The Kris and Scott Power Hour
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Hosted by: Toonhound
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 5809
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Title: EPISODE41 - Return of the Power Hour

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Past Episodes (41)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
11/01/2007 08:30 PM EDT
EPISODE41 - Return of the Power Hour
09/28/2007 01:02 AM EDT
EPISODE40 - Impromptu after show
09/21/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE39 - The Angie and Scott Show
08/24/2007 08:15 PM EDT
EPISODE38 - The Kris and Scott Power Hour
08/17/2007 08:28 PM EDT
EPISODE37 - The Kris and Erica Power Hour
08/10/2007 08:30 PM EDT
EPISODE36 - Back in the saddle
07/13/2007 07:47 PM EDT
EPISODE35 - The Kris and Scott Power Hour
07/06/2007 07:55 PM EDT
EPISODE34 - The Kris and Scott Power Hour
06/29/2007 08:27 PM EDT
EPISODE33 - Kris and Erica Once More
06/22/2007 09:10 PM EDT
EPISODE31.5 - The Kris and Erica SECOND Hour
06/22/2007 07:45 PM EDT
EPISODE31 - The Kris and Erica Power Hour
06/22/2007 06:04 PM EDT
EPISODE30.5 - Kris and Erica Test
06/15/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE30 - Angie's Back
06/08/2007 08:01 PM EDT
EPISODE29 - The Real Free for all
06/01/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE27 - Fab Four


It's Good, I Think - Reviewer: Ragnarok 08/07/07 08:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is a show I've followed as it evolved, and the one that got me into Talkshoe period. Some of the early episodes were really classic and they got me through some tough times. Occasionally I'll jump into one just to see what's up, and there's usually a good laugh. I don't know that the women really add much, and if it turned into a more 'occasional' aspect of the show I would be fine with that, but it's not my show and it's still hilarious regardless.

Therapy, you spamming Bitch. - Reviewer: Galaxy_Stranger 08/01/07 03:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's fun to see how this show has evolved since last year. I can imagine it being super hard to maintain the specialness, but it would be fun if "Prank Call Night" would make a reprise. Doing 1930's man might get stale, too. I think what made the pranks so special was the fact that Scott had taken a bunch of ideas on the fly and had to make them work right away without practice. But never forget, the goal should always - ALWAYS - be "I Love You."

More Kris and Scott, Less Ladies. - Reviewer: MannPower 07/02/07 08:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: I've always enjoyed any podcast with Kris; been following them since the Blank Label 'casts with him and Dave. Though I miss Dave, Scott is really fun to listen to, also. However, while I've really enjoyed the Power Hour, as of late, the "Four Times the Power" hours have been a little flat on the fun. I like the ones with just Kris and Scott, and maybe one guest that's relevant to geekdom. Including "the ladies" has made the conversations way too interpersonal and 'insidey', and it makes it hard for me to relate as a listener. I get bored. I don't really want to hear about bar excursions in Dallas, or what places-used-to-be-where-and-aren't-now. I think the question of 'how do we incorporate our significant others into our podcast?' has resulted in a program that deviates from the web comic / geek talk topicality that drew me to the podcast in the first place. I guess the Affirmations have replaced that aspect?

Yay!!! - Reviewer: Benny Wilson 06/25/07 03:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have listend to every episode and joined in on 1. I must say that I really enjoy this podcast.

I'm so confused? - Reviewer: Thebuddylee 05/23/07 11:36 AM EDT
Full Comment: Why does the daily affirmation sound so good and the power hour sounds like well.....crap, and I'm not talking about what y'all are saying just the difference in audio quality. The daily affirmation sounds like I'm sitting in the room with y'all and the power hour sounds like I'm trying to eavesdrop on someone's conversation from behind a closed door with cotton shoved in my ears. Anyway, keep up the good work because both the power hour and the daily affirmation are solid gold and they help me get through the day/week. Sincerely, Y'all s confused but happy =) listener.

