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Title: EPISODE 319 - Adele Weiss

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Title: EPISODE 318 - Karl Lentz and Gus Breton

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06/04/2015 09:00 PM EDT
120 min
EPISODE 319 - Adele Weiss
06/11/2015 09:00 PM EDT
120 min
EPISODE 320 - My Private Audio
06/18/2015 09:00 PM EDT
120 min
EPISODE 321 - My Private Audio

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EPISODE 301 - Bart Rippl and Bobby Lowman
01/15/2015 09:00 PM EST
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01/08/2015 09:00 PM EST
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12/18/2014 09:00 PM EST
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12/11/2014 09:00 PM EST
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12/04/2014 09:00 PM EST
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11/20/2014 09:00 PM EST
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11/13/2014 09:00 PM EST
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11/06/2014 09:00 PM EST
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10/23/2014 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 289 - Dan Benham


good show - Reviewer: pappypork 04/30/15 06:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: angela seems to find some very good guests on here with a wealth of great information, unfortunately only about 400 people in the world get to listen to this information,the rest of the world are getting brainwashed with the mainstream media on the boobtube.WARNING dont try to convince any of your friends or family of this good information or you will wind up like me- not having no friends and family,they will walk the other way when they see you,they will not call you ,or will not answer the phone when you try to call them, so the best advice i can give anybody is keep this info to yourself .

- Reviewer: DONALDCARLSMITH44 04/01/15 09:23 PM EDT

EPISODE 305 - Reviewer: robroy61 02/25/15 03:28 PM EST
Full Comment: EPISODE 305 - 1st 2 hrs with kw next 2 hrs kw v. Karl Lentz thank Karl's ego for suggesting that call title, too bad u two weren't in the same ring, he was talking apples and Karl horseshoes, but thanks Karl for stepping on his tongue for over an hour. KW is the ONLY one i ever heard of that actually got a settlement (yeah go back and read that 3 times) [and maybe from the alleged invisible 'account' tptb deny we all have] and, call me crazy, but bet im not the only one who wanted to hear that. Maybe if she begs she can get him back on. We love u Karl but u got your own call.

Better Moderation - Reviewer: marc0306 11/12/14 02:05 PM EST
Full Comment: First of all, thank you Angela for your channel. It has been incredibly informational. The reason I gave your channel a 3 (instead of 5) review is because I'm over the whole "Karl Lentz" competition. One of the things I appreciate about your calls is that you are pretty good at moderating; however, when it comes to Karl you seem to let him run the call when he is not the guest. I am completely turned off by him at this point and refuse to listen to what he has to say, which is unfortunate because he probably has some good info. I think it's incredibly rude for him to hijack other guests' calls and belittle them and their teachings. He clearly is incapable of sticking to just on-topic questions. For some reason he feels the need to get on every single call and point out where he thinks they're wrong and why he is so correct and wonderful (plugging a "documentary"??). He then changes the dynamic of the call and then decides to sign off because he isn't actually interested in what others have to say but only hearing himself speak. Sorry, Angela, that this review became only about Karl, but for some reason he wants each call to be only about him as well. Perhaps better moderation when it comes to Karl Lentz is in order? Thanks again for everything you're doing!

Kurt Kallenbach - Reviewer: hhhhh 07/11/14 10:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Kurt Kallenbach, can you say your name one more time please?

Great things learned - Reviewer: standonit 04/10/14 11:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great things are done through you and like minded people. I salute you and others that bring light to people. I do pray and will continue in support in all ways I can. I wish to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and look forward to the next call. Have a bless day, as I know I am.

When is a signature, your signature? - Reviewer: jacqueceltic 04/05/14 07:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: To our dear brother "Constitution Man" Carl Miller... Underneath the hard-nosed uncompromising exterior shield and sword of the Law you have put on over the years there inhabits a peaceful soul inside you filled with the spirit of FORGIVENESS, GRACE and LOVE and therefore my brother Carl Miller... I wish you abundant blessings in your recovery from surgery. Thank you for sharing your well earned experiences and knowledge with us... We love you brother Carl. Joy, Love. and Peace always... jacqueceltic On 3/17/2011 @ 00:46:25 Constitutionman asked... "When is a signature, your signature?" In the commercial realm under the Law of Agency/Principal is it true that the signature is always the ALL-CAPS Principal's signature?

