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Title: The Protocols of Satan, Part 17: Are These Things So?

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11/19/2016 08:00 PM EST
The Protocols of Satan, Part 17: Are These Things So?
11/18/2016 08:00 PM EST
Epistle to the Hebrews, Part 9: Departure from Earthly Trappings
11/12/2016 08:00 PM EST
The Protocols of Satan, Part 16
11/11/2016 08:00 PM EST
Epistle to the Hebrews, Part 8: The Distinction of Old and New Covenants
11/05/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Political Devices: Messages for a Post-Election Nationalism
11/04/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Fellowship of God's Covenant People - Scatterers and Gatherers
10/29/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Arthur Lee: White Lives Matter to God, Parts 1 & 2
10/23/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Talking Politics to Death, with Pastor Mark Downey
10/22/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Arthur Lee: Face to Face with God
10/21/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Clifton Emahiser on his beginnings in Christian Identity
10/15/2016 08:00 PM EDT
The Protocols of Satan, Part 15
10/14/2016 08:00 PM EDT
Paulâ??s Epistle to the Hebrews, Part 7: The Order of Melchizedek
10/08/2016 08:10 PM EDT
The Protocols of Satan, Part 14
10/07/2016 08:10 PM EDT
Epistle to the Hebrews, Part 6: Confirmation of the Promises to the Fathers
09/26/2016 10:10 PM EDT
The Protocols of Satan, Part 13


FUCK C.I. - LONG LIVE MEMES !!!! - Reviewer: BobWhitakersGhost 06/16/17 09:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: AND LICK MY ANUS-HOLE BILL FINCK = SHILL STINK - Reviewer: WhiteTrashPower 05/10/17 12:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: - Reviewer: WhiteTrashPride 05/04/17 05:33 PM EDT
Full Comment:

- Reviewer: Rabbi Finck's obvious jew 04/29/16 07:45 PM EDT

- Reviewer: WhiteTrashRadio 04/22/16 01:46 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DaveMcGary 03/26/16 07:10 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DeutschlandIstRichtig 12/12/15 07:40 PM EST

- Reviewer: nancyboy 12/09/15 07:39 PM EST

- Reviewer: Brian_Reo 11/27/15 11:15 AM EST

- Reviewer: Daniel ben Israel 11/26/15 02:00 PM EST

Bill Fink was cyber attacked tonight. - Reviewer: Mathew 27 10/17/15 08:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: Bill, It's Mathew 27. I can't believe what happened tonight. It's disgusting. Apparently you were cyber attacked tonight. I can't believe Talkshoe has no answer for this outrageous cyberattack. These cyberattackers are afraid of your message, Bill. If anything, this is an affirmation from the enemy! Praise Yahweh!

- Reviewer: Finck Murdered Ortega 10/07/15 04:37 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Jennifer Marie Finck 09/01/15 09:30 PM EDT

- Reviewer: MELISSAFUCKSNIGGERS 09/01/15 09:30 PM EDT

- Reviewer: MikeCuckabee 09/01/15 09:30 PM EDT

- Reviewer: candor_viking 07/30/15 04:27 PM EDT

- Reviewer: CIforLife323 07/30/15 04:27 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DonaldTrumpsHair 07/30/15 04:26 PM EDT

- Reviewer: SEWhiteMan 07/30/15 04:25 PM EDT

- Reviewer: James Lawrence 07/11/15 06:31 PM EDT

From Eli James To The Truth Of William Finck ( Yahweh's Word ) - Reviewer: SaxonForYahweh68 05/15/15 05:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: SaxonForYahweh : I wondered for years really thinking what Eli James Was all about, He Himself kept Bad Mouthing Mr. William Finck. My Friend Introduced Me to some of Mr. Finck's Pod-casts and things starting falling into place along with My Bible. With Mr. Finck's Pod Casts Things became alive and Truthful, I have truely converted from the perversion of Eli James To The truthful Honest Teachings Of William Finck. Thank You Mr. Bill William Finck for opening my eyes and sharing the Truth, I will Never Turn Back to the lies and deceptions of Eli James ever again. May Yahweh Continue To Bless Your Ministry and Truth Of Scrpipture. Your New follower In Yahweh, SaxonFor Yahweh68..

- Reviewer: DONALDCARLSMITH44 04/03/15 03:03 PM EDT

Our attackers are neither Christian, nor are they even White! - Reviewer: William Finck 03/06/15 12:38 PM EST
Full Comment: Martin Lindstedt is a jew. Eli James is a jew. Jeromy Visser is a jew. They all get paid by the ADL and that is how they have nothing to do all day but set up fake Talkshoe accounts to write their little fairy tales here. Notice that the trolls here make constant references to sex and to disgusting acts which no Christian would speak of publicly. By their fruits we know them. Bruce Gorman is a race-mixer. Bill Gloss is his partner-in-slime. These men have chosen to follow after lies, so that their own lives are not made uncomfortable. They are luke-warm and Jesus Christ willspew them out of His mouth. The other trolls, all jews, are going to the Lake of Fire forever.

