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Title: The big project that never gets done.

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Past Episodes (372)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/29/2009 12:20 AM EDT
Masterpiece Comics. Candy. Scary Comics.
09/27/2009 07:18 PM EDT
24 Hour Comic Book Day. Walt Disney.
08/28/2009 06:05 PM EDT
Paul Blart Interview. Inking with a brush. Outcast from Illustration Island
08/16/2009 09:01 AM EDT
Doc Boucher Interfan-org joins the show.
08/09/2009 09:04 AM EDT
Ray Harryhausen and the Argonauts.
08/03/2009 11:28 AM EDT
Your Creative Peak. When will you create your best work?
07/27/2009 11:12 PM EDT
The Watchmen Comic Book. Restrospective.
07/01/2009 03:01 PM EDT
Action Cloth folds. Success Formulas? Draw from life. Live now.
06/28/2009 12:30 PM EDT
Art School Confidential. Learn to draw.
06/14/2009 07:36 PM EDT
The A to Z of Comic book Making. Mega Show.
06/04/2009 01:35 PM EDT
Steranko History of Comics. Brain building.
05/29/2009 03:50 PM EDT
Jack Kirby life lessons. Creating your own properties.


- Reviewer: Dianawood1962 08/02/15 12:17 PM EDT

- Reviewer: vvvvvvvvvvv 06/28/15 03:46 AM EDT

Fantastic First Show! - Reviewer: maknbacon 10/20/10 05:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: OK, I was in the show, but anyway, it was the best show about Small Press and Indy Comics that has ever been made! Truely, Dan Burke is a fantastic host for a show! And Dean is a great guest caller! But Allen just sucks jock donkey shorts. Replace him with Paris Hilton or Megan Fox or something.

This Show rocks. - Reviewer: palmsboy98 10/02/10 08:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great advice & infromation given by your hosts Dan Burke & George Leon. I personally have grown as an artist in the indy market thanks to the input from these 2 guys. If anyone is just starting out in the field, trust me listen to what these podcasts have to say & learn from experience.

I laughed I cried I laughed again... - Reviewer: buymecomics 09/24/10 07:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listened to episode 10 today while I ate dinner. I was directed to episode 7, the first episode I heard, from a Facebook thread earlier this week. Great stuff. Informative and fun and even some bite. I now carry the George Laugh Track when I tell jokes that don't get a laugh. Or when I stand naked in front of the mirror.

Great show no BS - Reviewer: palookapress 04/04/10 12:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: Simply put, I love this show!!! Very down to earth, talks and hits on points that are useful and valid. Like Jim said ,the Kirby episode is awesome and I have heard it more than once. Dan is down to earth and not full of it or a blowhard. Speaks from the heart and with lots of experience. I always look forward to the next episode, and hope he continues doing them.

24 Hour, Disney, Etc. - Reviewer: stevekeeter 09/28/09 08:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show, Dan! I've been off the net for awhile, and sheesh it seems I've missed a lot! Fascinating stuff about Disney! Have a terrific week, pal!

Really inspiring stuff! - Reviewer: jimlujan 07/02/09 11:06 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is a really well made show. Love the editing and music fills. They really add to the atmosphere. If you haven't heard an episode it! It's worth it just for the "Jack Kirby life lessons" episode alone. Really inspiring stuff!

My Favorite Podcast on Comic Books. - Reviewer: poohbear1616 06/20/09 06:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a very interesting show about comic books.

Dan is the man about Comic Book Storytelling. - Reviewer: sketchandsell 05/23/09 02:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Rad show. I always feel pumped to draw and scream "I love comics!" after I listen. Learning quite a bit about how to tell a good comic book story. Dan iz da man. Philly loves you man.

The Best Comic Book Teacher. Wow. - Reviewer: Comicmaker 05/21/09 11:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love the lessons on art and story telling. Dan is able to take ideas and teach them to others. Just the right mix of information and stories. A captivating show about learning how to make comics. Please keep making shows and teaching.

Awesome Show! Awesome Host! - Reviewer: Laurence1 05/17/09 09:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: WOW!! Great show. This one is definitely worth listening to. If you love comic books and enjoy small press comics, then you'll love this show!The program is quite long though. I'd break it up and spread it out more. Try one topic a show. Love it and keep it coming. You are overloading my brain on comic book knowledge. My brain is going to explode...BLAM!

Motivating and fun. - Reviewer: Paul Blart 05/15/09 10:22 AM EDT
Full Comment: You can tell that Dan likes comics and artists. I like his idea that artists are rock stars. I love his lessons on art. Very simple to understand and gets me all excitd to draw. Dan is very motivating.