John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
Description: n/a
Hosted by: JohnB from Memphis
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 6992
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Title: EPISODE208 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast

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Past Episodes (211)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/02/2009 01:43 PM EST
EPISODE194 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
12/31/2008 05:44 PM EST
EPISODE193 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
09/19/2008 11:00 PM EDT
EPISODE192 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
09/09/2008 11:00 PM EDT
EPISODE191 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
09/05/2008 11:00 PM EDT
EPISODE190 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
09/02/2008 11:00 PM EDT
EPISODE189 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
09/02/2008 02:28 AM EDT
EPISODE188 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
02/04/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE187 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast TALKCAST FINALE!!!
01/26/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE186 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
01/25/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE185 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
01/24/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE184 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
01/23/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE183 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
01/21/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE182 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
01/20/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE181 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast
01/19/2008 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE180 - John B's Digital Graffiti TalkCast


- Reviewer: Freedom Fighter Radio 09/16/09 08:19 PM EDT

- Reviewer: jindal_is_hitler 09/11/09 11:16 PM EDT

- Reviewer: lizgreen 09/11/09 11:16 PM EDT

- Reviewer: JohnB from Memphis 09/11/09 11:14 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Jwriter4 09/11/09 11:13 PM EDT

Don't let them drag you down - Reviewer: JGfan241 03/14/09 11:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: It seems to me all these people are just trying to get you going and see how far they can push your buttons, don't let them get to you. Ignorance will get them no where in life. Keep up the good work

JohnB da Man... - Reviewer: TruthBrigade 02/22/09 09:14 PM EST
Full Comment: Too bad he's the victim of an endless cycle of abuse, defamation, stalking and harassment by other talkshoe users over the past year... JohnB is one man NOT TO MESS WITH! You want to hear it like it is? Check out this show! :-) Blessings

See YA John B ShoW - Reviewer: mikekerr32 01/02/09 10:01 PM EST
Full Comment: John, I'll miss this show, it's like One Geek and A microphone leaving, I will honestly miss it. But good luck to you in the future and I hope you do another TalkCast!!! Mike Kerr,

Engine needs Repair - Reviewer: joemomma 06/01/08 10:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: Lots of steam. Engine needs work. Faulty alternator. Lacks Grease.

A Good Show! - Reviewer: TVSeriesFinaleFan 02/05/08 04:45 PM EST
Full Comment: A very good show. A very nice man. A very beautiful series finale. John is a Everyman--a guy who loves his family, even though they can piss him off--he still loves them--like he says they're just being kids. And a man who loves his wife--she can probably piss him off too, but they're still madly in love. The thing I love most is how the show didn't end really sad--it ended simply with John having a conversation with a friend and being the everyman that he is. The everyman that lots of people can relate to. The everyman that you love.

My Brother - Reviewer: Mr. Stoff 02/04/08 09:27 PM EST
Full Comment: John, When I came back to talkshoe, I wished and hoped and prayed that nothing had changed. Everything did..except you. I've known you for almost a year now and all I can say is that these last few months have been great. You've really become a brother to me, and I am undyingly greatful for everything you have done for me. You are by far one of my best friends, and I wish you all the luck in the world. P.S. Fiddle Faddle!

An Avid Listener - Reviewer: Grumpy1 01/23/08 08:28 AM EST
Full Comment: I enjoy listening to John every night. I have to down load it as I am other wise occupated when he on. Just want to say John, ""Keep up the great job and don't let those punks and children get ya going.

Like a party line! - Reviewer: Dan the Rabbit Man 01/21/08 10:52 PM EST
Full Comment: John B's show is like an adventure every night. You never know what the topics will be and that's what makes it fun. John is also one host that is also very encouraging to Talkshoe newbies. Give him a listen. It's just like a party line!

i dont know why - Reviewer: [namehere] 01/19/08 10:59 PM EST
Full Comment: but people seem to hate you but ive been in shows with you a few times and it wasnt as bad as other crap ive heard but people like you are keeping us entertained by having you conveneintly on our ipods but people just have more balls when there online because they think theyre untracable

Kids on the Show - Reviewer: RedWriter 01/17/08 01:32 AM EST
Full Comment: I find the fact that JohnB's daughter on the show was very refreshing, it shows the reality of his show and him. For anyone to critique that part is an idiot and only looking for a reason to write bad reviews on other shows. To have an open mic show and get the guests that JohnB gets is a testiment to the guy. So lay off! You don't have to stay in the chat if you don't like it.

Great hosting! - Reviewer: JukeboxDJ 11/10/07 11:10 PM EST
Full Comment: You are a great host and have awesome shows! Listened to alot. Love them all!

its ok - Reviewer: Benny Wilson 09/30/07 02:39 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is an ok show. not bad, john

New first time caller - Reviewer: tony01 08/23/07 01:27 AM EDT
Full Comment: For being a first time caller to TalkShoe and just testing to make sure I could call, he made me feel welcome. I will keep his ID around and join in and talk again.

The Master of the Talkcast - Reviewer: OneGeek 08/02/07 11:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: John runs a great show. Great place to chill and Geek OUT!

He's the most interesting guy you'll ever meet. - Reviewer: Account Closed 07/20/07 02:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: He knows about the recent games, gear and he's even has experience with computers, Please join this mans show!!!

John B-The B is for bad ass!!!!!! - Reviewer: Guitarhammer 05/26/07 11:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: John should rename himself to Billy, because he is a bad ass. There should be a John B ice cream flavor. Not that I would eat it, but there should be one.