The Sims 2 Challenges
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Hosted by: Rachel Ziese
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 5905
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Title: Quick Tip 770 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Pinmaster 300 Bowling Alley

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Past Episodes (919)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/24/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 770 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Pinmaster 300 Bowling Alley
10/22/2012 02:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 769 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Sim State University
10/19/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 768 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Belladonna Cove
10/17/2012 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE145 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Test of Time Challenge
10/15/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 767 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Find Celebrity Sims
10/12/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 766 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Change the Game Language
10/10/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 765 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Deleting Cache Files
10/08/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 764 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Desiderata Valley
10/05/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 763 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Strangetown
10/03/2012 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE144 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Deceiver Challenge
10/01/2012 02:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 762 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Baby Face Problem
09/28/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 761 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Strays
09/26/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 760 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Veronaville
09/21/2012 10:10 AM EDT
Quick Tip 758 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Academic Probation
09/21/2012 01:00 AM EDT
Quick Tip 759 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Faux Sheepskin Diploma


I love your show! - Reviewer: Harriet1 12/07/10 01:50 AM EST
Full Comment: I listen to your show all the time! It's the summer holidays here soon so no school! yay! That means that I can come to your shows! (Until school starts again)

SIM-tacular podcast!!! - Reviewer: Logan* 05/19/09 10:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have always been a Sims fan, all the way back to the original SimCity and found this podcast to be an outstanding one. As a gamer who has been away from Sims 2 for a while, this podcast has brought the excitement back for me. Thanks Rachel!!!

Awesome! - Reviewer: Ken The Sim 05/19/09 08:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent podcast for challenges and general Sims 2 chatter. I highly recommend listening!

Podcast - Reviewer: BananaMan 02/07/09 01:48 PM EST
Full Comment: I love your podcasts, great tips and banter XD

Hey rachel - Reviewer: JennyJo 12/11/08 07:08 PM EST
Full Comment: hey rachel its jenny. i finally was able to get on and check out your podcasts. i find them very interesting and informative. i tried the insane assylum challange where you have eight adults and you can only control one of them. that was hard. 2 died. im looking forward to checking out the next podcast!

Truely Interactive - Reviewer: Other Chris 12/02/08 08:34 PM EST
Full Comment: Although Talkshoe only provides interactive time while the podcast is recording, the TS2Challenges Yahoo! Group really adds to the experience! The podcast plus the community forum for asking and answering questions, sharing tips, and posting ideas makes interacting with this group of people, and particularly Rachel, extremely enjoyable and fun!

Description? - Reviewer: bobby410 11/28/08 08:47 PM EST
Full Comment: Be a little more descriptive because there may be some people out there that don't know what exactly "Pets" is or what "Stuff Packs" are! EXPLAIN, but otherwise, great! Some of the stuff you talk about I didn't even know existed!

Always something new - Reviewer: Geostria 07/21/08 03:06 PM EDT
Full Comment: There's always something new to discover about the Sims 2 game at The Sims 2 Challenges Podcast. Whether it's information about a challenge you'd like to play or a tip on how to accomplish various things with in the game from a Quick tip, Rachel delivers in style. The live shows are truly excellent and allow for discussion with a large group of diverse simmers. You'll never have a dull moment at this podcast.

Nicely Done - Reviewer: Dennisse 06/22/08 06:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi im Dennisse im going to do a little review show and im checking into different shows doing a little essay on them i wanted to say your advice in this show was great thank you again -Dennisse

Great show!!! - Reviewer: connorj 06/12/08 12:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: A fantastic show with a perfect host and a real treat to listen too!! Cant wait for the next episode!

Best TS2 podcast - Reviewer: Malamute2345 05/31/08 05:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: The best ever ts2 podcast love the challenge's Malamute2345

Best Sims Podcast - Reviewer: annie_carrots 04/28/08 06:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: The news is always great and I love how you cover a wide range of challenges, new and old. Really made me fall in love with Sims again. I can't wait to be on the podcast, even though I am really nervous. The community is really welcoming and the feedback you give is "enlightening". Hope to come to a live show soon but they are prettty late for my time zone. --annie

Sims 2 can acctualy be fun with a few rules and goals - Reviewer: EGgold 04/23/08 10:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: Rachel your podcast is fun, delightfully, and witty. Thanks to you and the podcast i was able to start having fun with Sims 2 in ways i did not even know existed so i hope you the best of luck for the future and not until the day before Sims 3 is released should you ever stop making this lovable podcast.