Does a webcartoonist poop in the woods? - Reviewer: Nateman 04/27/07 12:28 AM EDT
Full Comment: Well, we don't know. Probably. But if they did they would most probably check the paper after they wiped, just to make sure they were clean. Why do we know this? The Kris and Scott Power Hour. Also: hear from everyone's favourite 1980's megalomaniac operating system. He's witty, he's charming, he's sorry about the whole world domination thing... Master Control Program!

Sweet Fancy Moses! - Reviewer: Tim Fischer 04/26/07 10:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've learned things I never, EVER wanted to know by listening to this livecast...

Now I Have to Catch UP! - Reviewer: broper 04/26/07 06:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: This show makes me want to listen like you're farting limburger

i agree - Reviewer: phancci 04/24/07 03:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: i really enjoyed it when it was just kris and scott. nothing against the ladies, its just that scott and kris have awesome chemistry together. i do like the girls, but i really miss the dynamic duo. it was awesome. i love the podcasts and i love the daily affirmation. will always be a fan.

Angela needs to take a chill pill... or not be on the show - Reviewer: TFox 04/19/07 10:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: I don't see any reason to drag Angela into doing it if she's going to be pissy. I think you're great, Angela, really, but it's pretty clear you're not into the podcast thing so... yeah anyway. You guys should do less commercials too. Those really ruin my day. Totally not into hearing about audible anymore, mmk? please stop.

Happy Feelings - Reviewer: MoeThirteen 03/19/07 11:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show makes me feel like i have friends in the room with me, minus the mess and smell. For a good time listen to Kris and Scott Power Hour! (stop changing the name!)

I care. - Reviewer: BasicNoir 03/16/07 04:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: The whole conversation about the fat chick comics I found really good. I wish I coulda been in the chat room. I don't have revolutionary thoughts about it, but it was great the same way a good commentary or great interview is. It was insightful on the personalities of people I'm interested in.

Halpixel is Reborn - Reviewer: Devillo 03/15/07 08:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: So glad Scott and Kris have finally been able to come together in such a way with the rebirth of Halfpixel. Things can only get better as these two creative talents pool their resources in close quarters and broadcast it all for the whole world to see. You truly need to listen to this show, and they truly deserve to be downloaded.

You want a good laugh you have come to the right place - Reviewer: Rita Marie 03/13/07 05:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: When the guys get on a roll so will you be rolling on the floor with your side hurting from laughing so long and so hard. You just could not ask for anymore fun that these two wise acres will give you. Listen in and start rolling. Just make sure that the floor is clean first. You would not want to choke on any dust bunnies.

Hilarious. - Reviewer: LoZmaster 03/11/07 03:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is the funniest show I have ever heard. Scott is a genius.

Greatest ever! - Reviewer: Ironhide 03/09/07 10:53 AM EST
Full Comment: This man will have you constantly gasping for air as you attempt to find some respite between between jokes. I almost died. Can't wait for the next one!

Genius - Reviewer: WeaponN8 02/24/07 09:43 PM EST
Full Comment: I'm a longtime reader of PVP and I must say this is great. I've actually just gotten around to listening to the Wikipedia cast and it is one of the best listens I have heard awhile. I also found your talk with the motivational speaker very entertaining, motivating if I will. *rim shot followed by cricket sounds*

blast from the past - Reviewer: Griss 01/11/07 08:40 PM EST
Full Comment: i use to listen to the old pvp audio show, i hated it when it ended. this is just like coming home again

Listen, LISTEN! - Reviewer: GameMasterShadow 12/22/06 02:31 AM EST
Full Comment: thanks to you guys, everytime I hear someone go "listen" I crack up. :p Lol, seriously though, PvP rocks. LISTEN TO ME, check out this stuff. ^_~

Scott kurtz and his friends are awsome... - Reviewer: Evan Of Artificial Media 11/23/06 07:28 PM EST
Full Comment: This podcast takes the humour of pvp, and gives us a REAL, tangible voice and personality to it. I finally understand where the boundless humour of pvp comes from; NOT from a cave in lithuania like was previously believed, but from a literal and figurative comic genius named Scott Kurtz. My friends and I live in canada, and since none of us has skype, calling in to the show would cost us like 10 bajillion dollars per minute. but i've introduced them to this talkshoe-cast, and we all love it. Kudos kurtz, come to canada some time.

