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Title: EPISODE409- Mike Bishop - Oakland County MI Prosecutors Race

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
11/01/2017 04:50 AM EDT
04/04/2017 10:34 PM EDT
03/05/2012 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE409- Mike Bishop - Oakland County MI Prosecutors Race
02/29/2012 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE408 - Professor Wagner, U.N. Child Resolution & Parental Rights
02/08/2012 08:30 PM EST
EPISODE401-MI State Rep Kurt Damrow heads Best Interest Of The Child Summit
09/19/2011 08:15 PM EDT
EPISODE390 - (PART-2) Help For Co Parenting With a Personality Disorder
08/29/2011 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE389 -Help For Co Parenting With a Personality Disorder
08/15/2011 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE387 - Guest: Chris Edwards, Establishing Family Rituals & Traditions
07/25/2011 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE382 -Child Support Updates, William Reisdorf Family Law Attorney
06/20/2011 07:05 PM EDT
EPISODE378 - NEW Shared Parenting Legislation with Lobbyist Keith Ledbetter
06/06/2011 07:30 PM EDT
EPISODE376- Facing False Allegations? Tune in for Dean Tong Forensic Expert
05/16/2011 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE373 - William Residorf on Establishing Paternity
05/09/2011 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE372 - Guest Cheryl Carlson, Dog Breeder and Trainer for Families
04/26/2011 09:30 PM EDT
EPISODE370 - Guest Joseph Lumpkin, Martial Arts Instructor & Author
04/12/2011 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE368 - Understanding Anxiety and Insuring It Doesn*t Become Clinical


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great show!! - Reviewer: steve1234 04/07/10 06:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good Job Gentlemen! Keep doing what you do!!

Good Job - Reviewer: Brian Bonner 01/10/10 12:30 PM EST
Full Comment: Love the content

GET OFF THE BENCH ROCKS WITH DAVE TAYLOR & LARRY HERREN! - Reviewer: The Lee PAS Foundation 03/18/09 08:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: You guys are doing a great! Im so happy to see a talkshoe that is real, NO B.S! Real good information Not just from the internet, and change is being reported. Thank you both for all your truly believe and work hard for "CHILDREN HAVING BOTH PARENTS" Its an honor, and greatly appreciated! The Lee PAS Foundation

GET OFF THE BENCH - Reviewer: mammabear 12/10/08 10:25 PM EST
Full Comment: Great show tonight, thanks.

Constitutional Law, Due Process, and Parental Rights. - Reviewer: alexisnikita 12/10/08 10:03 PM EST
Full Comment: great show!

Awesome Show! - Reviewer: tedspear 12/10/08 10:01 PM EST
Full Comment: As always, very infromative and right on target! We need to fight, together, and this is the best nation wide gathering there is! Ted Spear NH

Life changing for Chris Smith - Reviewer: csmithconnect 08/25/08 02:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: Listened for the first time to the Aug 20th show. I was in DC for the festival. Thank you, not only for this show and the wonderful review of a great event. Not to be trite but "United we stand" and we mad and we will M(make)A(a)D(difference).

Greetings from New Zealand - Reviewer: JimBWarrior 08/18/08 02:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great Show - Keep up the good work - Kids NEED BOTH Parents Onward Ration Shed รข?? Jim Supporting a Fathers Coalition BLOG; Your comments on Father-Less-Ness Please ------- Egroup; Feed for World-Wide News Re-Rebuilding Family Law and Social Policy

A Long hard fight but it can be won: - Reviewer: dberenson 06/01/08 09:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am a father who has just ended a two year battle on a custody modification motion because of PAS. Mom and her new husband were doing anything they could to get the kids to not want to be with me. My son seven at the time this started came to me and made me promise that I would fix things and make it better for him and my daughter who was four then. On August 28th 2007 I was awarded emergency temp custody pending a final trial and mom could only have 10 hours of visitation each week end with no overnights. One April 17, 2008 a florida court awarded me permant custody and the mom stated on the court record that the court decision was in the best intrest of the kids, she is the biological mom and I am not the biological father, but I still proved to the courts that PAS is real and does destroy lives. The battle has drained all of my and my current wifes money and has left us in a mountain of debt, but I would do it again if I had to. The moms claim thru it all was that I was just trying to get at her, this is further from the truth. This has been for the sole purpose of protecting the kids. My current wife has just finished a book about this hole situation called " A Fathers Promise" and we are looking to publish as soon as possable so everyone can see what we did to educate the florida courts on PAS.

This show is awesome-THANKS - Reviewer: Just A Dad 05/21/08 10:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show is absolutely fantastic and incredibly well done. It made me realize how far the shared parenting movement has the potential to go. I've also realized how fruitless it is to go it alone, live in total anger, and feel mostly frustration from day to day. Since I've been in contact with so many people in this movement I have been inspired on a daily basis. This show really inspired me today. I don't want to see my son suffer anymore and this show gives me great hope that CHANGE IS COMING-and I ain't talking presidential politics.

First Time Listener - Reviewer: 03/26/08 09:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: First time listening to this program and was very impressed. I really liked Lary's casual interviewing style. Some talk show hosts try to over power their guests, but with this show it just flowed very well. Will be back again to listen to more shows. Perfect 5

False Accusations - Reviewer: UP BEAT DAD 02/21/08 10:59 PM EST
Full Comment: When you think your life is going great, look out. Now comes the slander, fabricated lies, false accusations and the family court lynch mob. We must unite and get the corrupt judges OFF THE BENCH. Turn this WITCH hunt around. GET OFF YOUR BUTT and help our children have a future. These talk shoe sessions are very educational and if nothing else you just may learn what your next legal tactic may be for your next court date. The witch hunt is on!!!!!

Judges Beware, Lary Holland is on the Bench! - Reviewer: Randall SE MI 01/03/08 07:51 PM EST
Full Comment: Lary's informative, interactive format brings loads of information for those who have been victimized by the Family Court system. Listening to Lary's show is infective. You won't want to miss another show in the future. Lary has that unique quality and giftedness to stir an otherwise passive audience into both participation and then subsequent action. Advocacy for others is our strength. Lary is our leader! Judges beware, we shall inveigh against you! Randall Scotti

SIMPLY MARVELOUS - Reviewer: ChildrenNeedBothParents 11/07/07 10:17 PM EST
Full Comment: This is by far one of the best and informative shows on Talkshow. I have listened and been a part of quite a few and this show actually tells it like it is. Lary and Bob have guest who actually help people with what they go through....Keep up the marvelous work guys. Ron Smith