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Title: 12-09-10 - Goodwill Towards All

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
12/09/2010 07:20 AM EST
12-09-10 - Goodwill Towards All
12/02/2010 06:00 AM EST
12-02-10 - Lists and Living
11/18/2010 07:10 AM EST
11-18-10 - Gifts of the Holiday
10/07/2010 06:50 AM EDT
10-07-10 - The Difficult as a Doorway
09/30/2010 07:10 AM EDT
09-30-10 - Daily Practice
09/23/2010 06:40 AM EDT
09-23-10 - Finding a Teacher
09/16/2010 05:50 AM EDT
09-16-10 - Holding It All in the Heart
09/09/2010 06:40 AM EDT
09-09-10 - Right Effort, Mindfulness & Metta
09/02/2010 06:40 AM EDT
09-02-10 - Freedom in Your Heart
08/26/2010 07:05 AM EDT
08-26-10 - Independence & Interdependence
08/19/2010 06:15 AM EDT
08-19-10 - Being Present
07/22/2010 07:30 AM EDT
07-22-10 - Doing & Being
07/15/2010 07:15 AM EDT
07-15-10 - A Bit of This & That, Working with Negative Thoughts, pt. 2
07/08/2010 06:40 AM EDT
07-08-10 - Working with Negative Thoughts
06/10/2010 07:30 AM EDT
06-10-10 - Not Taking It Personally


First Tape - Reviewer: lmggallagher 11/11/10 03:58 PM EST
Full Comment: Very good. Thought it was a great introduction to Insight Meditation. I am happy with how Phil is presenting this material and learning more than I expected each day. Thank you - Michelle

Guided meditation - Reviewer: marginealon 02/22/10 02:40 PM EST
Full Comment: These past 40 days of meditation have been a true blessing. I am happy that Phil Jones has agreed to a weekly session. Each day, as I listened to him, I felt I was being given a gift. Thank you

Wonderful Experience - Reviewer: robert10 01/31/10 10:36 PM EST
Full Comment: I am an experienced meditator and meditate daily. I have wanted to experience Vipassana Insight meditation and am enjoying this series a lot. The short talk each day has been helpful and I also appreciate the soft bell to end the session. Each session has been meaningful and the experience of getting in touch with the body is wonderful.

I'm starting to see results! - Reviewer: davidslynch 01/26/10 07:26 PM EST
Full Comment: I am enjoying taking this meditation course. I have kept up the practice each day, and I'm discovering that my level of patience and satisfaction with the occurrences of day-to-day life is improving. Errant thoughts still interrupt my meditation frequently, but I'm noticing that I am getting stiller and calmer with each passing day. I would bump my rating up to a 5, but the site won't allow me to change it. Philip, thanks for being flexible and changing to the soft bell at the end of the meditation period - that was my only initial criticism, and you solved the problem perfectly!

Thank you... - Reviewer: nilesyoga 01/26/10 12:44 AM EST
Full Comment: ...for putting the bell first. It works beautifully! I'm learning a lot, though certainly not without some trouble. I trust that if I simply stay with it I will enjoy a healthier mind and a more peaceful life.

The bell at the end - Reviewer: canouk 01/21/10 07:55 AM EST
Full Comment: What a gentle ending. I did not expect it, but it expected me and just rolled through me like water. I am one day behind date wise, but with you otherwise. A blessing incarnate. Thank you.

never finished buffering - Reviewer: Larry01 01/20/10 10:41 PM EST
Full Comment: never finished buffering

I find the suggestions extremelely helpful! This is an excellent way to learn to meditate. - Reviewer: sweiser 01/19/10 07:29 AM EST
Full Comment: I have always had difficulty with concentration. I am definitely ADHD. Philip Jone's first four classes have given me great tools to begin a serious meditation practice. I look forward to the lessons every morning. Also I am not sure if I am doing this correctly, but my intention is to give this 5 stars or circles. Peace to all. Steve

Thank you. - Reviewer: lrmccabe 01/18/10 09:38 PM EST
Full Comment: This is an excellent course in meditation. I look forward to each lesson. Thank you. The flexibility of this format allows me to participate at the time of day that works best for me. I have only one negative comment - I too am startled by the voice at the end. Tonight I jumped in my chair! A more gentle reminder that the meditation is ending would be much appreciated. Mr. Jones' voice is so pleasant but after the silence any voice would be a startle.

Very Helpful! - Reviewer: EurekaGrl 01/16/10 09:17 AM EST
Full Comment: The first two sessions have been a wonderful introduction and very helpful to me in beginning this practice. Many thanks

Soothing Introduction - Reviewer: Jay Remer 01/16/10 07:28 AM EST
Full Comment: The first session was very soothing indeed. I cannot practice the meditation each day at the same time exactly and appreciate the flexibility knowing that the full group benefit may be missed from time to time. I still think there is much benefit with a daily practice. Thank you.

Everything went smooth - Reviewer: HariNarayan 01/15/10 11:20 PM EST
Full Comment: I enjoyed the meditation very much. I had no problems downloading the meditation 20 minutes before the meditation time.