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Title: EPISODE3 - RunnersLounge's Lessons from Lisa

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09/28/2009 03:30 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - RunnersLounge's Lessons from Lisa
09/14/2009 03:15 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - RunnersLounge's Lessons from Lisa
08/31/2009 01:15 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - RunnersLounge's Lessons from Lisa
08/24/2009 01:15 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - RunnersLounge's Lessons from Lisa


Listening and learning from Lisa, et al - Reviewer: rjegeland 09/15/09 01:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great program. I was rjegeland (Russ Egeland) and had some difficulty using the mic on my pc since it didn't seem like anyone heard me and so I dialed into the call later. The informal topics were great on the various "10-minute" exercises. I have tried some but others were new to me. One that I use to build quads but mostly for balance is to go up my stairs very slowly (10-12 seconds per stair) without holding onto the rails. This helps me with balance since I always seem to fly off the trail into a bush or tree or rock (as I say, I don't fall, I just stop abruptly). Time was running out, but I would like to share briefly my experience with fibromyalgia (that's when my pc mic didn't work). I had run the 50k Rattlesnake race in WV last year in 94 degree heat with 3 clogged arteries. After that things went downhill and I lost 6 months of running. During that time I spent over a week in total pain from muscles, ligaments and joints. They tried Morphine and Norco with absolutely no success (a symptom of fibro). Then got diagnosed with fibro and tried running. The best I could do was run off and on for maybe two miles and had to stop. Several months previously a 1:52:11 1/2 marathon was easy to do! To make a long story short, after having a fibro flareup during a 1/2-marathon and running 50 minutes slower than last year, I got even more depressed (your TW story on depression helped quite a bit at that time). Finally, I tried a modified Galloway approach, 3 minutes running/ 1 minute walking. Almost immediately I went from a 10:30 min/mile to almost exactly 9 min/mile (including the rest period) and the pain I always felt after about 1 mile never occurred. I tried different variations of 4 min/1 min, 4 min/ 2 min, 5 min / 2 min, but the 3 min run or 4 min run / 1-1:30 min walk worked very, very well. I wanted to share this message to other runners diagnosed with fibro (some doctors have told them not to run, one of my doctors said only run up to 3 miles! the other said take up another sport - how depressing!!!). But, the Galloway method really worked extremely well. I hope I can share this with other discouraged or depressed fibro runners. It has given me the hope that I can run ultras again!!! which I love. Keep up the great work in volunteering your time on these weekly sessions and wish you the best in your 50 mile / 50 state run. I also like MaryBeth's comment on prayer during running. I was really pleased to find out you are a Christian and to see how God has gifted and blessed you so much. Reading about that in RW gave me hope and brought me closer to God during that time.