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Title: EPISODE1008 - AIB RADIO Angela Stark interview Supreme Court DC

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In a 6-3 opinion, the court ruled for Rodney Class - Reviewer: AbJurSociety 02/21/18 08:01 PM EST
Full Comment: In a 6-3 opinion, the court ruled for Rodney Class, who had pleaded guilty to violation of a criminal law barring guns near the U.S. Capitol building. Class had guns in his locked jeep, which was parked on the Capitol grounds. He claimed on appeal that the gun law violated the Second Amendment and the due process clause because it didnâ??t give fair notice about which areas of the Capitol grounds are off limits for firearms.

phony research. - Reviewer: kenneth719 10/14/17 11:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: How much research dos it take to find that the 14th Amendment does not exist?

I Consider Rod Class a GENIUS, Beware of GOV PAID TROLLS - Reviewer: BillrOtinger 12/29/15 12:54 AM EST
Full Comment: I Consider Rod Class a Genius, I have Read some of the COMMENTS, it's Obvious Some are PAID GOV TROLL"S Paid to Dis-Credit, Cause CONFUSION with HAIR BALL STATEMENTS, I have taken 6 Law Courses and Earned All A's Beating out Two Licensed Lawyers that were Required to take Tort Law and Juvenile Law to get their New Jobs, I have take some Information from see RIP CARL MILLER Know your CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS Video , RICHARD CORNFORTH THe LEGAL INDUSTRY, and JUDGE RICHARD FINE who Shows you a Lot of FILINGS Iam a Graduate of Criminal Justice Training Ctr Burien WA, I worked Narcotics in Army with CID, Was Recruited by the FBI and Military Intelligence to Infiltrate and take out a Subversion and Espionage Group they were after over 2 Years , I took them out in less than 3 Months, Help Set up first Anti Terrorist Groups across America in 1976, Helped Establish Delta Force, Recruited and Trained DEAD-A, Help Train SNIPERS , ASSASSINS etc Worked for Super-S Behind the IRON CURTAIN I have 8 years on and off Studying SECRET MEDICINE and have Found 7 PROVEN CANCER CURES, see my video BAKING SODA KILLS CANCER, Almost a MILLION Views , With People from HOLLAND Posting TEST RESULTS as they CURED PROSTATE CANCER, Join me on FACE BOOK for a Lot of SECRET MEDICINE

Great Show Again but... - Reviewer: ADSpikes1981 09/19/15 12:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: It seem as though most listeners DO NOT READ LAW REVIEWS! Everything Rod has said since 2010-11, I have tried to find someone or something that has backed up what he has said and found out that he is pretty much on track. Here comes the BUT..I think he needs to have us read more to get a better overstanding of what the state of affairs are. Below is a link to a folder relating to discretion, administrative hearings, and mandamuses. If these guys and gals dont read the same questions will keep occurring when the questions being asked are of minimal importance compared to those questions that should be asked! []!13916&authkey=!AClof1EJ4QAxNTM&ithint=folder%2cpdf [] ROD; you have to get these ppl on track or the classes will be trash and repetitive. 1. The Chief Prosecutor - proves Rod right by the 12th pg 2. Is My Case Mandamusable? - judicial overstep and other ways [read others] 3. The Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings [Ron Beal] 4. The National Industrial Recovery Act--Its Permanent Feature - codes were voluntary until NY made intrastate applicable but these codes seem to be the Business and Commerce Codes and NOT the USC but I am sure that there is a article out there...1934 - National Industrial Recovery Act and the Delegation of Legislative Power to the President and 1935 - Constitutional Law - Codes - Delegation of Power

What the what? - Reviewer: ClicketyClack 09/16/15 10:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listened to ep. 951 in hopes of hearing something intelligent...or at least entertaining, but all I heard was nonsensical comparisons of only one thing and then followed by "...that's what I teach." and topics that do not, as far as I was able to tell, related to one another. Has anybody researched this person's past?

