Everything Guns and Ammo!
Category: Hobbies
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Hosted by: Lance Wood
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 45231
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Title: EPISODE14 - Everything Guns and Ammo!

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05/28/2009 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE14 - Everything Guns and Ammo!


Show Host seems ok... - Reviewer: Dr Phi 08/09/12 10:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: TO THE HOST: Be advised I am detecting, for purposes of PROSECUTION, those pathetic clueless imbeciles who attempt to interfere with my computers or harass me. Have a nice day.

Best Show Ever!!!!!!!! - Reviewer: EveDallas 05/20/09 01:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is the best show I have ever listened to. They are always well informed and they blow stuff up while on the show. It rocks my pants off!!! I wish they had a show every day I would listen!!!!