST
EPISODE 37- Tibetan Buddhist
02/19/2010 09:45 AM EST
EPISODE 36 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/18/2010 09:45 AM EST
EPISODE 35 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/17/2010 12:00 AM EST
EPISODE 34 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/16/2010 09:45 AM EST
EPISODE 33 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/15/2010 09:45 AM EST
EPISODE 32 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/14/2010 09:45 AM EST
EPISODE 31 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/13/2010 09:30 AM EST
EPISODE 30 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/12/2010 09:45 AM EST
EPISODE 29 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/11/2010 09:30 AM EST
EPISODE 28 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/10/2010 09:30 AM EST
EPISODE 27 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/09/2010 09:30 AM EST
EPISODE 26 - Tibetan Buddhist
02/08/2010 10:00 AM EST
EPISODE 25 - Tibetan Buddhist


Just found out about this, but wonderful. - Reviewer: polarest 02/22/10 01:04 PM EST
Full Comment: Hello, I just found out about Winter Feast now as it is formally ending. however, I am so glad that the talks will be available for some time to come, as I am going to start my 40 days now. I have meditated for two days so far, using talks 23 and 25 of Anam Thubten, and I think he is a gifted teacher. In fact, I just finished a weekend retreat given by him in Montana. So many, many thanks for having this Winterfest and the many talks about meditation. It is a wonderful thing, and contributes to peace.

an excellent teacher - Reviewer: sharongita 02/21/10 08:29 AM EST
Full Comment: these wise,simple, accessible teachings are offered with elegance, and are supporting my practice in fundamental and meaningful ways. profound thanks.

Great Instruction - Reviewer: lmggallagher 01/30/10 03:32 PM EST
Full Comment: I am benefiting greatly from this instruction. the teaching is quite good and has enhanced my meditation practice a lot. The direction seems quite subtle but I find I have made adjustments that have born substantial fruit since I started following this 40-day practice. I will happily complete, share with others and return to this when I need to fine tune again.

Exquisite teachings - Reviewer: winterfeast2010 01/24/10 10:48 AM EST
Full Comment: Anam Thubten's teachings express so clearly the inspiration behind the Winter Feast for the Soul, while at the same time they embody clear Tibetan Buddhist teachings. It makes me realize how unified we are in our desire to awaken on behalf of all of humanity. It is an honor and a joy to partake of this series.

best dharma teacher - Reviewer: kevinstaurt 01/16/10 01:53 PM EST
Full Comment: His teachings since day one helps me and quite meaningful. I am looking foward to the upcoming teachings of him.