- Reviewer: Rabbi William Finck 03/06/15 11:06 AM EST

- Reviewer: JonathonAppleseed 02/06/15 07:46 PM EST

- Reviewer: Bruce Gorman 01/30/15 03:11 PM EST

You Ought To Be Ashamed Of Yourselves Poking Fun At A Godly Man - Reviewer: Tennessee47 01/10/15 07:59 PM EST
Full Comment: I Have Looked At A Lot Of The Comments Listed Herein. I think a lot of You Bastards Have No Business Speaking Ill, Cowardly Remarks About Bill William Finck's Sincere Dedication Of His Whole Life Being Dedicated To The Truth And Love That Bill Holds In His Heart For Yahweh. Bill Is The Very Best Example Of What Yahweh Would Want In Any C.I. Teacher. Good Job Bill, We All Love You My Brother, And We Appreciate Your Truthfulness In Teaching Us Scriptural Knowledge About Yahweh, We All Love You My Brother, May Yahweh Always Bless You And You Wife. Your In Yahweh's Eternal Love, Don..

- Reviewer: Fincks Massive Ego 12/26/14 02:04 PM EST

- Reviewer: FINCK_THE_ANTICHRIST 12/26/14 02:04 PM EST

- Reviewer: AN/DSCI 12/26/14 02:03 PM EST

- Reviewer: SlayTheZOG 11/08/14 08:04 PM EST

- Reviewer: Jenn Finck Has HUGE tits! 11/08/14 07:38 PM EST

- Reviewer: PositiveChristogenea 11/04/14 07:33 PM EST

- Reviewer: AndreAlbinoniglet 11/02/14 04:05 PM EST

- Reviewer: Bills A Jew Piece of Shit 11/01/14 07:41 PM EDT

- Reviewer: francis57 11/01/14 07:41 PM EDT

- Reviewer: 100 Percenter 11/01/14 07:40 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Dr_Wesley_Swift 10/25/14 07:49 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Kikes Teach "No Satan" 10/25/14 07:48 PM EDT

- Reviewer: BigSexyMAMZERESS 10/25/14 07:48 PM EDT

I only troll you because you are the best CI Teacher out there & I am jealous! - Reviewer: LindstedtFatLazyKike 10/03/14 05:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Why won't you just talk to me?

Sorry I fell in love with Brenda Snyder nigger lover. She convinced me to lie about you. - Reviewer: BearFinkWhiteTrash 10/03/14 05:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am sorry and now I know that she has lied to so many people about her 2 adult daughters, acting as if her 4th husband (who has the last name Snyder) is the real father to her mixed daughters, when in reality, she had them by her first non-White husband. Please forgive me for slandering you and creating lies about your family. She is truly a lying & race-mixing skank.

I am a pos troll and need attention to boost my low self esteem so I troll the best CI Teacher ever - Reviewer: ClownMartyJewTroll 10/03/14 04:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: William Finck is such a scholar, I could never teach CI like him and that's why I troll his programs every week to try to get attention. I am a low-life loser who has a tendency to puff on peckers and cannot get a grip on my homosexual urges. Yes, I did time in a mental ward and I was guilty of puffing on my grandson's peckers. I was only doing the circumcision practice that we, Jewish Rabbis, always do when we suck the blood from the kiddie peckers! I weigh 360 lbs now and my Roxie has left me because I have come out of the closet now and I am a proud Jew troll.

- Reviewer: Finck Is A Clown 10/03/14 03:39 PM EDT

- Reviewer: LINDSTEDT_Is_WAY_Better 10/03/14 03:39 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Pure White Qahal 10/03/14 03:39 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Angels Are White 10/03/14 03:38 PM EDT

- Reviewer: OnlyChristCanHealAll 09/27/14 10:09 PM EDT

By their fruits ye shall know them... - Reviewer: Jonni Reno 09/04/14 03:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: I'm new to CI, and have a lot to learn. However, after losing my faith gradually since becoming racially aware, I stumbled on Christogenea and have been hooked since. Bill Finck presents a no BS, straight-forward approach to scriptural truth, and there is no need for me to look elsewhere, as I know where the truth lies. Safe to say, I'm now stronger in faith then anytime in my life; that is solely thanks to Christogenea. Thank you Bill and praise Yahweh!

- Reviewer: Finck can't read English 08/31/14 01:40 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Paul00707 08/31/14 01:38 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Teresa785 08/31/14 01:33 PM EDT

Christian Identity The Way The Ought To Be Taught.. - Reviewer: Isaiah47 08/29/14 07:48 AM EDT
Full Comment: Bill William Finck Continues To Amaze Me With His Wisdom Of The Holy Bible. There Are Not Many Men Of Today That Teach The Absolute Truth The Way Bill Does. Bill Is A Good Descent Man, With the Love Of Yahweh In His Heart. He Loves Yahweh, A I Rate Him To Be Among The Best In Chirstian Identity Today, He Is Indeed A True Servant Of Yahweh And He Truely Loves His Followers, As He Does Yahweh, I Commend You Bill, Keep Up The Good Service For Our God,. Yahweh, Yahweh Bless You And Your Ministry... Isaiah47, Yahweh Bless My Brother, D.C.S.

