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Title: What are Stem Cells? What are they used for?

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12/12/2007 08:15 AM EST
What are Stem Cells? What are they used for?
06/29/2007 04:35 PM EDT
Novocaine - How does it work?
06/26/2007 09:38 AM EDT
Why is the night sky black?
06/16/2007 10:29 AM EDT
Fingers - Why are they all different lengths?
06/04/2007 09:40 AM EDT
Transparent Aluminum - Science Fact or Science Fiction?
05/27/2007 09:55 AM EDT
Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI - How does it work?
05/18/2007 01:19 PM EDT
Why are Plants Green?
05/09/2007 12:30 PM EDT
Fiber Optics - How does that stuff work?
05/08/2007 11:11 PM EDT
Fiber Optics - How does that stuff work?
05/02/2007 12:38 PM EDT
Suntan and Sunburn - How do I get one and prevent the other?
04/24/2007 12:31 PM EDT
Why Dont my Farts Smell Like Pizza?
04/19/2007 11:08 PM EDT
Is Human Hibernation Possible?
04/17/2007 11:25 AM EDT
Cooking at high altitude - Why the difference?
04/14/2007 09:22 PM EDT
Octane in my Gasoline, What is it and is more really better?
04/12/2007 10:42 AM EDT
Magnets - How do they work?


This is for everyone, not just the wee little ones - Reviewer: terrypowell 03/30/07 04:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: Smooth polished voice that leads you though an entertaining and educational topic each day. What more could you ask for?

If Ever A Wiz of a Wizard the Was, Mr. Wizard is One Because...Because... - Reviewer: AmericanSocratesJr 03/02/07 07:09 PM EST
Full Comment: Great stuff - much more fun than reading those dumb Bathroom Readers and Trivia Guides. Send in those questions - there are some things - simple or complex - that Google just doesn't understand no matter how you ask it. Mr. Wizard does! He's funny looking, but has a great voice - and he listens. Then he answers. Cool. Thanks Mr. Wizard! (Art Blanchet - "Your Home-Your Money" et al)

Great, Enjoyable - Reviewer: chris24 03/01/07 12:17 PM EST
Full Comment: First of All, I HAVE TO ADMIT... I Do Not Like Science. However Science is fun to learn when listening to these TenMinuteLessons :) Check out other lessons @ - All Great Lessons!

sunny and informative - Reviewer: PaulLevinson1 12/22/06 12:09 AM EST
Full Comment: well, Mr. Wizard sometimes talks about different kinds of weather, but he does so in an always bright and sunny way ... perfect for children of all ages, who either would like to know or be reminded about why the sky is blue ... a relaxing, enjoyable way to learn...