I've never thought of trying these challenges until I found this! - Reviewer: SimChris 04/16/08 05:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: Fantastic, friendly and fun are the only words that can easily describe this podcast. Rachel is such a great host and has improved vastly since her first few episodes. Though finding this podcast originally was more of an accident, I am glad that I did because the few times that I could join live, I loved all of it. Keep it up!

Sims 2 - Reviewer: crazi4sims 04/02/08 10:32 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have learned so much from this Podcast. It has brought the joy of playing back again. The host, Rachel, has such a friendly voice, I look forward to hearing her next quick tip or full podcast. I didn't even know there where Prima Guides before hearing her talk about them, so now I've bought them, but still don't read Thanks to her, it has made me dig them out and open them up. Love her Show!!!

Yeah! The best podcast on Talkshoe! - Reviewer: smmnc3000 02/22/08 05:36 PM EST
Full Comment: I began listening to Rachel's podcast at Christmas when I got my iPod and have been addicted since. I have contributed to this podcast a couple of times since and tried other podcasts but this one is definately way ahead of the rest. I am totally loving it and I hope there are many more episodes to come!

Rachel provides another way to feed my Sims addiction - Reviewer: MaxiBuckle 07/10/07 04:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I learned I can listen to old talkcasts while I'm browsing forums and reading stories. The quick tips are fun and informative. Great job!

Rachel kicks booty. - Reviewer: Donut 07/04/07 03:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's a fun show and I look forward to it every other Tuesday. She rules planet Earth and that's all there is to it.

It's contagious! - Reviewer: InfinityNevermore 06/15/07 05:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Rachel's excitement about the Sims 2, the challenges and the quick tips just bubble over into her listeners, making them excited to try out a new challenge, use a tip, or just play. This podcast is a must for any Simmer.

my talkcast & yours - Reviewer: Janaigirl 06/01/07 11:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Racheal,this is Janai. I'm just over here to tell you about my new talkcast.I really like your talkcast,and I want you to join me on mine(which is schedueled on the 27th of this month,which is on a Wednesday).Hope you can make it,and if you can that would mean so much to me.Oh, and it's at 7:30,Bye P.S.I'm your biggest fan,and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant - Reviewer: antmarkhemingway 05/31/07 02:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Rachel and everyone else :-) I'm from UK and been listening to your great challenges. They are brilliant ideas! im going to try some out! keep it up ;-)

Charismatic -- That's Rachel! - Reviewer: flickguy 05/23/07 12:58 AM EDT
Full Comment: What drew me to this Talkcast was a specific challenge being discussed in April. What kept me here was the host. Rachel is friendly and full of energy. She's passionate and knowledgable about the Sims, and it shines through in each episode of this show. I always look forward to this show, and will continue to for as long as she does it. Thanks for the fun, Rachel!

Good Job - Reviewer: TxFieros 05/05/07 01:38 AM EDT
Full Comment: Good job...I briefly played the Sims 2 for only a month or so, but I understand some of what you talk about. I heard about this podcast on one of Leo Laporte's netcasts. Was it there??? I can't rememeber. Anyway, just put up my test episode for my Fiero Netcast (on talkshoe) so I'm looking forward to this too. Keep up the good work.

Queen of the world indeed. - Reviewer: thefaithfulace 04/10/07 07:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: I would like to second everything Donut said in the previous review. So take everything she said, double it, and add chocolate. This is a fun show.

Love Love Love your cast! - Reviewer: sims_fan08 03/16/07 03:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listen to you all the time on my i-pod you are a great speaker and i alwase learn something from every episode i listen to you while im playing too! i will be there at your live shoe tonite i have lots of questions for you! thanks for your help and i hope you get over sinus infection soon!

Love it! - Reviewer: XxXSxcGalKazXxX 02/24/07 04:58 AM EST
Full Comment: I've downloaded and listened to all of your podcasts and think they're fantastic! Kep up the good work Rachel!

Awesome Job Rachel - Reviewer: Cliff Ravenscraft 11/18/06 07:25 AM EST
Full Comment: A Female Podcaster & Computer Gamer? WOW! I wish you all the best in your new podcast! I think you are going to be a huge hit!

HAHAHA - Reviewer: bubbs 11/16/06 08:35 PM EST
Full Comment: I loved your test espisode. :)