Another One for the Books - Reviewer: Ogy Joe 11/23/06 01:12 AM EST
Full Comment: Another great show tonight. Sorry I could not participate in the shock jocks segment. I was experiencing some technical difficulties. Talk to you next week.

An Exciting Show - Reviewer: Spectrum 11/22/06 10:40 AM EST
Full Comment: Scott totally caught me off guard with my call being taken in the podcast in Episode 2, and if he continues to exercise this method in just randomly taking calls and ptting callers in line and so forth, the show could continue its exciting and interesting formula. Definitely reccomended for a first-time listener!

Nothing but Fun! - Reviewer: Thingdeux 11/22/06 12:09 AM EST
Full Comment: Had fun listening to the whole 2 hours! I'll have to take part in the Shock Jock section next time! Very enjoyable - nice geek talkin'

PVP Rocks - Reviewer: kendo 11/17/06 11:52 AM EST
Full Comment: Hi Guys, loved the download of the show, will try and catch a live one, unfortunately I am in one of those freaky time zones in the UK:)

great stuff - Reviewer: largopredator 11/17/06 07:52 AM EST
Full Comment: From what I've heard it sounds great! I'll definately listen live from now on, because the recording is only 10 minutes -.-" Talkshoe seems like a great service, I've heard about it at net@nite from the TWIT podcast network, so I'm looking into maybe using it myself.

A fun hanging-out talking-about-stuff experience - Reviewer: Robotech_Master 11/17/06 03:39 AM EST
Full Comment: This 'cast is more fun as participation; listening to it after the fact, you miss out on the sideband of text-based discussion that went on in the commentary balloons all during the show (as well as on the unrecorded chat after the show). Webcomic creators Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub talk with each other and their friends about TV shows, movies, and life in general. Something I should note for the benefit of strangers to Scott's style of discourse: sometime he will make what might be taken as fairly offensive statements, but he is not being serious; he is satirizing the people who do say that sort of thing seriously.

Most Fun I've Had In a While - Reviewer: Skrattybones 11/16/06 08:27 PM EST
Full Comment: The podcast went exactly as it should have. With each caller on mute, Kurtz and his co-hosts talked about a variety of topics, and every now and again would unmute callers and take their questions. The real fun began after the recording ended though. A core group of us remained for almost three extra hours, talking and telling jokes. The downloadable podcast is one thing, but you need to be there live to see the real fun.

Scott Kurtz is a Genius - Reviewer: Mercy_Severity 11/15/06 10:07 PM EST
Full Comment: I agree with ZacB. Scott's domination of the mute button seemed unfriendly at first, but ultimately proved nesccesary. there was one time when I was speaking that i had asked a question and then about 5 people started talking at once and it was chaos. He muted everyone except for himself and Kris Straub to explain about the scale of Awesomeness measured in units of Kurtz's... but I digress. The show was great fun and I'll be back for the next one and the next one and the next... well, you get the idea.

Yay I got to talk to Kurtz. - Reviewer: Zacory 11/15/06 04:31 AM EST
Full Comment: But seriously... his iron-fisted control of the mute button made for an interesting evening... or morning... or... what the hell time IS IT?!?! It was good times had by all. We had some minor technical difficulties, but I got to ask my big question regarding back-up solutions employed by Scott... his answer was essentially... "What back-ups?" If you don't have an off-site backup... it's not really backed-up. Ask the guys who do Wallace & Grommit... they know. BTW: When can I download the proof that I got "on the air"?? lol ;)