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Title: Election 2016 and Hal Shurtleff

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06/05/2009 07:24 AM EDT
EP3: Issues in Local Politics / Jane Aitken
06/04/2009 07:24 AM EDT
EP2: The Dumbing Down of Education / Charlotte Iserbyt


- Reviewer: AryanKwanJanut 07/15/16 04:17 PM EDT

- Reviewer: elizabethpowell 07/15/16 04:16 PM EDT

Bless you all in Jesus name. - Reviewer: opentruthradio 12/13/12 07:16 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank the Lord Jesus, for your ministry. May His love and wisdom and truth guide you in all things. Keep standing up against the god of this age and his lies. Daniel 2:44, Praise God!

Great Stuff - Reviewer: MONEYTRUCKER 12/01/12 11:01 AM EST
Full Comment: Thought provoking and relevant content, action required!

- Reviewer: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 07/11/12 09:38 AM EDT

- Reviewer: NLRBE Advocates 07/11/12 09:37 AM EDT

I am a grandmother, artist and crimefighter! - Reviewer: truth freedom 03/03/12 10:45 AM EST
Full Comment: I am happy that there are some people who are not willing to give up, carry on gents!

- Reviewer: aroostookwatchmen 12/09/10 01:26 PM EST

Research - Reviewer: FreeOne 12/02/10 01:02 PM EST
Full Comment: I credit this venue for its excellence of topic choices, guests, and for the apparent fullness and quality of research relating to comments being made.

- Reviewer: happy acres 10/03/10 02:42 PM EDT

Better Than Glen Beck - Reviewer: bobroy 09/26/10 01:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: Better than glen beck

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 05/01/10 10:24 AM EDT