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Past Episodes (462)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
08/01/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 398 - Mike Mason & Meryl Craven - GoFundMe Project
07/25/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 397 - Guests: Nancy Allen, Crystal
07/18/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 396 - Jaami Ali - Remote Body Manipulation
07/11/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 395 - Support Groups and Activism
07/04/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 394 - Topic: Psychiatric Abductions and what we can do about it.
06/27/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 393 - Topic: Upcoming Webinar Topics
06/20/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 392 - Amy Anderson, Dr. K. Patel, Psychologist
06/13/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 391 - Topic: The Richmond Space Preservation Act Resolution
06/06/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE,390 - Guest: Amy Anderson - Richmond Justice Center
05/30/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 389 - Guest: Skizit Powers - Torture Awareness Day, June 26
05/23/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 388 - Guest: Amy Anderson and Friends, The Richmond Resolution
05/16/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 387 - Topic: Webinars
05/16/2015 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 387 - Mind Control Expert, Neil Sanders
05/09/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 386 - Topic: Networking
05/02/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 385 - Guest: Chris Weeg, Certified Nutritional Counselor


- Reviewer: synthetic_telepathy 07/05/16 02:59 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Freedom Fighter Radio 07/05/16 02:58 AM EDT

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- Reviewer: Renee00124 04/25/16 02:15 AM EDT

F.B.I says Mind Control must be stopped! - Reviewer: carlasiqueira 07/14/15 11:41 AM EDT
Full Comment: The Mafia and the F.B.I have reached an agreement for the future of the United States of America, they both believe citizens will need to wear protection that totally block out mind control, the utilization of this contrivance or gadgetry will not be compulsory but it will work like a video-game or television-set in the head, so that instead of the awful painful mind control signal stings the American growing destitute citizenry will get a pleasing soothing lullaby 3D directly in the head jamming the attacking mind control signals, this gadgetry are said to had already been tested in the population by non-consensual experimentation since the end of world war II but is now prone to be commercialized, the delay in commercialization was an initial adjustment in the brain frequencies that cause much pain in agony during the process of zombification but now that it has been perfected it can be sold, installed by American health centers and once and for all free the American destitute population from mind control, the American government health system says that this new contrivance or gadgetry that will end up slavery in American and set Americans free are to be imported from Japan, Israel and Germany, the countries that proved to have achieved the best prototypes at the best cost.

There is a long list in the stalkers employ lists and lots who benifit as stalkers - Reviewer: strainallurineboy 06/27/15 08:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: Organized crime run from Mafia families who took over our courts, our police depts., our local and federal judges (look at FISA jesus christ), they benifit from taking our land as their own, our property houses old hot rod cars now antique 1.5 million dollar collectables they sunk their fangs in and they cover with real estate companies who cross sell to 'money launder name and money again and again till no memory remains of the old family that used to live there who was killed by them. all goes to a very corrupt banker who has a lot of already mafia murder bosses who became attorneys and have a destruction army at their beckon call oh and a crap eating grin on all their faces every time they kill someone and take their house.

- Reviewer: KennethT1000 02/05/15 11:21 AM EST

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- Reviewer: branincali 06/14/14 08:47 PM EDT

- Reviewer: SLAVES4THEPERTRATORS 06/14/14 08:45 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Uncontrolled Opposition 06/14/14 08:45 PM EDT

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- Reviewer: shillshocked 06/14/14 08:43 PM EDT

Was finally unmuted - Reviewer: PERPSLisa_1Linda4444 08/03/13 09:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: ,

THE SHOW IS GETTING BETTER - Reviewer: jovial 05/13/13 05:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: The show is getting better but it could still be better. My go-to-place to learn the government sanctioned party line!

Lorien Fenton Super Soldiers - Reviewer: Redress 03/14/13 05:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show: Safety and empowerment in numbers. There are many brands under one product. Our need is to have our issues recognized and publicized. This may be one "carrier" that will help people to recognize our brand and thus be more open to help us get legal acknowledgement.

You are wrong: the perps are not breaking into your garage! - Reviewer: sohoryan 03/07/13 08:09 AM EST
Full Comment: People, you need to read my blog concerning this problem. The perps are not breaking into your house. The objects that are moved are moved by vibration. They can do this, even inside your body. They do not need to break in, so save the money you are wasting on locks.

FFCHS - Reviewer: Rainbow2 09/21/12 03:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: Great To Be A Part of the Talk-Show -- I'm Here to Help Anyone I Can -- Peace & Love

FreedomFCHS Radio - Reviewer: Wirelesstorturedevi 09/18/12 08:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just wanted to say thanks for moderating this radio talk show Derrick. It's a good talk show, especially if you are a victim who is going through covert harassment. People who are not victims of this type of torture don't seem to understand how terrible it truly is and that it is a 24/7 stalking/harassment/torture situation. Thanks for hosting the show. I give it 5-stars!

Mind Control Uses Hysteria To Shut Off Critical Thinking - Reviewer: borninairforce"hospital" 04/07/12 10:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: HulkHogan: No one was referring to alien invasions. We were discussing the possibility of so-called aliens as actually Air Force engineered beings. How do you think the Air Force has planned for continued life if Earth must be evacuated in the future? If there were really "alien" life, do you think it would REALLY be mammals with English as a first language? Wake up, Hulk. The fact that you can't listen to people discuss a topic in a new way means you are under Mind Control. After all, so-called aliens all use Synthetic Telepathy. In English. As a First Language. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU.

(one is) too many ppl talking about aliens - Reviewer: HulkHogan 03/03/12 07:33 PM EST
Full Comment: I wanna make a serious point here - You need to concentrate on either a)subjects of commonly shared experience (without evidence), thats fair enough and b)Unique experiences that can be quantified, or evidenced. You must accept that discussions of this nature will attract some people who are ACTUALLY deluded, if you give them regular air time it makes the whole group seem deluded. There are ppl out there who are aware of groups such of this, some of them are scientists....I hope that when the day comes that they listen to your show, that on that day you do not entertain alien invasions etc. because they will surely conclude madness.

- Reviewer: candor_viking 02/25/12 08:08 PM EST

- Reviewer: tree6hugger 05/07/11 07:38 PM EDT

Great Job And Keep Your Feet Headed Forward ! - Reviewer: Nano/Nanoman 06/14/10 04:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank You for the call . This is my highlite Bro. Your right on when you say the tech is rogue . Hey truthbrigade do you remeber me on your call ? Any way Keep Faith My Friends

- Reviewer: jemima 09/26/09 06:31 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DebraJMS 09/26/09 06:30 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Jenn of the Jungle 09/26/09 06:30 PM EDT

Great Show - Reviewer: chrisFromHuntsville 03/02/09 11:53 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for all the work you do for the group. It is most supportive and helpful

THANK YOU! - Reviewer: TruthBrigade 05/16/08 01:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you for all you are doing for some many abused by the people that are supposed to protect us! The perps are surrounded and GOOD WILL PREVAIL!!! Keep up the great work and all you have done to help everyone make sense of this and come to solutions! God Bless You ALL!!! Christie aka TruthBrigade @ TruthBrigadeRadio.Com