Rod disappeared after his Private Attorney General camp. - Reviewer: California Jim 08/24/15 03:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Rod planned and talked about his week long camp to teach a man what he should already know and ever since that camp in central Oklahoma somewhere, there has been no peep from him or anyone related to him like his old producer or side kicks like Karl and E.J.. Did Rod get kidnapped by the unlawful Bar Association lackeys? Or was the camp a nightmare and he's hiding out? Only his hairdresser knows for sure. I'd walk a mile for a Camel. Six two and Even...over and out. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck Jim!

need help - Reviewer: enlightenone53 07/25/15 12:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: can I please get the website to better understand the mortgage fraud I need help or is someone can help me. I tried to locate the website but was unsuccessful. Great show keep up the good work

four corners rule - Reviewer: topdogmic 03/08/15 10:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Four corners (law) is the meaning of a written contract, will, or deed as represented solely by its textual content. This term may also be applicable to other legal instruments. From the four corners of the document: as derived from the text of the agreement itself, without relying upon other resources or basically if you sign a contract and put a box around your signature..the judge has to recognize it as a seperate contract in itself. so technically you didnt sign the contract at all

NO APOLOGIES & NO REGRETS - Reviewer: xxxxEdClanofChattanxxxxEdClanofChattan 03/06/15 08:17 PM EST
Full Comment: I have been carefully listening and evaluating this program's content and relevance relative to the cause at hand for a number of years. It is my professional opinion that it is accustomed to a 1000 piece puzzle with at least 200 pieces missing, with no one able to recognize the fact. Note, I am only evaluating the information without attacking the information givers! Any one can put out information, but the key and important issue is that the information should be complete. I have not found as of yet any one who has been able to accomplish this feat in my 35 years of research in the Law. This program brings us no closer to the goal and won't until puzzle pieces are found. Knowledge is power if it be accurate and complete. Much more work is required before this program be of help in the fight! "For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear" New Comment I am still monitoring this program and for purpose of grading its content. To date I can not honestly say it has gained any more credibility in the direction of its goal. The following observations are what I see are its short-comings: 1. The coherence of the teachings are severely lacking 2. relevance to purpose is lacking 3. success stories are lacking 4. the direction of the teachings are veering off worse now than in the past 5. lack of personal contact with the students has waned and 6. I can see very clearly that relative to the teaching people will undoubtedly find themselves vulnerable to damage if they endeavor to follow said teachings. It is my learned opinion that those at the helm of this program need seriously to consider either taking off for a time from the teaching and go do more in depth research or throw in the towel completely! I give the content of this program at this time a D minus. NEW COMMENT Mar. 6, 2015-------Rod, I have tried my very best to give you the benefit of my extensive research to help you with your case, but I surmise you are either too hard headed to listen or your ego is out of the ball park. I don't even know why I am writing to you now except I do care that my brothers in Christ get what they need to be successful in life. First, your paperwork is mixing the organic law with that which is inorganic. This is why the courts are claiming your paperwork to be unintelligible. Second, you could have won your case on appeal if you would have merely used D.C. v. Heller case exclusively without all the other issues you brought up. D.C. v. Heller is the magic case for anyone who is charged with a gun charge. Nothing else is needed!! You lost your case because the court was completely baffled with so much unnecessary mishmash. You need to make your defenses more simplistic rather than over complex! I rest

Most enlightening judicial analysis available - Reviewer: DoctorObvious 07/21/14 06:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: The information presented by Rod and his team is concise but voluminous. It is like learning a different language and Rod has mastered it. His ability to explain the information is excellent, but you must listen carefully and regularly. If everyone had learned this truth about the corruption in the "government" system from childhood, the world would be a much more free and prosperous one.

episode 869. atty Debra - Reviewer: Patrish51 07/13/14 06:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am involved in a federal case and I would very much like to know how to get a hold of Debra and or find out who she is.

Remedy - Reviewer: guzz69 07/08/14 12:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: When they jump ship sink it and start over.

Well, We are heading in the Right Direction - Reviewer: ShewolfHerrera 06/13/14 07:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Rod for shining the light in the right direction. I am honored to be a part of AIB group and listening Audience. Keep it coming.

