Patriot's Pub
Category: Education
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Hosted by: Brian Bonner
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 43358
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Title: EPISODE155 - Patriot's Pub

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Past Episodes (122)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/11/2008 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE17 - Patriot's Pub
01/04/2008 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE16 - Patriot's Pub
12/28/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE15 - Patriot's Pub
12/21/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE14 - Patriot's Pub
12/14/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE13 - Patriot's Pub
12/06/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE12 - Patriot's Pub
11/29/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE11 - Patriot's Pub
11/22/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE10 - Thanksgiving Day!
11/15/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE9 - Patriot's Pub
11/08/2007 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE8 - Grand Re-opening of the Patriot's Pub
09/13/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE7 - Patriot's Pub
09/06/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE6 - Patriot's Pub
08/30/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE5 - Patriot's Pub
08/23/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Patriot's Pub
08/16/2007 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - Patriot's Pub


New listener - Reviewer: Bigfoot2 01/16/11 11:41 PM EST
Full Comment: I've finally started to listen to the Patriot's Pub. Interesting stuff so far.

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 08/27/10 03:35 PM EDT

Learning the History - Reviewer: Jadem 02/28/10 07:28 PM EST
Full Comment: I started listening late, but am grateful to be able to start at the beginning. Well made round table discussing the history you don't hear in schools today.

- Reviewer: Ladyhawk 02/20/10 09:41 PM EST

- Reviewer: Infidel News Hour 02/20/10 09:40 PM EST

This show is about history, not politics - Reviewer: troylaplante 10/20/09 02:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: I find it ironic that a show done for educational/history purposes is getting skewered by those with "sour grapes" or "an axe to grind" in the reviews. I don't comprehend how some of these whiners can complain about our politics or leave multiple reviews. Grow up, get a life, and learn about history.

Very Informative - Reviewer: DebraJMS 05/18/09 11:18 PM EDT
Full Comment: I look forward to hearing more.

This show is about history, not politics - Reviewer: Brian Bonner 12/08/08 06:00 PM EST
Full Comment: This show is about historical fact, not politics. Anyone who has a problem with education about the facts, is not worth a dime.

They love the USA empire and believe the lies - Reviewer: xxxxdavisnleexxxxRobert Saxon 06/16/08 08:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: wake up America

Grizzly Groundswell Salutes the Patriot's Pub! - Reviewer: Teddy Bear 02/05/08 04:55 PM EST
Full Comment: This Patriots Pub is celebrated weekly by three scholars and many of us listeners. This project is ambitious and very essential in rediscovering who we are and how we got here to the greatest country God has blessed this world with on His planet Earth. Start with episode one and grow with the journey through time as we travel through history in a conversation among patriots. I thank the patriots past and present! Mr. Chad T. Everson