- Reviewer: FincksAMurderousKIKE 08/21/14 11:12 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Pastor M Lindstedt 08/16/14 01:53 PM EDT

- Reviewer: BearFinkLiarAndTroll 08/15/14 07:48 PM EDT

Look Finck, I know you are WHITE, but see how easy it was to get November & Visser on my side! - Reviewer: UGLYASSKIKELINDSTEDT 08/09/14 12:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: They are too dumb to see that I create lies and they fall for them. You are hated because you stand for White Israel and you do not take the Gospel to the non-Whites like they do. Circus life is so fun! We may be clowns but the circus continues.

- Reviewer: TruthIsEstablishedAlready 08/01/14 11:21 AM EDT

The Best Teacher in CI is William Finck! - Reviewer: AngloSaxonIsrael83 06/14/14 09:03 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for exposing all the infiltrators in the CI Movement and for exposing all those liars like Visser, Spears, November and Lidstedt! Spears may be the only White one in the bunch...but he lost his Pastor position way back because he couldn't stop sleeping around with married women in his congregation. Ask his ex-wife about the "strange relationship" he had with her mother for a few years too. Sickening how these hypocrites lie so much and the clowns need to keep being exposed.

- Reviewer: Rev. William P. Gale 06/06/14 07:37 PM EDT

Bill ( My Brother In Yahweh ) William Finck..The Best Christian Identity Teacher Like Unto Paul.. - Reviewer: DonaldSmith 06/01/14 01:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Bill, I hope that You Read This. I don't Mention it enough how Much that You Mean To Me as My Brother. I Have Seen a side of You That No One Else Knows except Those Who Are Close To You Too. You Have A Love Of Yahweh And His TRUTH Like No Other In Christian Identity Today. You Really Love Your Brothers And Sisters, And Someone May Ask , Don How Do You Know This ? Because Bill is My Family, My Brother And My Best Friend. Bill Has A Heart Of Gold And A Love For His People that goes far beyond The Call Of Duty. Bill devotes His Entire Life To His Service To Yahweh And His Brothers And Sisters. Bill is a Big Man With A Big Heart On Fire For Yahweh. I Have Never In My Entire life Have Anyone Treat Me With More Respect And Love Than Bill, And I Admire Those Positive Traits in Bill. Spears and Visser can slander Bill all they want To, But They Will Never Be Able To Compare With Bill, Visser is a Loser with Genetic Problem, And Spears Thinks That The 1611 Bible was the language that Yahshua Jesus Spoke While He Was Here walking On Planet earth, We all Know Jesus was here before 1611... Folks, You Can Slander Bill, Call Him Names, But Yahweh Knows That None Of You will Ever Be The Real Man Of Yahweh God That bill Is Today. You Don't Know Ancient History, And More Than Anything Else, You don't Know the Word Of Yahweh God. Visser Called Bill The Pope Of Christian Identity, How Stupid Can Anyone Get.. At Sermon Running time 3:40 Minutes , seconds Speers said We don't have all of the answers like some people do, that's right out Stupid, Bill has never said He has all of the answers. he Just Teaches Yahweh's Word Of God the Way It Is And Gives Everyone The History To Go Along with it. I Doubt id You Will Ever Hear Don Spears Or Jeromy Visser do that, They know nothing at all about Bible 101 ot Ancient Bible History, Not Squat.. And For Don Spears To Quote That Bill Thinks He Is On Par With The Father, Audio Position 8 Minutes and 40 seconds Is Ultimately Stupid, Bill Is Just A Humble Servant Of Yahweh.. Keep Up The Good Work Bill, Those who Love Truth Love You And Your Truth, Thank You For Having the Guts To Expose These Evil Vipers For Who They Really Are, A Den Of Liars. May Yahweh Bless And Keep You Bill, We All Love You Brother, In Yahweh's Love, Don..

Praise Yahweh for Mr. Finck! - Reviewer: YahshuaIsKing83 05/31/14 12:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you for exposing all the fake so-called CI "Pastors" because they do not belong in Identity Christianity. Jeromy Visser, Don Spears & who is this race-mixer Bruce Gorman? Visser isn't an Aryan & Spears is a liar...seems Gorman is just as bad as Spears because they won't repent of their race-mixing. Thanks for making the Racial Message of Yahweh's Truth so crystal clear. Those phonies don't even belong in this CI movement.