Help each other; LEARN FASTER. PRAISE TO THE TEACHERS.. - Reviewer: Hennalady 01/26/14 06:06 PM EST
Full Comment: 43 CFR 30.144 - MAY THE JUDGE AUTHORIZE PAYMENT OF THE COSTS OF ADMINISTERING THE ESTATE? § 30.144 May the judge authorize payment of the costs of administering the estate? On motion of the superintendent or an interested party, the judge may authorize payment of the costs of administering the estate as they arise and before the allowance of any claims against the estate. 36 CFR CHAPTER X - PRESIDIO TRUST

Information - Reviewer: ncjohn 01/14/14 12:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Uncommonlaw

Episode 789 - Reviewer: negative mass 11/17/13 11:44 PM EST
Full Comment: The documentation you've filed into the court is phenomenal. I've never read anything so likely to burn the fingers of any court official that picks it up. I hope this is the start of our non-violent purge of the corruption in our court system. Thanks Rod.

10-22-2013 Rod, Great,Great Call - Reviewer: glassman2 10/22/13 08:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great info alot . WOW

No Appreciation - Reviewer: Ambassador Thoth 08/13/13 10:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: All Right People/Men/Women... If you're not part of the solution you're apart of the problem!!! If what you're posting as a review has nothing to do with adding on, you're taking away from those of us who's trying to figure this shit out!!! As far as Rod Class goes, "What a Man" He could have charged you guys for the info he's giving for free, it's a strong mental attitude that gets you over in this court system along with this info... but if you have a shitty disposition, nothing will help you eccept some BARS and Locked doors you dig? There's no remedy in this system, only a chance to paint these bastards into a corner! I'd rather destroy anyone that violates My Laws right on site!!! But things are looking up Right? Ponder on this... "Those that are asking are acting as KING" you can get over most cases if you UNDERSTAND that quote! Oh, and to all the men out there, get you some form of Testosterone they got Estrogen in a hell of a lot of products making us soft, like a B***h!!!! ooo-ra!!!!

Definition; Automobile - Reviewer: tollhousecookies 08/04/13 09:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: I need to have someone verify this code; 40 CFR part 123, subpart F. Highway means any road, street, or way, whether on public or private property, open to public travel. â??Open to public travelâ?? means that the road section is available, except during scheduled periods, extreme weather or emergency conditions, passable by four-wheel standard passenger cars, and open to the general public for use without restrictive gates, prohibitive signs, or regulation other than restrictions based on size, weight, or class of registration. Toll plazas of public toll roads are not considered restrictive gates.Thanks 49 CFR 523.3 - Automobile. There are 2 Updates appearing in the Federal Register for 49 CFR 523. Select the tab below to view, or View eCFR (GPOAccess) â?¢ CFR â?¢ Updates â?¢ Authorities (U.S. Code) â?¢ Rulemaking prev | next Ã?§ 523.3 Automobile. (a) An automobile is any 4-wheeled vehicle that is propelled by fuel, or by alternative fuel, manufactured primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways and rated at less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, except: (1) A vehicle operated only on a rail line; (2) A vehicle manufactured in different stages by 2 or more manufacturers, if no intermediate or final-stage manufacturer of that vehicle manufactures more than 10,000 multi-stage vehicles per year; or (3) A work truck. (b) The following vehicles rated at more than 6,000 pounds and less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are determined to be automobiles: (1) Vehicles which would satisfy the criteria in Ã?§ 523.4 (relating to passenger automobiles) but for their gross vehicle weight rating. (2) Vehicles which would satisfy the criteria in Ã?§ 523.5 (relating to light trucks) but for their gross vehicle weight rating, and which (i) Have a basic vehicle frontal area of 45 square feet or less, (ii) Have a curb weight of 6,000 pounds or less, (iii) Have a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less, and (iv) Are manufactured during the 1980 model year or thereafter. (3) Vehicles that are defined as medium duty passenger vehicles, and which are manufactured during the 2011 model year or thereafter. (Sec. 9, Pub. L. 89-670, 80 Stat. 981 ( 49 U.S.C. 1657 ); sec. 301, Pub. L. 94-163, 89 Stat. 901 ( 15 U.S.C. 2002 ); delegation of authority at 41 FR 25015, June 22, 1976) [42 FR 38362, July 28, 1977, as amended at 43 FR 12013, Mar. 23, 1978; 44 FR 4493, Jan. 2, 1979; 71 FR 17676, Apr. 6, 2006; 74 FR 14449, Mar. 30, 2009]

The definitions of their language and how you center your heart are key - Reviewer: maykme 06/22/13 10:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: I'm glad you are discussing the definitions of words in their codes. All men are endowed by the Creator. The Creator in me in the same Creator in you. Would you cause harm to another who has the Creator within them, even if they offend you, or cause perceived harm to you; or would you show unconditional love? In the Matrix, Neo had to spar with Sephiroth to see the Oracle. Although Neo knew how to fight, he only needed to defend and block the advances and moves of Sephiroth. Sephiroth knew Neo was not a fighter and allowed him to see the Oracle. He told Neo, you never truly know someone until you fight them. When we are 'the One' we don't go to war, we don't have to fight when attacked. We have the right and power to defend ourselves and to block attacks, but we don't have to hate or want to harm the people who attack us. These later audios are most true, as a process is not the only way to block and defend. No one can tell you how to 'spar' someone in a karate tournament because the instructor will not know the combination of moves the opponent will make against you. Yet, they can teach you karate and you can use your knowledge to block any move, and stop an advance before it begins. If someone comes up with 'a way', the system will learn how to 'block' it, by design. If I create a move, the system will learn how to block that move. There is an infinite number of ways to defend and block an attack from the system once you 'learn' what they are looking at and what they are using to pull and keep you in their system. That doesn't mean you won't deal with inconveniences; as that's part of proving you know and who you are inside. What you learn to do, determines the future you will experience. Be true, be you.

Peace - Reviewer: Anthonyelbey 04/04/13 10:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have notice something crushing as well... General Obligation Bonds or Comprehension Financial Report (or something like that) are funding's that the cities and states all over the U.S. from NYSE Euronext who is link to bond holders (the DTC) Depository Trust Corporation and Pay agents Wells Fargo. The "Corporator Doctrine" as established in Bank of United States v. Planters' Bank of Georgia, 22 U.S. 9 Wheat. 904 (1824). The court held that, â??As a member of a corporation, a government never exercises its sovereignty. It acts merely as a corporatorâ?? and further that â??when a government becomes a partner in any trading company, it divests itself, so far as concerns the transactions of that company, of its sovereign character and takes that of a private citizen Peace Keep it up!

Jeanine Stewart Call w/ Kelby - Reviewer: clearman 03/17/13 03:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: The 3-12-13 Jeanine Stewart call was one of the best shows that I have ever heard! It addressed pertinent now issues of taking action to correct what is going on with our country. I was really impressed with Kelby's questions to Rod. I want to follow Jeanine & Kelby on their show, but there's no information of where to find it. Please tell me how to access the Jeanine Stewart Talkshoe Calls. I hope that Jeanine, Rod and Kelby can continue this discussion soon!

people love lies - Reviewer: junez6 03/07/13 02:54 PM EST
Full Comment: apparently JAMSTER you haven't done everything that was said or reviewed anything all you did was complain and moan so since you're not gonna try to free yourself keep paying your little government to keep deceiving and killing you

You speakers are either delusional or scum! - Reviewer: JAMSTER 03/06/13 11:19 PM EST
Full Comment: I don't know if you people actually believe the crap you are saying or are just trying to scam people. My mom believes this crap, and refuses to use her driver license, refuses to pay taxes and is getting sicker every day because of your website and your crap that you spew. This stuff is not applicable in the real world. You will not win a court case using this stuff. If you drive down the street without your drive license you are getting a ticket or arrested. If you don't pay your taxes or mortgage, your property gets taken. STOP THE LIES! You have destroyed my mothers life. Don't destroy anymore.

Excellent material - Reviewer: KennyWally 03/05/13 09:30 PM EST
Full Comment: Only one complaint brother, you gotta turn up the volume on your mic and recordings. I've spent 7 hrs on 688 trying to equalize you to the other party. Excellent calI , but audio quality needs work. I can't wait to finish to hear it in its' entirety! thank you for all the work you have done and shared with everyone!

court - Reviewer: WILLIAM75 02/23/13 03:16 AM EST
Full Comment: God is my boss so how do they take me me in front of him?

episode 690 - Reviewer: PatriotOne 01/17/13 09:47 PM EST
Full Comment: too many blanks to fill in. What are the animals eating and plants being sprayed with and some people taking that is so great? It is nice to know there is something out there that is good to eat, but it is terrible that that something is a mystery.

Redeemed in lawful money is what this shill is missing - Reviewer: Osbogosley 11/03/12 06:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: Now you know that fed.res. notes are foreign currency, don't forget they're dual purpose notes. When you endorse a check you are backing foreign notes. Don't keep endorsing them. Write redeemed in lawful money before any kind of signature. You have been briefed, put up or shut up. I sorry you're so paranoid. Watch and you'll see how far off this guy is.

Administrative Courts - Reviewer: PatriciaA 09/29/12 05:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: We need to get educated on the functions of the judges, attorneys and clerks of these courts and how to avoid letting them get jurisdiction over your real person.

Old Information - Reviewer: krotos2009 09/03/12 04:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: I want to begin by saying I appreciate what you are doing Rod and co. Certainly it is important to be well educated on History in all legal/Lawful matters. I am the Founder of Sons of the Republic in Idaho. Ive worked closely with Steve Monroe as well as Lee Arthur Rice who I believe you are acquainted with. Unfortunately my job kept me away from active participation for several years and now that Ive been back home I have once again hit the Books in earnest. Ive followed your progress from day 1 virtually and was responsible for bringing awareness of your activity to Idaho. I am a researcher. And a good one. My intent in this review is only to say that I have listened to your calls and the History you have pieced together and it would be easy to offer up criticisms alone as it appears it is human nature. Instead I will offer that I have been doing a very in depth study of the events from 1787-1901. The Information I have spans those time frames and it would appear these dates are what SET-UP the atmosphere for the Federal Reserve act culminating of course in Bankruptcy. You are actually (from my research) correct about the fact that it Isn't our Bankruptcy. I can systematically with Documentation prove it. It would be different if it was the Organic system of Governance that declared it but it was another form of Government altogether and it wasn't that Congress decided to INCORPORATE either, it was a system of Government already in place and can be tracked as late as 1858. The civil war beginning in 1861 makes it inevitable that this Government would take over after the south walked out. Ive drafted a 42 page report and I'm not finished yet. It's very eye opening.

EdClan and all you other BAR card criminal fraudsters, YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED! - Reviewer: aFreedom Warrior PAG 09/01/12 11:58 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ed clan BAR criminal troll, u have no shame! 35yrs of BAR criminal member loyalty and committing FRAUD against the People and you have "No Apologies & No Regrets". Your days are numbered! Instead of trying to tear apart the majority of the "puzzle" that us true Freedom loving people are putting together, I don't see your input in trying to add "missing peices to the puzzle" especially with your so-called 35yrs in law research! We the People are getting closer and closer to solving the entire puzzle of fraud being foisted upon us by fraudsters like you! I see why you're on here saying the things you're saying. And you supposedly have "35 years in research in law" and that's the only thing you come up with is this? No contribution to the cause? What a waste of time (35 yrs to be exact) on your end. 35 yrs of research in the law and you can't contribute anything at all but criticism and negativity! Janet needs to send you one of those t-shirts with the bullseye on the back to all you criminal-fraud BAR gang members. Your days are numbered scum! Oh by the way, you can whipe your ass with your criminal BAR card and 35yrs of defrauding the People! May you burn in hell with the rest of your criminal satanist cabal! Words of advice... Watch your ass, we're coming for you.. God bless Rod & Company and all of us for pulling back the curtain, taking off everyones blindfold and letting God's light in. Keep up the fight Rod, We The People are behind you 100% til the last beat of our hearts! You faught for us in war. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will now fight for you. You are our General and remind us of General Washington fighting the same criminal bankers now as back then. But they are now doing it through criminal BAR gang members. Through the BAR members, they have infiltrated and hijacked our country and our entire economy. They are committing economic and financial terrorism against We The People. If the corporate government won't do exactly what they say, they will collapse our economy and country with a flip of a switch. They are doing this in every country on the planet. They are using the dirty tactic of problem/ reaction/ solution. They are causing all the problems in this country, getting the people to react then posing as our savoirs and offering the solution. The solution... Global enslavement. This is going on all over the planet! With the help of God, we will stop them. We love you Rod and the rest of the freedom family. By the way... The satanist cabal(people who own the federal reserve, united nations, IMF, Goldman Sachs, AIG, etc, I.e. rothschilds, rochefellers, jp morgans, bush family, warburgs, etc, etc) practice numerology and symbology. Some of their main numbers include 11, 13, 33. One can see how they used 3 11's that equal 33 in hiding their fraud in plain view. They hide these symbols and numbers in all the movies. They killed JFK on 11/22 =33 after he turned on them. After studying these satanists, one can easily spot their calling cards on all sorts of things they've done thru out history. They killed their once puppet Michael Jackson on 6/25=13 after he turned on them. How can we forget the false flag attack on September 11? Title 11 USC + 11th Amendment + BAR rule 11=33. Can anyone else see the signs? They know we're on to them especially with Rods filings and pursuit hot on their tails. They never thought in a million years anyone could ever crack their codes of fraud they have hidden in all these codes, statutes, etc. They are starting to panic and might shut down the entire country and system to stop all the court filings and exposure of all their crimes. I believe they will cause another false flag attack on America real soon, maybe before the november elections, and their puppet obama will declare a full blown martial law to stop what Rod is doing. God bless us and protect us. -Freedom Warrior

Is there an update to the "Sovereign Right to Operate a Private Vehicle"? - Reviewer: echofoxtrot 06/17/12 02:03 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi folks, I saw there was a show around November 2011, which discussed the Sovereign Right to Operate a Private Vehicle Handout. I noticed a word of caution was made as far as using this handout; it was added that some corrections were on the way. Have those corrections been made? If so, where can I find them? Thanks!!!

Time Waster - Reviewer: tenbarrels 06/09/12 11:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: As commenter JohnEugene commented previously, this AIB Raido effort is a complete chaotic disaster. In all the many years you guys have been doing this, you still have not been able to attract a competent follower to assist with technical matters like spelling, grammer, proof reading, editing, and a web page!?? And you still have the psychotic control freak Maria Janet pretending to host a "County Assemblies" show!? Maria personally destroyed the entire County Assembly movement on Washington state, so she went to talkshoe and continues to pretend because she can't dominate people face to face. Way back in 2009 I was telling people you need to get organized, you need documentation, you need an interactive forum for discussion, you need notes and indexes for these audio files. There can be no educational value in this venue without everybody interested being completely consumed with hours every day of listening to the rambling idle chit chat that goes on. Thousands of hours ago, you people were saying the same things you are saying right now. When will you produce a product that is accurate and educational? This talkshoe might be fine for those of you who are attempting to research and figure this stuff out, but when will you produce something of value for normal people to study and learn from?? Years and years down the road now, and every month or two you develop a "new strategy" that claims to "finally have it figured out". How many times will you "figure it out" before you either give up or produce something useful? This chaos causes confusion and discredits the efforts of honest researchers. And Maria Janet's involvment discredits everything you people claim to be doing.

A must share / listen radio show - Reviewer: jkacarab 05/22/12 11:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Real information clearly explained and backed up by documentation. This information can set our country right if used properly. As this information has been freely shared, you , the listener, now have an obligation to freely share it, and this show, with others so that we again can come together as on nation under God with freedom and liberty for all.

donate - Reviewer: Money Warturz 05/08/12 04:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: can I donate to view the paper work for myself cuz i have no clue how to find this stuff myself.

The Rod Class Cult of the Blind Sheeple - Reviewer: JohnEugene 04/30/12 09:18 PM EDT
Full Comment: I mean no disrespect but as a former teacher I can personally say this is Not teaching but is boasted as such. How is any one expected to go back through 585 show at almost 2,000 hours of air time just to find 1 single point from a show. This is absolutely ludicrous. You could spend the next 8 weeks at 8 hours a day just to find 1 response & hope that it is the right one. There is absolutely no system of reference to research any subject except the header line for the show. Each show needs to be downloaded and a single web page for that show made with a breakdown of the show along with a Reference page so people will be able to realistically find any info. As it is, it's a total cluster f#$k. Even then you would need to make notes of each show so you don't have to go back to find something and then do NOT take any ones word as GOD. Do the research. There are quite a few points I have personally researched that I can expose this group too where they are simply wrong but claim their right. To all you Blind Followers of the Rod Class Cult I say to you. NEVER let 1 person lead you without doing your due diligence & research. I WARNED people of the Fraud of Tim Turner. Now many of Turners followers are in jail.

just the beginning - Reviewer: leslee001 04/17/12 05:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: thanks al carl ej harvey jean maria rod rudi & all contributors to this community for sharing. got a long way 2 go but we can do it together. will follow thru w/ my issues & update our progress. best wishes to all. peace. leslee001

Free white person - Reviewer: free_white_person 03/11/12 07:39 AM EDT
Full Comment: Free white person doesn't mean strictly only pale europeans. Clearly you knew that since you avoided the context. Nationality determines whether you are a free white person or not. Not your skin tone. I am sure you read the Virgnia slave code of 1805, where Moors, Mohametans AND negroes were forbidden from owning 'white' christian slaves. Why is there a distinction between Moor, Mohametan (Arab) and negro? Stop playin. 'Mexicans', 'Indians', 'Moors' (misnomered black or negroe) are all White men by birth, they do not need to be naturalized like free white europeans (eg: spanish descent).

No one else - Reviewer: howdy 01/12/12 09:12 PM EST
Full Comment: No one else is putting truth out their with BLACK INK ON WHITE PAPER.

7/08/11 episode. - Reviewer: Essentialer 01/09/12 05:09 AM EST
Full Comment: You guys claim to be legal researchers and you wasted so much air time discussing whether the defendant can put in a motion to dismiss before answering, and none of you had it right. The defendant can put in a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim, BEFORE answering the complaint, and if you read the rules, it says that. Also, any motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction MUST be submitted prior to the answer. You guys don't know the simplest things and you are claiming to be researchers?

Serve Notice - Reviewer: tman 11/06/11 02:03 PM EST
Full Comment: You don't have to ask what court am I in? Just say "I claim common law jurisdiction".Nunc pro tunc as soon as the officer aproches you.Thats the easiest defence to learn. And always hold all public officials to their oath of office.They have sworn to protect you from all enemies.

The Militia is Still here! - Reviewer: SpikeTimmons 09/18/10 07:25 AM EDT
Full Comment: Greetings AIB, Just a quick note. First let me say that you guys are on the right track. And the Militia is standing beside you, and we will as long as you all continue to stand beside us. The commities of safety is run by shills. If you have no arms to protect your selves and your families then what will stop the bad guys from taking you out. It is very important to understand that you all have been given the same bad "rep" by the same media that hammers the Militia so going with the commities of saftey instead of the Militia is exactly what they want you to do. Like I said above. We stand beside you and will help in any way we can. But you must prepare for an armed conflict here in this country. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP BECAUSE WE PULLED THE CURTAIN BACK! THEY ARE GOING TO ACT LIKE RABID CAGED ANIMALS AND WILL START TO GO AFTER CERTAIN PEOPLE.BE ARMED AND BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOUR FAMILIES AND PROPERTY. To find out more. Go to that is the Militia network. Also I also pass the information I find here along on my broadcast "Hammering the New World Order with Spike Timmons LIVE! from 7pm to 8pm right after the intelligence report with Mark Koernke from 5pm to 7pm eastern time. Find out when the next Militia training excersise is in your area. And how we can all help the folks in Arizona. Thanks for all you guys do. Yahshewa Meshia bless you all.

Two Great Men - Reviewer: Gabbeel 09/08/10 08:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: To my friends Rod and Carl, I think you guys are the best in my blessings and prayers go out to you that you may uncover truth and hope for all. For its people like you that make a difference in the direction of understanding things not yet uncovered. People like you guys in a lot of ways have allowed people to see things that they would've ordinarily missed. And I truly believe that it's a God-Send and an honor to have had the opportunity to be amongst two great knowledgeable man and all of its research supporters. God Bless Daryl UCC. Please come to my site where I have free audio books that you can download or record to CD. They're free to all AIB host and listeners I have a 10 volume audio book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt entitled The Defining Moment; The first five are available for immediate download or record.

TRUTH IN LENDING 5 HOUR WEBINAR SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 1PM (MT) - Reviewer: unitedonestates 09/03/10 07:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: Are you ready for a REMEDY? Are you tired of dealing with clowns who do nothing to confuse you further? Are you ready for a real â??PERRY MASONâ?? Join us on Sunday, September 12 at 1:00pm (Mountain Time) for a 5 HOUR LIVE Webinar on how you might unravel the foreclosure mystery with the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). Letâ??s Study it together in a way that is comfortable for you and NOT CONFUSING! 1. If your loan is a re-finance with a different lender than the original purchaseâ?¦ 2. If you have or can obtain your closing documentsâ?¦ 3. If you are willing to get a forensic loan auditâ?¦. 4. If you want to handle the case yourself without an expensive attorney 5. If you are not looking to re-invent the wheel, but are ready to learn from what other people have already done successfullyâ?¦.. 6. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and study some basic fundamentals without hype, snake oil, or false promises 7. If the possibility of keeping your home is a priorityâ?¦. YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS WEBINAR SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 Please contact to sign up for this webinar and/or for more information

Thank You Rod, Carl & friends for this powerful information - Reviewer: ngonea 08/29/10 12:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Apparently America is not a nation of men, but a nation of lawless men, (controllers) who speak with forked tongues, which imposed on us statutes not true laws. So how long will we act honestly with dishonest crocks? Again thank you all for your courage, integrity and dedication..

Integrity - Reviewer: lamb323 07/15/10 01:50 AM EDT
Full Comment: These are good men doing good work. Thank you gentlemen and ladies!

Great Episode 282! - Reviewer: boltville 05/05/10 10:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: Rod and are really making progress with Sovereign issues. I really like what you are doing with the Coast Guard and making the PTB see us and what we stand for. I love the way you back everything up with FACTS and TRUTH. Cudos to you. Keep up informing us and moving us forward towards Freedom!

Obama treason info - Reviewer: jjones94 03/25/10 08:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: OMG!!!! I have never listened to so much intelligent information regarding the way our Health Care Bill was passed in incorrect order (ie; Senate first, then House. Supposed to be other way) Rod has SO much insight that my head was swimming after the call. WAY to GO ROD!!! Keep it up!!!

BRAVO!! - Reviewer: nokaoi 08/28/09 08:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just found you guys because of the interview Rod did on 8/26 w/chalice! Amazing work!!!!

Great work - Reviewer: *Data* 08/22/09 03:58 AM EDT
Full Comment: Very important and responsible work on a very important front.

Call of April 9, 2009 w/Jeff Smith was EXCELLENT! 5 STARS!!!!! - Reviewer: Angela Stark 04/10/09 02:09 AM EDT
Full Comment: EPISODE173 Good clarification of things we've learned about, (SP28, OF90 and 91), but weren't quite sure how to apply to our issues. Jeff Smith is an excellent speaker/teacher with a solid foundation as per his understanding. Articulate and down to earth. I enjoyed this call. Angela

Loved Alan Davis's #164 episode - Reviewer: savcash 03/28/09 03:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: This first 30-35 min was 'history' but then is became REALLY interesting! Glad I spent the time, the longer on, the better it became. Well studied man, at it a long time it seems; well read and kind to answer q.

Alan David - A Highly-Knowledgeable, Key-Discovering Researcher - Reviewer: kathyetutors 03/27/09 04:01 AM EDT
Full Comment: Alan David is a highly-knowledgeable researcher with a keen sense of how to tie several facets of parallel, congruent, and sequential information together that reveals specific keys that help unlock a greater understanding of what has happened, how things were supposed to work, how they really do work, and what we can do about them. I look forward to learning more from all his future sessions through this communications media. K.A.E.

Great Show go hear mine please - Reviewer: RussDove 03/18/09 06:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: To hear my Rants on politics,religion and yes oriental women go to Also hear Christies claims of being able to do anything like for example moving matter with her mind