IF KARL GETS OUR PROPERTY BACK WE WILL GIVE HIM A CAR!! - Reviewer: Amy a woman 03/27/14 10:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: i hope i get to talk to Karl on the show tonight i am trying to get my property back from my mom and my husband is trying to get his property back through criminal court i tell you what if Karl can get both our properties back to me and my husband we will give him a car!!! i have been trying to get my property back in family court for 4 years! all i want is my property back into my arms :( please help us GOD BLESS.

Vic Beck - Reviewer: foreverblueskies 01/15/14 05:46 AM EST
Full Comment: Missed so many shows, so pleased to find my way back to you and see Vic Beck has been respecting us with his presence. Great work Angela, more from Vic.. :-)

i a man: Aka valiant_man: say this to All See this... - Reviewer: valiant_man 12/27/13 01:29 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks Angela Stark, for gracing i, With All of Thy hours and Hours of TalkShoe Hosting! May Thee [Angela] Prosper, Infinitely. my request: to Others: Stop dabbling in Equity and Legalese! If one is Not a Government Agent, Stop Harassing U.S. Government [Or any Other Governments] With Youse [Non-Affliated] Legal and Equity Nonsense! There is a Reason why Attorneys [They're Lawyers When (Directly) Contracted to Represent a man who Requests to be Subject As a Person(s), Citizen(s), Entity, etc.,] Practice [not Do Law: refer to my Previous Bracketed Comment bout Lawyers] Law, but Foremostly, Practice Legalities [Legal; etymologically means: 'pertaining to law' or 'collection of rules', but, Is Not Directly the Whole of Law.]. Look it Up on the Internet People; takes seconds for me. i; Recommend Dropping All the Junk that Is Not Law [If one; Is Not a Bar Affiliate\Associate or Government Agent], Learn the Trivium, Learn Grammar Again [Noun(s), Verb(s), Punctuation Marks, Past\Present\Future Tense(s), etc.] Read Plato's 'Republic', Read 'Social Du Contract', Read Thomas Paine, Read Anything that Is Not Legal, but Lawful!... If, Thee is a [wo]man, living at a Common Law Nation [Wikipedia has a Simple Reference Map: Look at Other Lawful Websites Too]. be a [wo]man, be Lawful; i Leave the Rest of Knowledge Searching and Learning to Youse!

Comments - Reviewer: vicbeck 04/01/13 08:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Angela......Although I have not listened to many or your calls the ones I have heard the guests all seem to have one thing in common. A common perception that seems to be based on a false premise. First off, I perceive no value in offering that the people have been defrauded as this perpetuates a "I am a victim" mentality and incites hate and anger, both of which cause a waste of energy. Neither of which are solution oriented. A topic I have not heard mentioned is the law merchant. Law merchant governs all transactions. The law merchant has been used to overwrite or take over pretty much all what people call laws including the common law. The common law is not what people think nor is criminal or bankruptcy law. A quick study of the law merchant will reveal some insightful insights that with a good understanding can lead one down a path to freeing himself from the grip of the great merchants. I mean great in terms of power. Banks and bankers are but one example. There is no use to teach people court procedures or about common law or human rights and the gamut of other teachings that overall have not netted the relief I believe people seek. Not being one to do the homework others need to do themselves so as to have proper understanding I will say this. The registration of birth document the parents sign and the birth certificate signed by and issued by the state/province are securities. Hence it would be really good for people to study up on the law merchant and securities as securities, negotiable instruments, bills of exchange and security interests are very much an integral part of the law merchant. In fact, is why people have a security interest on their back they are unaware of that until dealt with, never will be off their back. This is why most or no process or procedure taught have any great, lasting, or consistent effect. For example. Most know the promissory notes they sign fund a loan but they do not know the mechanism because they have not looked in the right place. Further they do not know that under law merchant all one need do to convert himself to debtor status is acknowledge a debt. They do not know how under law merchant that is so or how they bring that about. I will say, since all money is borrowed into existence or is debt, taking money or having control of it, regardless of source, makes one a debtor, is why there is a security interest (lien) on his back. It is not my purpose here to get into the full details as it would take to much time to lay the foundation required before moving on to the goodies and the action necessary to get the security interest, lien, off ones back: To be free of debt, financial lack and liability not to mention subjection to earthly authority that in the end, only has power due the peoples lack of knowledge of the law merchant and how it plays a part in their everyday life. The main or only reason the people are so called enslaved, subject to taxes, fines, fees, payments, is because of something they have not given up. These taxes, fines, fees, payments are used to extract from people what they have not giving up. That being the very thing that enslaves them that once given up freely and voluntarily will set them free. The government is not the problem, the lack of knowledge of the law merchant is and these people, the teachers teaching anything but are leading people further down the rabbit hole into darkness. This is the only reason I post this message here as I can no longer sit back and do nothing about this ignorance. If, Angela, you are interested in more information and think your listeners may be, post a reply to my post here stating such along with an email address or other means I may contact you.