- Reviewer: Homer Simpson 05/29/14 12:12 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Thomas1953 05/29/14 12:12 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Mary McCain 05/29/14 12:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: ChristoGeneo 05/29/14 12:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: In Christ We Trust 05/29/14 12:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Joseph84 05/29/14 12:10 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Tommy n Tina 05/29/14 12:10 PM EDT

- Reviewer: St. Michael 05/29/14 12:10 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Anna Jean 05/29/14 12:09 PM EDT

- Reviewer: James74 05/29/14 12:09 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Easy 506 05/29/14 12:09 PM EDT

- Reviewer: BlackHawk101 05/29/14 12:08 PM EDT

- Reviewer: 05/29/14 12:08 PM EDT

- Reviewer: spring_chicken 05/29/14 12:07 PM EDT

- Reviewer: James Toronto 05/29/14 12:07 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Joshua1989 05/29/14 12:06 PM EDT

- Reviewer: JohnP1987 05/29/14 12:06 PM EDT

I agree Jeromy Visser (Homer sockpuppet)... - Reviewer: SatanExposer666 05/27/14 09:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: You are SATAN. You are a mamzer too Visser & a troll.

- Reviewer: bruce_bohn 05/26/14 05:39 PM EDT

Hitler was right & so is William Finck! - Reviewer: HitlerWasRight88 05/26/14 09:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent web site Thank you for sharing truth!

Bill is the MOST SCHOLARLY CI Teacher of all times. - Reviewer: Michael4Yahweh 05/26/14 09:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: Those liars like Jeromy Visser wouldn't stand a chance in an open and honest debate with you. Visser really isn't CI at all because he isn't White at all. His lies and slander will catch up to him because he is being exposed for the goat he is. He is a Universalist and has nothing of value to contribute to the CI message of truth. Race-mixers won't make it in the Kingdom no matter how much Visser and KJV Bible thumper Don Spears tries to twist Scriptures to try to fit them in. A bastard's blood will not be cleansed, in the end they are all goats/tares who will be cast into the lake of fire. Thank you brother Bill for exposing these bastards and for the excellent Scholarly work you do. Yahweh told His Adamic children to keep our race pure and we stand firm on the issue of our White-Israelite race remaining true to OUR God. Praise Yahweh for Christogenea and all the valuable scholarly material there.

Timely and Unapologetic - Reviewer: brucebohn 05/25/14 11:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: Christogenea, truly an edifying source for those of our brethren who understand the importance of unity thru racial awareness, dedicated study and the courage to say what must be said... Fools, tools, shills and TROLLS be damned. This would include One Jeromy Visser, who has has made an art of impersonation. I was amused to find a review, credited to me, perpetrated by the above reprobate, here @ Talkshoe. This is my very first comment placed here and will include a word of advice to those imposter's who wish to divide and dis-credit. You have already failed! Which is clearly exhibited in your inability to challenge the truth produced from passionate study, and the childish, yet vicious character assassination of those who are clearly your Moral & intellectual superiors.... So yeah, go on, show your 'fruits' along with your collective ass's....

- Reviewer: RaceMatters14/83 05/25/14 09:05 AM EDT

- Reviewer: SusannaR69 05/25/14 09:04 AM EDT

- Reviewer: angela8883 05/24/14 07:22 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Show Me SOUNDBITES Finck! 05/24/14 07:21 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Finck World Domination 05/24/14 08:02 AM EDT

- Reviewer: michael212 05/24/14 08:01 AM EDT

Thanks for all you do! - Reviewer: InYourCorner1966 05/23/14 11:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: You explain 2 seedline like no one else can do. May Yahweh continue to bless you in all you do!

- Reviewer: Devils Ur Flesh LULZ 05/23/14 08:47 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DSCI Not OSL 05/23/14 08:47 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Angels Exist 05/23/14 08:46 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Archbishop of Jersey 05/23/14 08:45 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Lil Finck 05/23/14 08:45 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Sith Lord Finckelsheenie 05/23/14 08:43 PM EDT

- Reviewer: OSL DoucheBag 05/23/14 08:43 PM EDT

- Reviewer: AN/CJCC 05/23/14 08:41 PM EDT

Thank you Mr. Finck! - Reviewer: Penelope8388 05/22/14 11:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have no doubt at all about Jeromy Visser now. He played a good game for a while...but now that IT has been exposed as the joo-boy IT is, all I can say is thank you. Your program, "Sons and Bastards" was excellent. Yahweh God is revealing these evil bastards like Visser to us and anyone who doesn't see them for what they really are is totally blind and belongs with them. Don Spears is another clown who has a bastard granddaughter and tries to change/twist/pervert the Scriptures to fit her into the Kingdom. Don Spears is another clown and he is not CI at all. He is a KJV only dumb ass who doesn't belong in CI at all. Thanks for exposing these universalist clowns.

William Finck, The Best Christian Identity Teacher Of This Century - Reviewer: jamessmythe481 05/22/14 11:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank You Mr. Finck For Your Love Of Yahweh And Your Followers. You Have And Continue To Be A Blessing To All Who Know You And To All Who Listen To Your Talkshoe Program And You Are In My Prayers Every Day, You Continue To Amaze Me With Your Wisdom Of Scriptures, And Ancient Greek And Other Great Histories that Make The Scriptures Shine Forth As Never Before Yahweh Bless You Brother.. As For You Visser The Pisser, And The Joooo Clown, May Yahweh's Wrath Fall Upon Your Ugly Ass And May Your Ass always be infected with the mites of Your Whoredom... Quite Trying To Be Like William Finck, He's a Real Man Of Yahweh's Word, You Visser Are a Piss Ant... Enough Said..

