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Hosted by: Toonhound
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: EPISODE39 - the Green Fairy

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Past Episodes (38)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/05/2007 05:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 9 - Direct Market
09/28/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE8 - Mailbag
09/21/2007 04:00 PM EDT
EPISODE7 - Mini Comics
09/14/2007 08:36 PM EDT
EPISODE6 - Webcomics Weekly
09/14/2007 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Convention tips
09/06/2007 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - Poor Man's Copyright
08/30/2007 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - I don't get it
08/27/2007 08:15 PM EDT
EPISODE 1 - Webcomics Weekly ASSEMBLE!


Spam Allegations - Reviewer: peternut 10/01/08 05:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: I think you need to review the definition of spam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam Confident people are winners and that is what you lack.

Great show! - Reviewer: oyComics 03/06/08 06:53 PM EST
Full Comment: Out of the few podcasts I listen to, WW is hands down my favorite!

Good stuff - Reviewer: TDolce 03/04/08 12:06 PM EST
Full Comment: This is a very good podcast even though the inside jokes and occasional over the top humor seems to drag on a bit too long. When you get past that stuff, there are really informative tips to take from the discussion. These guys are donating their time and that is highly commendable.

Great Show - Reviewer: jlward 12/27/07 08:35 PM EST
Full Comment: This show is hilarious! It's full of information and great tips, but even if you never learn a thing these guys will make you laugh. Great show.

Hmmm. - Reviewer: geektress 12/05/07 06:59 PM EST
Full Comment: I can't seem to get any of the older podcasts to download in iTunes. Sad face!

Quality - Reviewer: Tensen01 11/10/07 11:12 PM EST
Full Comment: Is it just me or did the Quality of the Audio just jump like nothing? Brad's voice sounds completely different. What changed?

cartoon differences - Reviewer: Lizfiz 09/26/07 03:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Interesting fact: when my animation class went to a festival in France, we had a great time with the French animation students talking about Calvin and Hobbes. Remember that :)

Need More - Reviewer: gamegeezer 09/12/07 11:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's all good, except that they only do it once a week! I could listen to their informitive voice all day long (which is what I did, for three hours, and now I can't wait for the next episode, and more great advice). Keep the tips rolling guys, and I'll keep looking at my webcomic in disgust, if only I had access to this before now. That's it I'll build a time machine and go forward intime to epsode 500. Man is my strip about to get a whole lot better.

I'm quite glad you guys did this. - Reviewer: Angel_Gamer 09/02/07 09:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have had a webcomic for almost a year now and finding this podcast was so good. It helps me with mine, makes me want to challenge myself and try new things with mine. I look forward to the next one so many times and definatly can't wait for the Webcomics book to come out. I will definatly be getting it. I hope you guys keep this up for a long time because It is quite a great podcast and I love it.

Great Idea! - Reviewer: WingDamage.com 08/31/07 12:09 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great idea, guys! I can't wait to hear more.

Nailed it - Reviewer: It's Huge! 08/28/07 06:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: A great podcast. Part of a short list of excellent listening for creators. Highly recommended.

great - Reviewer: Benny Wilson 08/28/07 05:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: Its great to have my favourite cartoonists tell me how to do it!