The Larry Love Show
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Hosted by: Larry Michel
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 65306
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Title: EPISODE162 - Interview with Destin Gerek: Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/11/2015 09:17 PM EDT
EPISODE165 - The Larry Love Show
05/01/2015 02:11 PM EDT
EPISODE164 - The Larry Love Show
12/08/2014 06:30 PM EST
EPISODE162 - Interview with Destin Gerek: Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness
12/08/2014 06:30 PM EST
EPISODE162 - Interview with Destin Gerek: Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness
08/13/2012 09:05 PM EDT
Anthony James interview: "500-Year Old Mystery About Love & Life Revealed
07/30/2012 09:00 PM EDT
"WHO AM I?" interview of Harrison Klein
07/23/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Patrick McMillan interview, "The Science of Happiness"
07/16/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Petra Fuerst intrvw "The Sexy Magik of Intuition"
07/09/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Farhana Dhalla interview "Thank You For Leaving Me!"
07/02/2012 09:32 PM EDT
Annie Lalla interview, "Fight For Love"
06/25/2012 09:10 PM EDT
Jolette Jai and Kiva Leatherman: How Our Upbringing Impacts How We Love
06/18/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Lisa Lockwood interview - Reinventing You!
06/11/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Claire Brummel interview "Feminine First"
06/04/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Gina Cloud interview: Ginacology
05/28/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Kelly Sullivan Walden interview - "In Your Dreams"


All Shows! - Reviewer: paulafredette 08/05/12 09:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: Love the shows....But your voice is SO LOUD! and other voices more faint...Scares the hell out of me each time you make a commet to your guest! Can the be fixed!!??

So Genuine - Found Love Again - Reviewer: KatrinaW 02/25/12 04:13 PM EST
Full Comment: I really thought I was going to get some tips one how to find a partner. And I have... but I got far more. Larry is so real and so genuine. Since listening to these shows I have discovered the most importnat love is me. With that EVERYTHING has changed. Really wonderful interviews I share with my friends all the time.

Knockin it out of the park! - Reviewer: milkmann 02/25/12 03:59 PM EST
Full Comment: I just started listening to Larry's shows. I've got to say that with the exception of a couple shows that didn't really interest me, his guest and his interviews are amazing. Loved David Wygant and Charles Orlando. The Raja's re ignited my marriage. Thanks Larry for bringing them on and getting such great info out of them. You rock!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW - Reviewer: Wisdomeer 10/16/11 04:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been listening to Larry for over two years now and I have not listened to a single show that did not make an impact. I know it sounds silly, but I credit the success of my relationship to this man. Without what he teaches I would have given up on love a long time ago. I am forever grateful.

surprised and delighted - Reviewer: Allissa 10/16/11 04:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: When I read the title of the show I thought this would be just another fun show about romance. Was I ever surprised. Not only are Larry's guests amazing, his communication and and amazingly vulnerable messages have hit home in a big way. I love his message about being present. It has helped every single relationship I am in. Not to mention how much I love myself. Thank you Larry!