- Reviewer: Regina Lieder 05/22/14 09:56 PM EDT

- Reviewer: WhiteNations14/83 05/22/14 09:56 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Jersey City Mall Cop 05/22/14 09:56 PM EDT

- Reviewer: RussellWalker66669 05/22/14 09:55 PM EDT

- Reviewer: RaceMatters83/88 05/22/14 09:55 PM EDT

- Reviewer: TruthMatters83 05/22/14 09:55 PM EDT

Thank you William Finck, - Reviewer: Austin1978W 05/22/14 08:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: You are a blessing to those of us who take pride in our White race and choose to obey Yahweh's Command to keep it pure. If someone claims to be Identity, they need to walk the walk. We need to put away those who call themselves CI and are mamzers or accept race-mixing. All Israel shall be saved! The lake of fire is where all others go. Praise Yahweh!

Praise Yahweh! - Reviewer: WhiteIsRight8388 05/22/14 08:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Mr. Finck.

Keep up the excellent work brother! - Reviewer: BobWhitaker65 05/22/14 08:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: May Yahweh continue to bless you.

- Reviewer: jeremiah75williams 05/22/14 07:56 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Enemy_of_Edom 05/22/14 07:56 AM EDT

- Reviewer: White88dude 05/22/14 07:55 AM EDT

- Reviewer: WhiteLillies71 05/22/14 07:55 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Truth_Reigns777 05/22/14 07:55 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Melissa fucked Eli first! 05/22/14 07:55 AM EDT

This is the place to be! - Reviewer: CIforLife232 05/21/14 10:23 AM EDT
Full Comment: Every Friday and Saturday night! Thank you!

Excellent! - Reviewer: michael222 05/21/14 10:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: I just finished listening to "Sons and Bastards" and wanted to thank William Finck for exposing the lies of the enemies of Yahweh. Keep up the excellent work that you do!

Praise Yahweh I found Christogenea! - Reviewer: Teresa795 05/21/14 10:05 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks so much for all your valuable information. You teach CI truth like no one else ever has! :) Yahweh bless you!

BASTARD Visser, The Filthy DUTCH JEW, AND PART CHEROKEE Shit Head - Reviewer: DONALDCARLSMITH47 05/21/14 09:54 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hello, My Name Is Donald Carl Smith, I'm Not Afraid To Post My Name. People please be made aware that this Jeromy Visser is making fake Accounts using Bill William Finck's Friends Names and posting LIES and all kinds of Slander about Bill through His fake accounts. This is one of the most Dirty Bastard Children Of SATAN trick that I have seen in My life. This Dutch/ Indian Idiot actually thinks that He can damage Bill's Reputation on Christogenea. Bill is a Great Greek Scholar and Bill knows the Word Of Yahweh Inside and Out. Its a Shame that some Snake Like Jeromy Visser has to stoop to these animal Negroid Tactics to try and discredit one of The Best Christian Identity Pastors that has ever existed on Planet. Visser Be Aware, I will be right on top of Your ugly ass every time You post some so hurtful and demeaning as You have been doing. I want My C. I. Friends to forgive Me for the comments I post here, But someone has to get the truth out about this piece of Shit On everyone's shoes. Jeromy Visser is not even a White Man, Just look at His Face in the post that have been placed on face book and other sites. He looks like a long faced Baboon with some kind of skin tone problems. I'm upset with You Visser, And If You Show Up On Talkshoe Friday night, then You had better expect to catch the hell that You so deserve from Me Personally. You won't have 1 minutes rest if Your ugly face shows on this talkshoe forum at 8:00 p.m.. Friends in Yahwehs Love, My Christian Identity Brothers Please forgive this post, but Visser the Cherokee Dutch want a be is posting awful things about Bill's Friends and relatives on fake made up accounts, You know Yahweh Will deal with this want to be non-white one of these days and I for one certainly wouldn't want to be in Visser's shoes when the Flames start licking His feet and He smells the smoke from His own burning carcuss. Bill, May Yahweh Bless Your Dedication To Yahweh And Your Followers and May You Continue to expose these snakes like Visser. In The End These Bastard Children Of Satan With Get Their Just Rewards... Yahweh Bless You All, My Christogenea Christian Identity Brother And Sisters, I Love You All In Yahweh, Donald C. Smith, Praise Yahweh..

Excellent work Mr. Finck. - Reviewer: Shawn676 05/21/14 09:49 AM EDT
Full Comment: I keep learning so much from your valuable lessons. You are a blessing to so many of us who are seeking Yahweh's truth. Thank you & may Yahweh continue to bless you.

