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Title: EPISODE342 - 'Movies & Social Changes'

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Title: EPISODE341 - Cultdom May 2018 Meetup inc. Movies, TV Series & Awards

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07/29/2018 02:00 PM EDT
120 min
EPISODE342 - 'Movies & Social Changes'

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Best Podcast Ever !!! :) - Reviewer: Barrman54 04/22/14 12:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: Yes I'm a part of this Podcast,,, and you might say I'm a bit prejudiced ... But the truth of it is there is no one best podcast... There are so many to recommend - Doctor Who Podshock , Two Minute Time Lord , The OOD Cast,Tin Dog Podcast And Radio Free Skaro come to mind . But before I become part of this podcast and transformed into "Cuddly Ken" I listened to the show and became fascinated in the concept of a fandom round table that had such a wide and varied range of interests and topics given life by an eclectic bunch of commentators ... Well that would always be varied and a whole lotta fun !!! So I became part of the Cultdom Family where you'll find me every Sunday morning - a proud part of - THE BEST PODCAST EVER !!!!

'Best Podcast Ever' Says our Cuddly Ken (daveac on his behalf) - Reviewer: talker1 04/22/14 11:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am so proud of my association with this Podcast, speaking for myself, Kenneth Barr and the wonderful hosts Dave Cooper and Ian Bisset , each and every episode of THE CULTDOM COLLECTIVE is a pop culture labor of love,,, a fans Mecca of witty, insightful , hilarious . poetic. , and downright BRILLIANT round table discussion of everything and anything relating to Sci -Fi . fantasy , Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek , Buffy, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Sherlock ,Torchwood , Thundwrbirds, Breaking Bad, Batman , Superman , Wonder Woman , The Avangers , and Marvel's THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLED. ,,,,, and that's for starters ,,,,,, It's like " MEET ThE PRESS" but with TIME LORDS and WOOKIES !!! Every week,,, please join us at 2:00 PM Eastern Time ( 11: AM Pacific Time ) on Talkshoe Live Broadcast or on I Tunes EVERY SUNDAY MORNING !!! Give a listen to this latest offering , where we discuss BAD MARVEL MOVIES that ( thank the Time Lords ) were never made !!! I am particularly proud of this episode . I give my unique perspective on Marvel Comics , Superman in the Movies , The legendary JACK KIRBY . Howard The Duck, Bollywood, Watchman , Olivia Newton John , and the link between DC Comics " THE NEW GODS and THE MARVEL CINEMATiC UNIVERSE - PHASE 3 !!! So please give a listen.... And tell Them...... " CUDDLY KEN " SENT YOU !!!!!

Enjoy Talking Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror? This is the Pod Cast for you! - Reviewer: 7th Doctor 10/01/12 12:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great podcast to discuss all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror! Every week, there is a fascinating discussion from the worlds of TV, Movie, and Print 'cultdom'! During the run of new Doctor Who episodes, the podcasts usually are dedicated to reviewing the newest episode. Also featured is Torchwood. During non-Who times of the year, the topics are varied and fascinating! The hosts, Dave and Ian, are witty and intelligent. They make you feel part of the group having everyone on audio to introduce themselves at the start of the show, have their turn to speak during the show, and to add any final comments at the conclusion. While everyone takes turns speaking, the conversation is open and anyone can jump in when they have a thought, comment, or question. The regular participants are also very knowledgeable, lively and amusing. We have a lot of fun during each episode. Come in for a visit!!

- Reviewer: NOTspam 06/17/12 01:39 PM EDT

Lighten up Open up - Reviewer: chinadollanne 09/14/11 06:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: I enjoy parts of this podcast, however the main modulator seems to be a bit aggressive and defensive about his opinions about episodes, over-riding other people who are discussing the show. I think we should respect each others opinions; that includes the understanding that one's opinion should be asserted as fact. The modulator should listen to other Who casts and take note. It kind of makes him sound unprofessional, even a jerk. If i notice the same tone next time I listen, I may give up on this one, even though I like some of the other participants.

Great Show - Reviewer: Nethead 04/18/10 04:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: enjoyed the different reviewers comments about Doctor Who. Looking forward to the next one.

A great show for sci-fi fans - Reviewer: Rand al'Thor 02/07/10 01:53 PM EST
Full Comment: The Cultdom Collective covers a wide range of topics in sci-fi culture, including movies and TV. With Doctor Who being a common interest among the contributors to the show, there's a range of views on Doctor Who, with fans around the world. Ian and Dave do a great job running the show, with a friendly atmosphere, and invite lots of great discussion on whatever the topic of the week is. The show usually runs for 90 minutes or so, but it's an enjoyable listen, and more enjoyable to call in and join live for the shows.

The Cultdom all collected in one spot - Reviewer: Logan* 01/26/10 10:02 PM EST
Full Comment: I have been friends with Daveac since I reappeared on Talkshoe and been a follower of him and Ian since the old days. When you want a show that covers all cultdom, you will find it here. With the inclusion of Darth, Romana, and the rest of the regulars (myself included), you will never know what to expect. The Cultdom Collective is one of the best sci fi fan shows on the Internet. I give it 10 TARDIS out of 10

Cultdom if it's got a Cult following then it will be discussed here - Reviewer: Graeme"The2ndDr."Sheridan 10/06/09 05:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: Ian"Sixth Doctor" and Dave AC use their easy going style and Gargantuan Knowledge of all things Cult (And I don't mean that evil sort of stuff), to produce and sometime let be produced, execelent Podcast. Subjects are wide and varied, but if anything TV. Film, book or Comic has a cult following then it will be discussed here. Also with the usual cohorts Romana 2, Benjeman Elliot, Darth Sketptical(The Name says it all) and Tim Drury.