Gateway to the Megaverse
Category: SciFi & Fantasy
Description: more
Hosted by: Matthew Daye
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 50867
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Title: Kickstarer Kevin

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Past Episodes (114)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/15/2013 06:03 PM EDT
EPISODE136 - Gateway to the Megaverse
05/15/2013 05:30 PM EDT
Kickstarer Kevin
05/15/2013 05:30 PM EDT
Kickstarter Kevin!
05/14/2013 06:00 PM EDT
Group Dynamic
05/14/2013 06:00 PM EDT
Kickstarter update
02/04/2013 12:00 AM EST
S2E2.25 Announcement
06/11/2012 03:00 AM EDT
S2E3 - Magic and Reality
05/22/2012 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODES2E1 - New Beginnings and a Chat with Kevin
07/18/2011 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE92 - Show Retooling
04/29/2011 03:00 AM EDT
EPISODE91 - Heroes and Hell
01/14/2011 06:00 AM EST
EPISODE90 - Gateway to 2011
11/01/2010 05:51 PM EDT
EPISODE89 - Busy Busy Kevin Siembieda
10/25/2010 06:01 PM EDT
EPISODE88 - Adventurers 101
10/25/2010 06:00 PM EDT
Kevin's dad
08/28/2010 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE87 - Technowizardry 101


Finally!!!!! - Reviewer: Spekter 03/05/13 01:54 PM EST
Full Comment: Way to go Matt! It's so hard to find anything about Rifts anywhere, let alone a Podcast. I joined up to talkshoe just to thank you and urge you to keep it up! I played Rifts when younger and am now getting back in to it with the Girlfriend. Also if interested, I'm working on a comprehensive Excel Character sheet with auto calculation bonuses, skill and power drop downs etc. Would value your input.

- Reviewer: procritic 06/11/12 03:34 AM EDT

- Reviewer: PrincessArtemis1 06/11/12 03:34 AM EDT

Love the Show - Reviewer: Derby Jack 02/08/10 08:40 PM EST
Full Comment: It's nice to see some taking interest in getting out the news and just talking about gaming. Other than what seems like technical difficulties the show is great. Keep on Rollin'

Come On - Reviewer: sunofbast 01/03/10 04:40 AM EST
Full Comment: Why is it that everyone else on the show seems to come through nice and clear, but the host sounds like he is eating rice krispies while making popcorn every time he speaks? What is it? A new mic? New soundcard? It gets to the point where I am waiting for him to stop talking and allow soemone, anyone else to begin

Great Show! - Reviewer: Pronema 07/13/09 02:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have listened to a number of epidsodes now and have really enjoyed them. Espcially the Techno-wizardy idea epidsode. I would love the ability to be able to leave comments for each episode. I just listened to the Rants of Crazy People episode, and was thinking about how often conventional propeller airplanes are used for farming operations here in Saskatchewan. I actually live in Regina now and farming is still a big part of Saskatchewan's industry. Even after reading Rifts: Canada, I believe that that probably hasn't changed a great deal.

Great Job!! - Reviewer: VidRoca 06/29/09 11:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: The information supplied by the guests is outstanding! Going back and listening to the recorded programs has helped me, being new to the megaverse, feel like a part of the Palladium Books Megaverse! Thanks Mathew and Kevin! Keep 'em comin'!

megaawesome - Reviewer: Lucas Buck 08/21/08 04:32 AM EDT
Full Comment: great job, excellent show always cool to listen to.

Nice Job! - Reviewer: outpatient8 12/30/07 12:18 AM EST
Full Comment: Way to subtly expose NMI for the powermad douche he is. Weather you ment it or not.

Fantastic show, fun and a great insight! - Reviewer: Grand Paladin 12/07/07 07:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Kudos to Matthew Daye, and everyone! This podcast gets better with each episode!

Great Show - Reviewer: Josh Sinsapaugh 12/05/07 11:53 AM EST
Full Comment: Informative, fun, and it keeps getting better with age - like fine wine and Meryl Strepe.

Awesome show - Reviewer: Mattstock 11/03/07 06:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show! It's awesome to hear from the Palladium Staff.

Better and better ... - Reviewer: The Real Josh Hilden 11/03/07 08:36 AM EDT
Full Comment: The show just keeps getting better.

Great Show - Reviewer: Carl Gleba 09/17/07 08:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Mathew keeps a great pace on questions which are a great mix. From what is being worked on by the freelancer to personal stuff like favorite games/characters and so on. This is the perfect forum for all Palladium fans to ask questions directly. Take advantage of it!

Gateway so far - Reviewer: Jeframdenkar 09/15/07 10:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: Really enjoying the shows so far. Keep up the great work.

all is good - Reviewer: Major_Disappointment 09/11/07 03:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: Loved the show. Glad I helped polish the standard line of questions "if you were in this game what would you do/be/go" by asking "if you were in HU, what powers would you have" I only focus on HU these days and was trying to be the voice of the HU player.

First show - Reviewer: Josh Hilden 09/10/07 05:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: The interview was entertaining and very informative. Other than the echo problem I thought it was an rxtremely good show.

A word about reviews - Reviewer: Matthew Daye 09/08/07 06:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: Please don't use the reviews for your petty squables with my guests, or stupid jokes, and give me low marks because of that. The reviews section is for reviewing the show itself, not the guests and not for any other reason.

Good but 1st Episode has echo - Reviewer: Justy Ueki 09/06/07 10:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good show so far, just need to do something about the echo. Oh, and the ROBOTECH RPG LICENSE IS BACK! THIS ROBOTECH NETCASTER IS EXCITED! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!