- Reviewer: Fincks Foreskin 05/21/14 09:34 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Staropramen Beer 05/21/14 09:34 AM EDT

Review For Pastor William Finck - Reviewer: BenJohnson 05/21/14 09:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: I write this review out of Love For the Truth Of Scripture. Mr. William Finck has been an Inspiration for Me over the last few months that I have listened to Him as a Guest on Talkshoe. I am very careful about what I hear others teaching about God's Word. But as My friend Don says about Bill, You will never , ever hear Bill teach anything but the Truth and The whole truth while exposing the lies coming from the enemies of Yahweh. I have to agree with Don, I have found Brother Bill to be not only a Great Teacher of the Holy Bible, but Bill is also a Great Bible Historian. You put the two together and You can understand the Bible the way that You should. I personally Highly Recommend Pastor Willian Finck's Services to anyone looking for the truth in a world of Lies. He is well schooled in History, The Greek Language, And Scripture. I agree with My good Friend Don. He Pointed Me to Bill's talkshoe about 6 months ago and I must say, Pastor William Finck, I Commend You For Your Love Of God And Your People. you're A Good teacher and a Wonderful Friend. May You Always Be Blessed with good health, Dependable Friends who will lern much from Your Honest and Biblical Teachings about our Wondeful God, Yahweh. Bless You Sir, Ben...

- Reviewer: Jon_Smith 05/21/14 09:06 AM EDT

Yahweh bless you! - Reviewer: Sherry77 05/21/14 08:38 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have learned so much from you Mr. Finck. Praise Yahweh for all your valuable studies.

- Reviewer: CJCC / Aryan Nations 05/21/14 05:40 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Kentucky 05/21/14 05:40 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Fenwick 05/21/14 05:40 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Sored Mamzer 05/21/14 05:40 AM EDT

- Reviewer: MikeTheAdamite 05/20/14 08:15 PM EDT

Praise Yahweh! - Reviewer: Paul00700 05/19/14 11:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: is a true blessing. Yahweh bless you for all you do.

Thanks brother - Reviewer: DavidM1968 05/19/14 10:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoy listening to your teachings of Yahweh's Truth.

Thank you. - Reviewer: YahwehsChild1970 05/19/14 10:36 AM EDT
Full Comment: May Yahweh continue to bless you in all you do.

Thanks for exposing all the infiltrators! - Reviewer: TruthReigns777 05/19/14 10:25 AM EDT
Full Comment: Keep up the good work brother.

Excellent! - Reviewer: TruthMatters88 05/19/14 09:54 AM EDT
Full Comment: Praise Yahweh for William Finck!

Best CI Teacher of All Times :) - Reviewer: YahwehChoseMe83 05/19/14 09:34 AM EDT

Thank you for all you do! - Reviewer: stew_88 05/19/14 08:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: I love listening to your programs because you do stand firm on the race-issue. Thanks for exposing all the fake pastors out there who are either not white or have mixed family members. It is so wrong to try to justify race-mixing like Visser & November do. 1 drop of non-white blood makes one a bastard & Visser and November are bastards who are not white and have infiltrated CI. They are liars and slander the only few good CI Pastors we have today. Thanks for standing your ground and exposing these liars. I am thankful for all you do and your work stands far above all the garbage these phonies produce. Race matters and you keep exposing them for the tares they are. Yahweh bless you!

Thank you for standing firm on the race-issue! - Reviewer: AmyRose1488 05/19/14 08:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: You are a blessing to everyone of us who keeps Yahweh God's racial message of truth. Seems a lot of so-called "CI Pastors" are not CI at all. Jeromy Visser is a prime example. He isn't White and likes to slander good White people who teach the Bible is a Holy Racial Book that warns us not to mix with the non-White races. Visser probably can't stand this message because he has mixed children and a race-mixing wife. Hoping his wife repents and leaves him and that everyone sees him for what he really is. Visser you belong with all the others who teach that race-mixing is ok because that is the reason you hate Pastor Finck so much, not to mention he is a true "CI Pastor" and you are a wannabe. I see all the sock-puppets you use here on this review page & you are exposing yourself for what you are more every single day. In the past, Visser slandered Pastor Mark Downey and his wife and because he is close to Pastor Finck, he now hates him and slanders him as well. Yahweh God will deal with you Geronimo. The lake of fire awaits you. Keep on exposing these beasts Pastor Finck because that is the only reason they hate you. You speak truth and they have no truth in them.

Visser doesn't even compare to William Finck - Reviewer: BruceH88 05/19/14 08:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: Visser is a mamzer and this makes his wife, Bridget, an adulterer and unless she repents and leaves him, she is a whore. Praying she stops fornicating with him. It is a shame that all the race-mixers can't stop the mixing, even with so-called "CI Pastors". We know how Geronimo likes using that title, "Pastor" when he needs to replace it with "Mamzer" and praying his wife, Bridget repents of her race-mixing and being a whore.

