Breaking the Panel
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Hosted by: Tim Fischer
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Title: The *ALL-NEW* Breaking the Panel - Episode #004

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08/07/2007 11:00 PM EDT
The Amateur Hour - Show #1


Comics! - Reviewer: Action Bastard 10/11/09 10:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: Coooooooooomics!!!!...comics?...Cooooooooooooomics!

Watchmen Episode - Reviewer: Andy Chang 09/25/08 04:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just listened to this. Great episode. I'm so bummed I didn't get to participate!

Pure Comicbook Goodness! - Reviewer: TDolce 04/08/08 03:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: Two talented artists discuss comic related topis. Great discussions and great feedback is encouraged! Can't get much better than this.

talkshoe - Reviewer: Anubis09 03/28/08 03:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: good night everybody.

Glad to have you back! - Reviewer: Jerzy Drozd 01/16/08 01:12 AM EST
Full Comment: So good to see the return of the Amateur Hour! I really enjoyed your thoughts on comics collaborations in #9.

Woooo - Reviewer: luke1138 10/03/07 12:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: Enjoy FanBoy Talkcast,,,I Be Here Every week,,,Keep up The great Show,,Kain