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Hosted by: Daniel Davis
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 59781
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Title: EPISODE 835 - Grow Your Own HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

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Past Episodes (821)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/08/2008 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE11 - Sex After 50/Medical Advances in Brain Healing
02/01/2008 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 10 - Australia's Leading Cookbook Author/The Enlightened Diet
01/25/2008 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 9 - The Physics of Football & 2008 NFL Prediction/Year of the Rat
01/18/2008 03:30 PM EST
EPISODE 8 - Colon Coach Dirk Yow/The "Body Wisdom Guru"
01/11/2008 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 7 - Living in South America for a Year
01/04/2008 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 6 - The Year of Living Biblically
12/21/2007 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 5 - Healing the Brain Naturally
12/14/2007 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 4 - Walking the Entire Gobi at 63
12/07/2007 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 3 - Nutritional Cleansing for Weight Loss/Life Skills for the 50+
11/30/2007 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 2 - How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast/Visions of a Lakota Medicine Man
11/16/2007 03:00 PM EST
EPISODE 1 - The "Soul" of the Fractured Family


- Reviewer: amina03 10/23/15 03:21 AM EDT

Great Interview! - Reviewer: afortunatecookie 01/20/12 03:58 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for your show and the opportunity to share about my book, Fountain of Youth Exercises. You are a joy to speak with and I appreciate all of the information you enable us to receive. All good wishes for your show!

Very good - Reviewer: Educate All Youth 08/29/08 03:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Very good show, interesting to listen to.

Quality show! Excellent interviewer! - Reviewer: marismith 04/18/08 04:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: Daniel Davis does a tremendous job of conducting quality interviews with a diverse range of awesome experts from around the world. It was my honor to be on the show today; I do many media interviews and must say Daniel's style is exceptional!! :)

A through interview . . . and void of emotion. - Reviewer: PandoraFiles (Richard) 02/08/08 03:52 PM EST
Full Comment: This is one of the best interviewers on TalkShoe that I've heard. Daniel Davis is even tempered and makes the interviewed and listener feel part of the program. I suggest that anyone that reads this review click on the "Follow This" button. When he interviews on a subject that you might be interested in, you should be listening in.