- Reviewer: Dr. Wesley Swift 05/19/14 07:11 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Rabbi Finck is a FED RAT! 05/19/14 07:08 AM EDT

- Reviewer: PowerOfYah01 05/19/14 07:00 AM EDT

- Reviewer: AdamsWhite83 05/19/14 07:00 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Finck is a Potok joo 05/19/14 06:59 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Christogarbage 05/19/14 06:59 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Finck Is Butthurt on Duke 05/19/14 06:58 AM EDT

Exposing All Of The Low Review Clowns, The Dogs, Filthy Rats, And Liars. That Call Themselves People - Reviewer: Spiritbeliever47 05/18/14 11:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: You know I've known Bill for a good while now, He is a good Man Of Yahweh. A Good Christian Identity Pastor, with Top Of The Line Messages. Bill Is honest with His Followers and His Wife takes too much crap from people who like to slander Bill for Exposing The Clowns Like Visser, Joseph November and many others to numerous to mention. They Can talk bad about His Wife, who is a wonderful Lady, They can trash Bill with paid off trolls, Parasites who don't know anything about the Truth Of Scriptures. Nut I dare say that none of these BASTARDS would ever want to face Bill Personally, Because Bill Would Destroy each and every one of them in an open debate. These Trolls like Visser, Screw head Dewey Tucker and Eli James, Alias Joseph November And Many others don't know one truth about Christian Identity, Because They Are Race Mixers, or have Bastard Children Of Satan Within Their Family Ranks. So You Idiots Out There That Like To Belittle William Finck and call Him Names and post Irrational Remarks about His Wife are a bunch of sicko's, bastards who make up fake Identities just to troll and make insane remarks about Bill William Finck, You are exposing Yourself By Your Own Actions. Bill, You Are a Great Christian Identity Pastor And You Have My Upmost Respect. You Love Yahweh And Your Faithful Followers. One Thing I Can Honestly Say Is That You Don't Allow Race Mixers, Jooos Or Blacks into Yahweh's Chosen Race. These Other Fake, Lying, Morbid Bastard C. I. Pastor Can't say The Same. Yahweh Bless You Brother Bill And Keep Up The Great Work, Don.. Oh By The Way, I Expect Some Of You fake C. I. Imposters To Make Irrational Remarks about My Post, That's ok, See I understand Your Mentality ahead of Time. Yahweh Bless Bill, Your Friend In Yahweh... ]

Bill Finck is the Best CI Pastor of them all. - Reviewer: stew8488 05/18/14 08:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: Jeromy Visser doesn't know truth because he is too busy lying all the time. Awesome scholarly work Bill! You teach CI Truth better than all of those clowns put together.

- Reviewer: AmyRose88 05/18/14 07:36 PM EDT

Thank you Pastor William Finck! - Reviewer: Bridget_Visser 05/18/14 06:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: We appreciate your excellent Christian Identity Scholarship! May Yahweh continue to bless you in getting the "real truth" out there.

- Reviewer: Mark_Downey_SPLC 05/18/14 05:25 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Jennifer_Marie_Finck 05/18/14 05:23 PM EDT

- Reviewer: cpm_POST 05/18/14 02:38 PM EDT

Exposing the Race-Mixers - Reviewer: William_Finck 05/18/14 02:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: The more you expose the racemixers, the shriller they whine like the little bitches that they really are. Most of the reviews below are Jeromy Visser sock puppets. Visser isn't even white. Bruce Gorman is a sniveling sissy who only wants to justify his filipino kids. Geronimo Visser and all the jew trolls are best at playing the victim.

Sharing My Review For My Brother And Friend In Yahweh, William ( Bill ) Finck. - Reviewer: DonSmith 05/18/14 09:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: Bill is one of the most scholarly Man I Have Ever Know. Bill is a Servant of Yahweh, He Teaches The Bible In A Way That Anyone Can Understand. He Pulls No Punches Against The Enemies Of Yahweh or His Followers. He Is A Very Respectful Man Of Yahweh, and teaches the Absolute Truth. He Exposes The Enemies That Teach False Doctrines. He Is Like unto a Modern Day Paul, Fearless, Truthful, And Loving In His Service To Our Israelite God, Yahweh, I Highly Respect Bill, May He Live A Long Life Serving His Master Yahweh And His Followers, We All Need His Truths In This Dying World. Yahweh Bless You Bill, Don...

Excellent Teacher of Identity Truth!!! - Reviewer: MelissaE 05/18/14 09:16 AM EDT
Full Comment: Only race-mixers or the so-called CI "Pastors" (who are NOT White) hate Bill's message of truth. Keep up the excellent work & keep on exposing all those liars who do NOT belong in CI.

- Reviewer: Kirk Cameron 05/18/14 08:31 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Adam Adamite 05/18/14 08:31 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Adamite White Man 05/18/14 08:30 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Pastor Visser 05/10/14 08:33 PM EDT

- Reviewer: seedliner 05/10/14 08:32 PM EDT

- Reviewer: tester7 05/10/14 08:32 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Stewart55 05/10/14 08:32 PM EDT

- Reviewer: JimMarcus 05/10/14 08:32 PM EDT

- Reviewer: josephblauman 05/10/14 08:31 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Just_Marcus 05/09/14 07:52 PM EDT

Hitler - Reviewer: RedDirtRebel 04/12/14 01:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: Adolf was a catholic...

