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Title: Thanks for Visiting!

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10/03/2009 05:10 PM EDT
Thanks for Visiting!


abcdefg - Reviewer: mikekerr32 06/21/12 09:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: .

- Reviewer: Jeff Roney 09/08/09 01:20 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Account Closed 09/04/09 01:18 PM EDT

Simply The Best - Reviewer: Chris Riddle 08/31/07 08:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: OneGeek is where it's at. His pro-ness (?) shines though and everyone knows that. I can not write a review that stresses how great onegeek is. I'll let you listen for yourself

Awesome, so much fun - Reviewer: Snorlax422 08/08/07 09:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just participated in this and these guys are just the nicest people on here. I loved every minute of it!

Take your meds, its a girl - Reviewer: BabyKori 08/02/07 08:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: I had the best time tonight on this show. I cant wait until tomorrow when it airs again. It was a total blast. You guys had me rolling with laughter. And your pretty smart too! Thanks a TON! Kori

Bestshow in the late late night - Reviewer: sixpakal 07/20/07 12:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: discussions are really good, atmosphered is very clean, host has a really good drive, although the show does fall off topic once in a while.

Good Dynamic - Reviewer: Merlin_McCarley 07/19/07 02:09 AM EDT
Full Comment: The hosts have a good working dynamic and if it is accidental (which it seems) it is all to the better. Keep it up OneGeek and Durndall.