Your Dream Life with The Queen of Dreams
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Title: Au Revoir...Our last podcast with Tina Ferguson, a.k.a. The Queen of Dreams

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Past Episodes (209)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/26/2012 09:00 PM EST
Au Revoir...Our last podcast with Tina Ferguson, a.k.a. The Queen of Dreams
01/19/2012 09:00 PM EST
You Can Have It All, Just Not All At Once with Sherri Elliott-Yeary
01/12/2012 09:00 PM EST
Wisdom, Wellness and Redefining Work with John Selby & Tina Ferguson
01/05/2012 09:30 PM EST
The Gratitude Power Workbook with Brenda Knight and Tina Ferguson
12/29/2011 09:00 PM EST
Say Good-bye to 2011 and Hello to 2012 with Tina Ferguson, Queen of Dreams
12/22/2011 09:00 PM EST
Drunken Angel with Alan Kaufman and Tina Ferguson, a.k.a. Queen of Dreams
12/15/2011 09:00 PM EST
A Book of Miracles: Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude and Love
12/08/2011 09:00 PM EST
Living a Vibrant Life with Victoria Moran and Tina Ferguson
12/01/2011 09:00 PM EST
Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Heaven with Gary McDonald
11/17/2011 09:00 PM EST
Messages of The Golden Dolphins with Nina Brown and Tina Ferguson
11/10/2011 09:00 PM EST
Meditations for Inner Peace with Aleya Dao and Tina Ferguson
11/03/2011 05:03 PM EDT
Living in the Flow of Creative Power with Tina Ferguson
10/27/2011 09:00 PM EDT
Overcoming Creative Anxiety with Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
10/20/2011 09:00 PM EDT
Vibrant Health with Victoria Moran and Tina Ferguson, Queen of Dreams
10/13/2011 09:00 PM EDT
Potatoes Not Prozac with Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons and Tina Ferguson


this show is helps you on any adventure in your life - Reviewer: cierra1 04/03/08 04:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: i personally had a reading w/ Tina and she opened my eyes to more questions but she put other things into perspective for me. I love her show in that I listened to her while she was on and all her shows help you get more information about the NOW. I really love the fact that she will answer any question you have no matter what it's about, she's real w/ you, and will not sugar coat anything. If you don't understand it she will clarify, she has a positive attitude, and her shows keep you wanting to explore more of your life in all ways. Thanx