Alex's Hiatus Cast
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Hosted by: alex_541
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 54359
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Title: Series Finale

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Past Episodes (95)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/18/2012 02:01 AM EDT
Series Finale
06/21/2012 09:49 PM EDT
My Horrible Performances at Jobs
05/24/2012 03:00 AM EDT
The Daunting Electoral Math Facing Willard Romney
05/09/2012 01:01 AM EDT
Why is the Trainer Fat?
02/23/2012 01:00 AM EST
The Republicans' Rape Fantasies
01/08/2012 01:01 AM EST
Why Occupy Matters, and the Future of This Show
11/13/2011 01:24 AM EST
Part Two of Technology Discussion with Donald Jr.
10/19/2011 02:19 AM EDT
Technology Discussion with Donald Jr., Part One
10/05/2011 01:24 AM EDT
The End of Social Media (and More Love for the IPad
09/25/2011 01:16 PM EDT
Meet Your Republican Candidates
08/25/2011 07:23 PM EDT
Why Do Some Good Podcasts Suck, Steve Jobs and the IPad, Etc.
08/09/2011 01:22 AM EDT
Amy Winehouse and the Deadly Years
07/15/2011 01:22 AM EDT
The Confessions of Alex Hahn
06/28/2011 02:49 PM EDT
Rantings Straight From Planet Mars
06/10/2011 10:15 AM EDT
Random Musings: Gaga and Random Acts of Kindness


- Reviewer: jsantabarbara 06/24/10 11:31 AM EDT

The best Lost podcast by a lawyer from Boston - Reviewer: arnoldfrankel 11/25/09 09:39 PM EST
Full Comment: Excellent podcast with intelligent and humorous (if you like that kind of thing) analysis. Different but complimentary to other Lost podcasts out there, this is definitely one of the podcasts i particularly look out for on the LPN stream.

Give in to your hatred! - Reviewer: Sgt. Draino 11/25/09 07:18 PM EST
Full Comment: Alex's Hiatus Cast is definitely one of my favorites. I really enjoy his pompous and condescending attitude, and the way he talks down to me, using big words that I am not smart enough to understand. I think Alex brings a level of arrogance to the Lost community that has been sadly lacking until now. Jack from "Jay and Jack" tries hard, but sometimes more arrogance is needed, and when those times happen, Alex really fills that arrogant vacuum. Whither it be sipping champagne whilst laying the smackdown on upstarts like Jed, or expounding on the virtues of hating Kate with a deep abiding hatred that few can match, Alex pulls it off gloriously. Is there nothing he can't do?

Excellent Podcast - Reviewer: davidfromtheuk 11/22/09 07:12 PM EST
Full Comment: I've been listening to this podcast throughout the season 5-6 hiatus and was relieved to discover something very different from much of the output from the Lost Podcasting Network. Alex tackles issues often overlooked by other podcasts and combined with intelligent analysis and his dry wit manages to engage with the listener. It's also nice to have just a single voice for a change, with good production value in order for the podcast to remain focused. Keep it up, Alex, and hopefully this podcast will continue with more engaging discussion throughout season six. Also check out his wirecast if you're a fan of that show too.

Podcast - Reviewer: supermetsk31 11/21/09 06:09 PM EST
Full Comment: I listen to about 10 lost podcast. Alex's Hiatus Cast is awesome, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. He makes me laugh! He's "a complex guy, sweetheart!"

Great addition to the Lost Podcasting Network - Reviewer: Gareth Watkins 11/10/09 09:13 AM EST
Full Comment: Don't listen to the naysayers. Alex gives an intelligent, thoughtful podcast, with occasional tongue-in-cheek moments to lighten things (the Dirty Beatles Jingle is inspired). He gives considered analysis of the show in a style unlike other podcasts. It evidently isn't to everyone's taste but I think they will be very much in the minority. As for the phone call from his girlfriend during one podcast, who cares? It provided a light moment and made me smile. Keep up the good work Alex!

Not a good example of a Lost podcast - Reviewer: dharmalady 11/04/09 08:41 AM EST
Full Comment: I commend the AHP for effort and really wanted to get something out of it. I was originally drawn to it in search of a more intelligent look at Lost and that was how this one was portrayed (admittedly by Alex himself). One or two of his ideas are well-thought out, but unfortunately Alex lets himself down with that pompous and often condescending attitude and delivery common to students who think that they have it all figured out, but really are just starting out. And the production sucks - taking a personal call during recording is really inexcusable. If you are not experienced enough to remember to turn your phone down or off, then at least edit it out before putting out the podcast. Or do you just want your listeners to be impressed that you have a girlfriend? It all just reeks of try-hard. It is only early days yet, maybe when Alex finishes his education and matures into the role this could be an okay podcast. But Lost will have finished by then and I for one don't think I need to hear any more.

Here is the perfect reason why podcasters should be licensed - Reviewer: leneaux 11/04/09 08:12 AM EST
Full Comment: As a subscriber to the LPN, a couple of this guy's podcasts automatically downloaded to my ipod. Who let this guy out? Whether or not he tries to justify his rediculous, ignorant statements about sponsoring children in third-world countries as jokes that were so tongue-in-cheek that his uneducated listeners just didn't get it, the fact is his jokes are tasteless. Most people who support these charities sponsor several children all over the world and shut up about it, not broadcast on a podcast about a TV show about what a benevolent guy you are. Really Alex, what is the point of this show that you do? Who are you trying to impress?

Alex It's Time to Get Out of Kansas - Reviewer: susanjacobson 08/19/09 12:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: I really liked a lot of Alex's podcasts - until I listened to his analysis of season 2. I have two huge problems with his perspective, one Lost-related and one not. 1. Alex has a problem with the extended character flashbacks in Season 2, particularly Charlie's flashback, Ana Lucia's flashback and Mr. Eko's flashback. I think many of at least the die-hard fans love Lost for its combination of in-depth character development and tricky plot line. 2. Alex related a story of how he sponsored a child in Africa through an international charity. Long story short: Alex felt the kid wrote him boring kid-like letters and tried to get a new kid. The charity refused, so Alex asked the charity to give him the kid's E-MAIL ADDRESS. When the charity explained that the kid did not have e-mail, Alex demanded to know just *what* his $25 per month was supporting.... OH MY GOD ALEX IT'S TIME TO GET OUT OF KANSAS! The depth of ignorance of your demand to the charity is really astonishing. Please educate yourself - you are among the top one percent of the world's elite in terms of wealth and education and access to resources. Learn this. Sorry, edited because I was a little harsh.

A Great Supplement For The LOST Hiatus... - Reviewer: Keys To Lost - Matt 07/05/09 04:12 AM EDT
Full Comment: I'm really digging these podcasts. Alex's views are well presented and thought out. I don't agree with all of them, but I have to respect them! I think this is a must listen for fans and fellow podcasters alike!