Angela does a great job! - Reviewer: ProtectorsOfLiberty 01/05/13 02:51 PM EST
Full Comment: Bringing us new and interesting information every week. Blue Lotus Traveler was very interesting covering the term YOU. Fascinating! Thank you to him too. His call was on the third of January and you should listen to it.

- Reviewer: Mizzuno 01/05/13 02:42 PM EST

- Reviewer: unitedonestates 01/05/13 02:41 PM EST

- Reviewer: 01/05/13 02:40 PM EST

- Reviewer: baqashar 01/05/13 02:40 PM EST

- Reviewer: Osbogosley 01/05/13 02:40 PM EST

- Reviewer: amicusman 01/05/13 02:39 PM EST

Tami Pepperman? - Reviewer: ezudna 12/01/12 01:08 AM EST
Full Comment: What has happened to Tami Pepperman and what she started? It seems like the people that surrounded her brought her down, Can you explain this to us Angela, you must know more than we do????

Boris 10/23/2012 - Reviewer: maykme 11/20/12 04:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Angela, great topics I enjoy the speakers and what they have to share. One correction on what Boris mentions. He said having a driver's license does not make you a US Citizen. He is correct. The driver's license was issued after filing out a contract, also known as an application for the driver's license. That contract (application) 'asks' Are you a US Citizen? Most people answer yes. Sovereigns are not citizens. You can't be both. Do you have the documents needed to get the driver's license? Your documents prove your right to be in the territorial boundaries of any state. You have a right decide whether you are "also" a US Citizen or not. You are either governed (US Citizen) or you govern yourself accordingly ( sovereign, no trespassing on others as you live your life). A driver's license/State ID application I once viewed contained two questions, "Are you a US Citizen?" most people answer yes, and "Do you mind speaking to a Peace Officer?" Most people answer No. This part of the contract interferes with your right to remain silent. By contract you indicate if you are stopped and 'spoken to' you don't mind. When they stop and 'speak to you' they are enforcing the performance of the obligations in that contract. -No law impairing the obligations of contracts shall be made -. We have entered many contracts and did not know what we agreed to. That's why we must reserve judgment of others in what they do or agree to do. Some times we are in undesirable situations because of what we've done due to ignorance or lack of knowledge. When we learn, we change what we do. Forgive others and reserve judgment as you navigate this land and are forgiven in return for what you do. Give them time to learn from their mistakes and make changes when they choose to. I do not give legal advice. I do not know legal things. Do your own research, view / review the contracts you have entered into.

DEAN CLIFFORD - Reviewer: ainm 11/13/12 10:24 AM EST
Full Comment: Hi Angela that's so much for all that you do in waking people up to the power that has been stolen from them, can you please let people know Dean Clifford is giving interactive lessons on Global FACT Radio, I have put up a post here in the following link regarding what has been done to date and how to ask questions in next Mondays lesson which will be on jurisdiction. Hope to see him again on your show sometime soon. Again thanks a million. Ainm

peace & blessings - Reviewer: queenofeducation 10/26/12 01:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: thx angela for your work that contributes to the forward movement and upliftment of all...we all play a part in the omniverse...decide today to do something to move humanity back into peace & unconditional love...bless up

dean clifford - Reviewer: skwid12 09/28/12 07:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: i wouldnt hold my breath on dean as i think he has been made aware of much better info up here in canada that deals with all matters better than anything else we have seen so far. he may have got in too deep with the info he did have

A True Warrior - Reviewer: RockoVanZetti 02/13/12 12:19 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you Angela for your countless hours of sacrifice giving us a top notch show with all the bells and whistles that your supporting website offers. You have a treasure trove there of documents, case law, and a plethora of educational material that boggles the mind. Thanks for serving us the way you do. You are sweet beyond compare and have a real caring heart that draws us all to you, or mebbe its that sultry voice - anyway, carry on and know that you are loved by many. Keep spitting it with your spunky savvy

My Favorite Group - Reviewer: Buzzer 12/04/11 02:55 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for having this call every Thursday night. I'm totally hooked. The Buzzer Man

What a wonderful Group.... Thank you all - Reviewer: Boiling Oil & Catapults! 05/19/11 01:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just found you and I am delighted to find and participate the group. Special Thanks to you Angela in putting all of this together, Thank you John Stuart, your teachings have truly opened my mind to this strange new world we've all been thrust into by the corruption surrounding mortgage fraud. Thanks for the in-dept instruction to not only what needs to be done, but what we all need to do and in what sequence we need to get it done. Love the point about addressing the corrupt notaries, and agree with you that we need to aggressively address this fraud to unravel the deep rooted fraud and unwind the "so-called", non-existent loans!

