Christian Contemplative prayer
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Title: Introduction - Christian Contemplative prayer

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01/04/2010 01:30 PM EST
Introduction - Christian Contemplative prayer


Thank you!!! - Reviewer: damyana 02/13/10 01:48 PM EST
Full Comment: I am very grateful for this whole meditation process! After a few days of early morning meditations my daily duties kind of took over and I skipped several days. However, when I got back to my schedule I began downloading and trying to catch up. I will probably finish later than February 22, but that is not important. What is truly important is that this Winter Feast for the Soul has helped me get to a deeper level what I have been doing on and off for the past few years. No matter how busy we are, if we can't find 20 or 40 minutes a day for us, it is not because of the lack of time, but rather because of the lack of organization. Thank you again!!!

Beautiful Meditations - Reviewer: reilly 01/26/10 10:50 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for the meditations that incorporate the beautiful music of Taize. This music and your scripture selections led me easily into God's arms.

Wow! What a start! - Reviewer: hkfamily 01/18/10 09:48 AM EST
Full Comment: I have been doing mindful meditation for several months, and looking for ways to explore contemplative paths in my Christian walk. I just did the first session. The practice led me to peace and tears. Thank you! The song at the end ministered to me so deeply! I look forward to 40 days with you!

Wonderful Start - Reviewer: tthyme 01/15/10 10:43 AM EST
Full Comment: This morning's guided prayer was a true gift! Thanks to all who made it happen and thanks to all who joined in. What a way to start the day and a forty day journey that will lead us all deeper into the heart of God and each other.