OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder
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Hosted by: Dee Wells
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 49061
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Title: Matt Halfhill "Sneaker Report" on Sway In The Morning on Shade 45

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08/29/2007 09:00 PM EDT
EP2-OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder
08/27/2007 06:30 PM EDT
EP1-OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder


SNEAKER TALK - Reviewer: kickz4dayz23 01/28/10 01:21 AM EST
Full Comment: I have been listen to OSD since ep100. I dont get home early enough to hear it live and call in. The show is great for all those real sneaker headswho want to keep in touch with the world of kicks and who's wearing what? who likes what? and whats dropping. Real sneaker pro's that knows wants really going on in the sneaker world. I am diff a big fan. Not just because Paperchaser is my boy and I am a big time sneaker head just becasue its a really great show to listen. I have been a sneaker head for many yrs. but listen to the show I learn something all the time. The topic's are great. Keep up the good work OSD TEAM.

OSD....Still Contagious at Episode 50!!! - Reviewer: paperchasr 09/17/08 09:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: The sneaker game gets interactive yall. Dee Well has created OSD. It is the ONLY talk show about sneakers in the world!....that's right, in the world. This talk show features some of the everyday movers, shakers, and daily tastemakers from all angles of sneaker culture and the athletic footwear business. Tired of going to sites that don't cover sneakers anymore hoping that one day they will again? Well come over to the OSD where you get a complete report on what's good in the world of rubber and leather!

Happy ONE year anniversary!!! - Reviewer: Solessearcher 08/27/08 05:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Mad respect for my boys Dee and Paper for bringing us this show for 1 year allready!! Guys keep up the good work!! You know I have your back in Amsterdam .. Soles

Props to Dee & The OSD family! - Reviewer: DigiDred 08/12/08 01:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: Keep doing and doing it! Dropping knowledge! Dee you are a true inspiration to keep the toe game up. PEACE & RESPECT

OSD is the Shiza! - Reviewer: Flight20three 08/05/08 09:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: Love the show guy's and gal's and I look forward to every episode...Keep up the great work. To all, were witnessing history here, by far one of the many pioneers in the sneaker head movement.

OSD Gets Me Through the Day! - Reviewer: roydngr 07/01/08 12:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: First up: thank you Dee and the rest of the OSD crew for this innovative, informative and above all entertaining show! I'm spreading the word around Vic Cres. down here in Melbourne (no moles; only snkr frkrs!). My only gripe is that I've caught up with all 39 episodes! Good luck crew - the future looks very bright...

what up its kendog1140 - Reviewer: kendog1140 05/21/08 11:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: i have downloaded the podcast before but tonight i actually had the chance to call in and i wish i woulda known about this sooner, good people and good convo.

Im V and Im a Cast Member - Reviewer: Vulkan the Krusader 05/18/08 07:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: If yall dont know what we are doing right now...listen in and catch a very entertaining show about this thing we call shoes... V

thanks - Reviewer: dzeLL 05/13/08 09:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: hear some familiar names on the cast, look forward to more good listening

If You Don't Know...Now You Know!! - Reviewer: SneakerQueen 05/07/08 11:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: De has created a beast with this one. It is informative, innovative, and takes the initiative needed to give the so called "sneaker culture" it's proper spin. This show is for more than your kick collector. It's a Britannica perspective on the ever evolving stratosphere that encompasses the obsession with foot protection. OSD discusses the touch, feel, and cotton of kicks. It's just that deep. And I'm oh so glad to be a part of it. It's history in the making! OSD is going from episodes to events weekend and week out. It's becoming one of those things that gives power to the notion that if you're not tuned in there...then you're no where. History is spoken with each episode! Don't miss out! Walk Good (Well)! Your Royale Flyness, Queen.

Droppin the knowedge - Reviewer: Mushu560 03/14/08 09:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: I'm a new listener and i'm hooked. keep up the good work.

To the King of Kicks..... - Reviewer: Sound Check with CK 09/26/07 09:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is the show that you need to add to your favorites! If you are into the kick game and have the passion that Dee has for the industry, this is a must listen. He delivers cutting edge info that everyone that loves kicks needs. Representing old school to the new style info, OSD delivers the goods...He is the Wiki of sneakers! Keep delivering and do what you do. 5 out of 5 from me :)

Positive Innovators and Sneakerheads Unite! - Reviewer: souliisole 08/28/07 05:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: Dee does it again. From his excellent work on Sole Collector's Vidcast series to OSD on Talkshoe, Dee once again tells it like it is. As a sneaker collector for the past 11 years, it feels wonderful to know that people from all over the world can now obtain information about the current and constantly-changing sneaker game from a multitude of sources. OSD is one such source that every serious sneakerhead should use and incorporate into their repertoire. Dee discusses a variety of issues, including the profound influence and correlation hiphop and music has on sneakers, as well as the changes that have occurred within this hobby. I expect to see (and hear) great things from OSD and from Dee. Everything he does and has done has been on point, and I am confident that other sneakerheads will enjoy his perspective. Positive Innovators Unite!