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Excellent information! - Reviewer: Buddistuff 09/24/07 07:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just listened to my first audio blog -- about critiquing an eBay store. I found it SOOOO helpful and easy to listen to while I worked..can't wait to hear them all. Thanks Suzanne! Buddistuff

store critque - Reviewer: terri01 08/15/07 03:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great information that I will be using alot!!! Looking forward to hearing more informative articles from this excellent author.

Super Informative - Reviewer: lablizzy 08/14/07 10:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have listened to all the talks of Suzanne so far and she has given me lots of usefull information. She tells it all in a simple way to understand and I cannt wait till the next one ... I am sure it will take my business to the next level, Thanks Jolanda www.littlebubblesboutique.com

Very Helpful Information - Reviewer: Betsyc 08/09/07 01:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have just started selling on eBay and have learned so much from the eBay Selling Coach...I would be lost without her. The information she provides is practical and easy to follow. It's nice knowing I can follow a successful route rather than learn by trial and error! Thank you, eBay Selling Coach! Betsy from http:www.SmartMoms-SmartBusiness.com. Visit our blog at http://4fabmoms.blogspot.com

Excellent Information & Advice from Ebaycoach - Reviewer: moomettes 08/06/07 11:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: I found the information by Ebaycoach to be extremely useful! It was unique, and presented in a concise, easy to understand format. Ebaycoach speaks to her listener as if she was a good friend in the same room with you. I learned some helpful tactics to drive visitors to my Ebay store, and can't wait to go to the next tag/yard sale & implement her techniques! I plan on listening to all her upcoming presentations! These talk programs, along with her 3 e-books I've purchased, will surely take my business to the next level. Truly a Pro! Thanks! Cindi/ Moomette*Magnificents www.moomettesmagnificents.com

Very Informative! - Reviewer: supersmartypants 08/06/07 08:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: I found the information given to be very easy to understand, and easy to implement. I actually learned two new tactics to drive customers to my ebay listings, that I had never thought of before! I look forward to more talkcasts from this speaker! Thanks for the great info! Jennifer Maddox www.supersmartypants.net