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Title: EPISODE26 -Shonn Hinton is a Guitarist, Songwriter & now Vocalist

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Past Episodes (23)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
11/02/2013 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE26 -Shonn Hinton is a Guitarist, Songwriter & now Vocalist
10/28/2013 02:00 PM EDT
EPISODE24 - Inside God's Best-Grammy nominated Producer Chad Roper
09/19/2012 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE23 - Author Brittany Allen-5 Steps to Maximizing Your Clients Vision
09/15/2012 01:30 PM EDT
EPISODE22 - Author, Businesswoman Daphne Johnson
08/31/2012 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE21 - Author, Business Women, Pastor Dana Neal
08/17/2012 11:00 AM EDT
EPISODE20 - Actress/Author/Domestic Violence Advocate Jodine Basterash
08/08/2012 12:30 PM EDT
EPISODE19 - Interview with Actor Robert Glenn Jones
04/28/2009 02:00 PM EDT
EPISODE18 - How to Self Publish a Book w/Monique Hayward
04/09/2009 03:00 PM EDT
EPISODE17 - Interview with Monique Hayward Author of Divas Doing Business
03/18/2009 05:30 PM EDT
EPISODE15 - LIVE! at the Women of Power Conference
03/16/2009 12:59 PM EDT
EPISODE16 - Test Show
02/10/2009 12:00 PM EST
EPISODE14 - Jodine Basterash (Ivy)-Masterpiece Enterprises
01/29/2009 01:30 PM EST
EPISODE13 - Pastor Pamela Hines-Christian Faith Fellowship Church
03/12/2008 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE11-1 on 1 w/High Profile Pastors Children: Darrell Hines II
02/27/2008 12:15 PM EST
EPISODE10 - Women Business Owner's Jodine Ivy of Anointed Pages Magazine


AWESOME! - Reviewer: Anointed Pages 03/13/08 10:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoyed listening to the interview with Bishop Darrell Hines son - DJ Hines. I have been in their ministry for 10 years and I am proud to hear and see the accomplishments DJ has made not only within his own life, but ministry as well. I have heard the testimony of Bishop several times of when he was struck by lightening. But to hear the testimony come from one of his children, who wasn't even birthed yet, brought tears to my eyes. I feel like I know the Hines one step closer. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DRACY!! DON'T LET GO OF GOD'S VISION FOR "INSIDE GOD'S BEST".

Enjoyed The Show - Reviewer: Testing.... 03/12/08 12:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: I was checking out the shows on talkshoe as I often do, and telling others about Jesus and came across this show and enjoyed listening to it and even look forward to being a guest on the show sometime in the future. Feel free to check out my powerful testimony at I give God all the praise and glory for what He has done in my life. Amen!

HELPFUL! - Reviewer: Paula Jeaneen 03/10/08 06:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: Launching out in 2007 to publish my first magazine was not only exciting but challenging and a bit frightening at times. There is so much to learn in the publising business. After I listened to the series with the Ivy's about there own magazine, marketing and website development; I felt so much more confident that I was on the right track in my business venture. As well as , I gained some very insightful information in builiding this ministry business successfully with the right tools. Thank You Dracy, for taking the time to help those of us who desire to do business in an excellent manor. Paula

All episodes - Reviewer: DEBBIE4521 03/07/08 09:37 AM EST
Full Comment: I am not a business owner but if that should change, I feel that with the things I have learned in listening to Dracy's shows I will be very successful. I would like to thank Dracy and all of her guest as they have giving so much needed inforamtion. Please keep up the good work.

Great Info - Reviewer: CHOZEN 12/19/07 12:58 PM EST
Full Comment: The business pointers were very insightful.It brought valuable information for the novice as well as the veteran in business. Inside God's Best is truly a God send that will help women from all walks of life to achieve their God given potenial and to do it with excellence. Chozen Glendale

Great Show! - Reviewer: Dana Williamson 12/05/07 07:13 PM EST
Full Comment: As a business owner, 80% of the information provided I have been doing. Yet, Ms. Cinnamon spoke about the made up "holiday" and she put something on my mind. I was blessed by the show today. I pray Dracy continues in her success.

Cinnamon of Financial Fashion House Spices Business Talk Up for Women - Reviewer: tealady1 12/05/07 06:42 PM EST
Full Comment: Dracy's show today with guest, Cinnamon McCann of Financial Fashoin House, was positively riveting! Ms. McCann spoke eloquently with regard to advertising, marketing and various methods small business owners can implement to make their businesses grow - successfully. Each financial instrument poised in the grasp of Ms. McCann was expertly wielded. She is an astute speaker, educator and a brillant mind. Dracy's banter with the speaker was relaxed, fun and interesting. Dracy is a gracious host and offered a good deal of business information to listeners. This show is delightful, interesting, entertaining, informative and relavant. I will tune in next week looking forward to Dracy's fine art of the interview and the business savvy advice of her next guest. LJH - Brown Deer, WI