Targeted by Organized Crime
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Title: Targeted by Organized Crime (fact or fiction)

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06/15/2009 12:00 AM EDT
Targeted by Organized Crime (fact or fiction)


Listen to a "perp" describe his gangstalking to BadBaby starting at 1 hour and 5 minutes - Reviewer: Obsoleted 08/17/10 08:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: At 1 hour and 5 minutes into the June 15, 2009 talk show, a man phoned in with a disguised voice, and described his "profession" as a "perp". He tells of how his family was threatened if he didn't participate in the gang stalking of TI's. The perp describes what he learned during his two week training course at gang-stalking school. This is truly spooky stuff, it will raise the hair on the back of your neck. It sounded pretty authentic to me, because this is the ongoing character assassination and harassment that Targeted Individuals (TI's) have to deal with many times "every" day, until they die. Sweet dreams. (you will need to increase the volume of you audio while the perp is speaking)