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Hosted by: Cliff Ravenscraft
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 3890
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Title: Help iGot A Mac 11

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Past Episodes (116)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/10/2008 08:00 PM EDT
06/10/2008 12:43 AM EDT
01/13/2008 10:00 PM EST
Help iGot A Mac 11
01/13/2008 09:30 PM EST
Help iGot A Mac!
01/13/2008 02:02 PM EST
Doctor Who Fan Podcast Episode 002
01/12/2008 11:45 PM EST
Weekly Lost Podcast 129
01/12/2008 09:30 PM EST
Weekly LOST Podcast
01/11/2008 03:00 AM EST
GSPN Daily 164
01/11/2008 01:00 AM EST
PAM 45
01/10/2008 10:15 PM EST
Grey's Anatomy Fan Podcast
01/10/2008 01:00 AM EST
Grey's Anatomy Episode 033
01/09/2008 01:01 AM EST
Full Time Mom - Episode 017
01/08/2008 06:25 PM EST
Testing New TalkShoe
01/08/2008 01:00 AM EST
Doctor Who Season 3 Episode 1
01/07/2008 07:00 PM EST
GSPN Daily #163 - Adjustment


quality of "commerical" show - Reviewer: Talking BasketBall 03/23/07 05:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey, I loved the idea of running the talkcast during the commercials of the show. Unfortunately, the quality was not the best.

These two rock - Reviewer: Amanda from Michigan 03/09/07 08:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Real people...real fans....real opinions This is a fun and informative Podcast about LOST. Cliff, Stephanie, and the other GSPN community folks are the best!

These two are amazing! - Reviewer: FredFromLongIsland 01/12/07 10:17 PM EST
Full Comment: This is the podcast that launched the Generally Speaking Podcast Network (GSPN). They started out a little over a year ago, and they just keep getting better. Check out this podcast for the character analysis, theories, and episode discussion.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! - Reviewer: LostFreak 11/21/06 12:43 AM EST
Full Comment: Wow I love both of you and I LOVE the podcast. It is awsome. keep up the great work!!!! It is a great podcast and just by listening to it I actually catch some of the little hints that the show gives out. It also helped me to accept the fact that I am a lostaholic. lol

i love these podcasts! - Reviewer: Paradox1213 11/17/06 11:53 PM EST
Full Comment: this live podcast has been such a great way for me to meet people in the lost community and talk to people about this awesome show we love so much. the entire thing is great, especially the dynamic between cliff, steph, and the callers. all in all a great experience!

Good Fun - Reviewer: mikedachuk 11/17/06 11:50 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for the Podcast. You had some good points tonight. I need to be on my toes next time you put me on the spot!

Great Experience - Reviewer: baybee33 11/15/06 10:29 PM EST
Full Comment: This was my first experience with being involved in an interactive chat and out of all the people in the world I got to do it with was Steph and Cilff. They are great podcasters and tons of fun. I will do this again whenever they have another call in show. This was a lot of fun talking to people all over the country and world.

OMGosh...can this be heaven? i think sooo - Reviewer: djcap_2001 11/11/06 12:26 AM EST
Full Comment: wow...thats what comes to mind after I got done with this show. it's amazing. It's soo's like your just talking to one of your friends. Cliff and Step. have such and awsome relationship. I hope one day my wife will support me if i do a podcast. This program is awsome how we can connect with anybody, and everybody in the whole world. that can can come here and unite and talk about somthing we all love and have soo many options.Need be it is strange or not. I still think that they are making a Super Wal-mart and a Starbucks for Dr. Phil. I will be here for the next live cast and many more . Tonight I made alot of new friends and thats what will make be come back more and more. New friends and the show we all love. STAY LOST!!!!

The best podcast experience I've ever had - Reviewer: Rachel Ziese 11/11/06 12:03 AM EST
Full Comment: I can honestly say this is the best podcast experience I've ever had. I've been listening to Generally Speaking almost since the beginning and the addition of talk shoe has made it amazing for me. I usually listen at work and say all the things I'm thinking to the computer and my co-workers think I'm nuts. Now I have the chance to say what I'm thinking of what they say and Cliff and Stephanie respond right to me. I've loved the show for along time, for the dynamic between them and their thoughts on Lost, and now I love it even more. Keep doing this and I'll keep showing up!

Next one will be even better! - Reviewer: HarbourLight 11/11/06 12:01 AM EST
Full Comment: I thoroughly enjoyed the 'interactive' podcast this evening but I think the next one will be even better. Once the regular listeners download this podcast and get clued-in to what is going on I think there will be lots more participation. I know that all of Cliff & Stephanie's podcasts are off-the-cuff, but I thought that this one seemed 'smoother' than usual. Maybe having other people chime in helped keep everything more grounded. I will most definately be here next time! Now that I'm a little more familiar with Talkshoe, I think I'll check out other podcasts here to see what they offer.

The Best Lost Podcast.... - Reviewer: mgrace 11/10/06 05:59 PM EST
Full Comment: Cliff and Stephanie always produce excellent podcasts on the hit show LOST. This podcast is a must for anyone addicted to Lost. They have a great program which encourages the listeners to call in and talk about Lost. This is what makes the show great. Also Cliff and Stephanie have great content mixed with a zany flare of character that will make you laugh at them or with them as they joke around with each other. All in all a fantastic podcast

Great perspective on the show - Reviewer: MillenniumKnight 11/08/06 01:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Cliff and Stephanie have definite opinions about one of their favorite shows, ABC's Lost. They usually have 2 podcasts per episode, one the night of the new show, and then another recorded a few days later after analyzing the show and researching the forums. They both have valuable insights into the plot and keep the show entertaining with thier own interactions and differing opinions. Overall a very fun podcast to listen to.