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Hosted by: forcecast
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 46670
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Title: Force-Cast: LIVE 030708

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/14/2009 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE - 01/16/09
03/12/2008 08:00 PM EDT
Force-Cast: LIVE 031408
03/05/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 030708
02/27/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 022908
02/20/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 022208
02/13/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 021508
02/06/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 020808
01/30/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 020108
01/23/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 012508
01/16/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 011808
01/09/2008 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 011108
12/19/2007 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 122107
12/12/2007 08:05 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 121507
12/05/2007 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 120707
11/28/2007 08:00 PM EST
Force-Cast: LIVE 113007


Moved - Reviewer: Damomandoa 04/17/08 06:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: moved to this url .same time, but incase you never got the memo,

The best pod-cast EVER! - Reviewer: garrvanorden 02/20/08 11:14 PM EST
Full Comment: The Force-Cast is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since the movies!

Oh, billy dee, oh, billy dee... - Reviewer: toaofcheese 02/13/08 07:18 PM EST
Full Comment: Ha! Hilarious and entertaining, plus very informative on the latest Star Wars happenings. The hosts are the oppositte of nerds, they're what makes Star Wars fun. I can't stop yelling, "What's a MOD?!" and making fun of mother padme. Keep up the great work!

The Force-Cast simply cannot be beat - Reviewer: JediJustin 02/13/08 04:04 PM EST
Full Comment: My review is short and to the point: The weekly Force-Cast is THE source for all Star Wars-related content, news, and updates. There is no competition - if you're a SW fan, DO NOT miss it every week!

Forcecast - - Reviewer: Piggelin 01/09/08 03:46 PM EST
Full Comment: Jason and Petes ongoing crusade to defeat the authors of "The Star wars Atlas" is hilarious, a mixture of really good "Bad" impressions and quick fire anecdotes from the lives of these 2 intrepidous podcast hosts, Highly Recommended! Keep up the good work guys as it really makes my week!

How much I love the ForceCast - Reviewer: jedimelis 01/02/08 01:52 AM EST
Full Comment: What can I say that has not been said about Jason, Pete and JimmyMac? It is the best Star Wars podcast as far as content, production and just plain interest. I have been fortunate to meet these three as well as the rest of the crew and can't say enough about them.. Good guys. So keep on maing great podcasts.. and there a few of us female listeners.. I swear!

Awesome Show! - Reviewer: Daniel0605 11/14/07 07:35 PM EST
Full Comment: Great show Jason an Pete. I love the Star Wars News, and listening to your banter adds another dimension. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic Plan, Force Cast! - Reviewer: tallestjawa 11/14/07 07:33 PM EST
Full Comment: We must admit, this is a nice idea for the Force Cast. Lots of camaraderie with your fans and Star Wars fans. And we Jawas love the jump start every week! Utinni!

Awsome guys - Reviewer: Darman commando 10/01/07 07:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: guys i really like the show please keep it up. i plan on listenning on the next talk shu but its a little difficult for me cause i live in japan i think i t would be 10 pm thursday so im gana see if i can get in next wednesday! "I don't know if i even go to say the line!" haha love the "outragoues" new addition!

Impressive - Reviewer: DarthPapercut 09/19/07 06:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Fantastic show. I listen every week! A must for a Star Wars fan.

Now this is REAL podcasting! - Reviewer: DESTROYlucas 09/13/07 07:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: The ONLY star wars podcast worth listening to, besides the force among us podcast. thats a good one to. BUT, if you dont listen to the force cast, you are not a good person! Keep on spreading the gospel Jason and Pete! and jimmy mac too. "angry" MIKE

You like Star Wars? - Reviewer: DarthFagan 09/05/07 07:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you like Star Wars, then why aren't you listening to "the premier" podcast for everything relating to the Galaxy Far, Far Away! You want collecting? They got it! You want the latest on the Star Wars TV show? They got it! You want to hear some really bad impressions? They got it and some good ones too! Check out the Boys from Ohio, Jason and Pete!

The Force is with them!!!! - Reviewer: adam_qd 08/29/07 04:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: Guy's, your the Best, bringing me my hit of Star Wars every week! For those that don't know this show is informative, funny, and with hot of the press news you don't need any other source for Star Wars!! thanks Jason, Pete, Jimmy, Dan, Jay, Dustin and everyone else involved... MTFBWY

May The Force Be With The Forcecast - Reviewer: Xacuteorder66 08/23/07 07:06 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great podcast guys (Jason,Pete,Dustin,Jay,Dan) I love Talkshoe, it puts Star Wars fans in direct contact to be able to participate with you guys. You're doing an absolute wonderful job. Been listening to the podcast since season 1 with Eric Blythe (BIG UP ERIC) up to you guys now. This is by far my favorite cast Keep up the GREAT WORK and May The Force Be With You......... PS. BIG UP to The Force Among Us guys and the George and Me Documentary.

Magnificent - Reviewer: EricGeller 08/22/07 07:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: The Force-Cast has done it again! Just when you thought the show couldn't get more interactive and informative, they make it LIVE! Jason and Pete and the whole gang at TFN and Rebelscum are truly celebrities in the Star Wars community. MTFBWY Force-Casters!

THE FORCE AMONG US LOVES THE FORCECAST! - Reviewer: theforceamongus 08/15/07 09:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: Awsome! you guys have a lot of spirit and truly know what you are doing! its about time you guys take it to the next level! whishing you all the best. Cris Macht the force among us

If You're A Star Wars Fan, You Can't Afford To Miss The Force-Cast!! - Reviewer: MickC. 08/15/07 07:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: Be sure to join hosts Jason and Pete, as they bring you up to speed on all the latest news in the Star Wars universe. This is by far the most, dedicated, informative, and entertaining Star Wars podcast on the Web today. You'll find yourself craving that weekly Star Wars fix each week. And there's no better way to get it than by tuning into the Force-Cast. From news & rumors, to collecting, expanded universe topics, and celebrity interviews, this is one Star Wars podcast where The Force is most definitely with them!!

Out of this world. - Reviewer: Cramer 08/11/07 03:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: You are in the dark, unless you listen to the weekly Force-cast, with Jayson and Pete. Don't even bother to get your Star Wars news or think your in-the-know, without making this great and truly entertaining show part of your week. The official podcast of and; if it's Friday (or now Wed. too) it's time for the FORCE-CAST! Cue it up and hit the lights!

The Force-Cast has gone LIVE! - Reviewer: nate_the_great 08/10/07 12:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: Jason and Pete have taken the Force-Cast to a new level with a new LIVE show here on TalkShoe! It's a great way to get fans live and interacting with each other through TalkShoe. Great audio quality, topics, interaction, and more, the Force-Cast has definitely one-uped the ante on Star Wars podcasting. Always a good listen, Jason and Pete provide commentary on Star Wars news and much more.