- Reviewer: ROMANS 11:8 01/17/14 05:04 PM EST

- Reviewer: Alex_Thomas 12/13/13 10:29 PM EST

understanding & doctrine - Reviewer: Butch2r 11/16/13 10:22 PM EST
Full Comment: Without a clear understanding of whom Israel is today and whom you are in Christ, you will follow every wind of doctrine that is offered by apostate christianity. With false doctrine you will hate your white brother while at the same time advance the kingdom of the tares, by promoted race mixing by your doctrines.

- Reviewer: Pauleo 10/19/13 10:55 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Amalie_Baldwin 08/19/13 09:28 AM EDT

- Reviewer: CPM DSCI Archives 08/04/13 06:43 AM EDT

All of the fools listed below are Universalist Morons - Reviewer: JoseNovember 07/19/13 10:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: JimMarcus, TEEIdaho and the clown who calls himself a "professor" - CDIM_Professor all have their heads buried so deeply into Eli James' rectum that they can taste his dinner, but they will never see that it is truly a can of dog food that his slop is coming from. Bruce Howard is a cross-dresser from Greenwich Village who has a black wife and 3 half-chinese kids. Jim Marcus is a race-mixer and has half-white kids and grandkids. That is why he loves Joe November, and comes to this page to leave a bad review only because he is a sniveling little sissy. - Reviewer: brian83 07/05/13 10:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great work with the website Mr. Finck. I tell all my CI friends about your website and always get good feedback. Praise YHWH

- Reviewer: JACOB Y. 06/22/13 07:56 PM EDT

- Reviewer: TruthLover123 05/25/13 07:45 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Seek&YouShallFind 04/27/13 07:46 PM EDT

this here is good - Reviewer: heatrizes4sure 04/04/13 11:36 AM EDT
Full Comment: i appreciate the enthusiasm the host(s) show for learning the scriptures in a 'new' other words, research and hard work.

- Reviewer: TEEIdaho 03/29/13 12:46 PM EDT

- Reviewer: CDIM_PROFESSOR 03/29/13 12:45 PM EDT

- Reviewer: TruthHistorian 01/29/13 11:10 PM EST

- Reviewer: JOB 42:2 12/28/12 06:55 PM EST

Excellent - Reviewer: sirjeffrey 09/20/12 03:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've listened to a few broadcasts now, and have to say that I really enjoy them. Mr Finck and Swordbrethren make excellent hosts and the two compliment each other well: Finck as the older scholar and teacher and Swordbrethren as the intelligent and articulate up and coming young man. Insightful analysis from both makes their programs well worth a listen and even if I don't agree with everything they say, I cannot fault their scholarship and often highly controversial critical scrutiny of orthodox history. Well done!

Truely the best Program on Talkshoe - Reviewer: WARRIORPRIEST 07/15/12 11:48 AM EDT
Full Comment: If you want a clear understanding of history and scripture and how they fit together, there is no better program than CHRISTOGENEA. Bill is a tremendous teacher,scholar and friend.

True Bible teaching - Reviewer: adamite 06/30/12 03:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent teacher, thanks Bill

- Reviewer: Oreilly 06/16/12 07:49 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Jacob Israel 06/16/12 07:49 PM EDT

- Reviewer: JeanBap 06/09/12 07:03 PM EDT

- Reviewer: ChristSaves 03/16/12 02:34 PM EDT

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- Reviewer: mrrosenblatt 03/16/12 02:33 PM EDT

Gary Godsey is a PEDOPHILE RAPIST! - Reviewer: White Honor 03/03/12 01:43 AM EST
Full Comment: Kindred: Gary Godsey (also goes by his fake name "Chris Heidrich"), host of the Aryan Nations show on Talkshoe and the NC volunteer coordinator of the South Africa Project, is a pedophile and convicted RAPIST! Aryan Nations pastors/frauds Gulett and Truitt are hiding this from you. Don't be fooled! See:,, May Yahweh bless His kindred with the TRUTH! Hail Victory!

- Reviewer: Real White People Know 02/25/12 10:32 PM EST

- Reviewer: ExposeBryanReo 02/18/12 11:18 AM EST

- Reviewer: MatTheTwott 02/18/12 11:18 AM EST

- Reviewer: McBragg_SteveElder 02/18/12 11:17 AM EST

The Standard Setter - Reviewer: Obadiah 1:18 01/15/12 08:26 PM EST
Full Comment: Bill's highly informative podcast continues to set the standard for Bible scholarship in Dual Seedline Christian Identity. Unmissable listening!

Hail William Finck! - Reviewer: balrog 12/06/11 07:10 AM EST
Full Comment: This man is a true Christian Identist,not like other clowns out there. He sticks to scripture and facts,and I'm sure Yahweh will reward him because he deserves it. Keep the good work Bill!!!

- Reviewer: HEYMAUI 09/17/11 08:36 PM EDT

- Reviewer: MrBs 09/17/11 09:34 AM EDT

The new and improved Israelite Fri. night show... - Reviewer: Matthew Ott 02/07/11 11:08 AM EST
Full Comment: ...brought to you heresy free by a truly dedicated Bible scholar. More evidence of his tireless works can be found at

- Reviewer: daveUK 03/31/10 06:52 PM EDT