JOHN STUART SUNDAY NIGHT CALL is now on ID 89902 7:PM est - Reviewer: Angela9 11/21/10 06:38 PM EST
Full Comment: John Stuart's Sunday Night Call is now on the Show Me the Loan Talkshoe Call every Sunday at 7:PM est and 4:PM pst. CALL ID 89902

- Reviewer: happy acres 10/29/10 01:41 AM EDT

regarding the Greek's thoughts on disease in winter.... - Reviewer: shrinkrat 10/22/10 10:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: the correct reason why disease is more prevalent in the winter has to do with decreased body production of vitamin D-3 .. because of reduced exposure to sunlight (which in conjunction with the skin, produces vitamin D-3. A large number of studies show that D-3 administration reduces bacterial diseases during the winter months. The Greek hasn't a clue.

Iconoclast Radio - Internet SNITCH - Reviewer: BrianWright 09/10/10 12:09 AM EDT
Full Comment: Iconoclast AKA Paul Ironshore Real name: Paul Ebanks History: He created an drug empire and forced weak, poor people to work for him by threatening and beating them, then he ratted them all out in order? to get a lighter federal prison sentence. Goal: To apply his snitching skills to the conspiracy researchers. Fun facts: His father is a freemason, is addicted to Valium, was forced into prison prostitution.

- Reviewer: OpenWhiteMan 08/27/10 01:46 AM EDT

Angela Your The Greatest! - Reviewer: ngonea 06/21/10 12:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: Just want to acknowledge you for all the good you do, You have such a sweet Spirit, your privateaudio.homestead website is the bomb, Keep up the good work.

Best information on Talkshoe - Reviewer: Lifechng 05/23/10 10:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: Angela, you keep things moving and allow the guests to make their points. Thanks, for being there, for us all! n

A Gift From GOD and a Great Educationl Tool! - Reviewer: lamb323 05/13/10 08:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is one of the best and most educational calls on talk shoe or anywhere! I have been listening for quite a while now and really enjoy talking with Angela and have learned so much from her and her many guests. I have gained knowledge understanding, perspective and thereby wisdom. I have lost fear, confusion, and ignorance by listening to her and the many other resources she is involved in. THANK YOU Angela!

EXCELLENT Information - Reviewer: silverwolf70 05/05/10 02:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: Angela and gang are awesome. They are very generous with their time and are genuinely making a difference in many people's lives. I love them.

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 05/03/10 08:09 AM EDT

Great program you have. - Reviewer: canyon county, Idaho 03/23/10 10:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for the info, have you seen this video?

Great guest-Loaded with good info - Reviewer: Liberty4me 01/27/10 03:32 PM EST
Full Comment: You've got really good stuff here. I love it. Please keep it coming! I really enjoyed Douglas Riddle and his info, also Bill Thornton! Thanks!

Riddle interview - Reviewer: USALei8 12/28/09 03:45 AM EST
Full Comment: Very informative ,I was referred to this show from a U tube channel, I am so happy to know this is possible. Thank you so much for sharing the info. Making my New Year truly happy.

Guest Bill Thornton and you - Reviewer: MODERATOR3 08/10/09 07:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: Angela (A) This was an important interview and You did a stellar job of getting the most out of BT. it never ceases to amaze me that BT can deliver a new application or twist for the American common law. You were great and your guest choice was perfection. if yoiu dont' mind i am putting the entire interview on my website . it is that good wdd

Excellent presentation! Thank you PJ! - Reviewer: Autumnbriar 07/08/09 10:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: Angela very nice and Monday is perfect night. Enjoyed how you stayed on topic, and allowed me to take it off topic to answer my questions.

great show with PJ & Brian - Reviewer: MoM4MyKiDz 06/29/09 09:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: very informative, educational and noteworthy show. we should all take advantage of the knowledge and information they are willing to share with us all