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Hosted by: Benny Wilson
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: EPISODE15 - Mamma Mia special with Get Smart and Kung Fu panda reviews!

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11/08/2007 03:50 AM EST
Pop-culture planet theme song!
11/07/2007 02:00 AM EST
EPISODE2 - A Free For All!
11/02/2007 03:00 AM EDT
EPISODE1 - Special Guests Mark Walters and Jaime Mendoza!


wOOt!!! - Reviewer: Travis Knight 03/14/08 04:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hope I have enough energy left for the Pop-culture planet Shin-dig. wOOt and double wOOt!!!

Fun! Fun! - Reviewer: Benny Wilson 11/03/07 02:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: This just too fun a cast so join in when possible, great reviews and yeah, awesome blog and podcast! I do the show so I am a little biased but don't let that fool you at all.