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Title: EPISODE 84- Angel Communication: Attune to Angels' Vibrational Frequencies

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Past Episodes (85)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/04/2016 05:34 PM EDT
EPISODE141 - Holistic Life Designs with Gina Alzate
12/13/2011 04:03 PM EST
EPISODE140 - Holistic Life Designs with Gina Alzate
12/14/2010 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE 84- Angel Communication: Attune to Angels' Vibrational Frequencies
12/07/2010 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE 83 - Things to Consider for Your Animal Friends during the Holidays
11/23/2010 04:00 PM EST
EPISODE 82 - Embrace the Holiday Spirit Feng Shui Style!
11/09/2010 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE 81 - 11:11 Angel Meditation for the Dawning of the New Earth
11/02/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 80 - Sandra Larson Launches Psychic Youniverse
10/26/2010 04:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 79 - Space Clearing 101: Re-Energize, Restore, Rejuvenate Your Home
10/12/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 78 - Healing with Angel Communication: Rebuilding Our Lives
09/28/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 77 - Understanding Remote Viewing with Melinda Cooper
09/14/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 76 - Healing with Angel Communication: Transformational Blues
09/07/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 75 - Animal Communication: Learn to Communicate with Your Animals
08/24/2010 04:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 74 - Embrace Your Inner Feng Shui Diva, Dress With the Elements
08/17/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 73 - Resetting Priorities for Vibrational Clutter Clearing
08/10/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 72 - Healing with Angel Communication: Divine Romance with Angels


Walking between Worlds, While Living your Life - Reviewer: CALiving 09/14/09 06:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE?, Do you ever think this? then you're right about it. Listen to Gina Alzate and her many guest speakers to find out just how right you are..... Walk between the energy worlds while learning to apply new techniques to live, I mean really Live in this world, Just as you always dream it could be. .............. Your Dream can be a reality as soon as you approve it.

Episode 19 (Animals As Mirrors) & Episode 23 (Saying Goodbye To Our Pets) - Reviewer: SpiritDog 07/09/09 08:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Gina and Sandra - We love your shows! Keep up the great work!

Chakras to help survive moden stresses. - Reviewer: SamSampson 04/01/09 02:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks Gina. With so much stress in the world, it helps to know and better understand the energy centers and how we can use them to better understand each other. I love your show! Sam Samson, Alaska - www.InviteStory.com  - www.TheBlogRush.com

Thank you - Reviewer: TKLSTAR 02/10/09 08:28 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you so much Gina and Russell for a great show..... got to hear some awesome advice and guidance for several different people. