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Title: EPISODE3 - Counseling, Coaching or Education

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
09/12/2007 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE5 - Relationships 101
09/05/2007 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Hope and Healing
08/31/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - Counseling, Coaching or Education
08/24/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - FAQ's about Couples in Recovery
08/17/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - Introduction


Keep soaring - great show and needed!! Let's connect - Reviewer: Rhonda A. White 02/01/11 01:38 PM EST
Full Comment: We need more and more wisdom in ALL our Connections! Thanks. *JOIN US* FEB. 5TH 2011 9am-9pm est. for "WINNING in All Our RelationSHIPS" Success Tele-seminars TELETHON .... (14 powerful Speakers...on 13 RelationSHIP 13 straight Hours - how exciting!) 30+ min. sessions online DON'T MISS THIS! *********GO to: (if you'd like to speak on our future us 1-888-435-5995 Rhonda White)

Refreshing Show that Offers Freedom and Hope - Reviewer: Marriage Talk 10/03/07 12:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is an informative and educational podcast. I have been enlightened by the knowledge and expertise of the host. Continue to give the public the skills to overcome and be victorious in this area of their life. Good for you Don. P.H. Dearborn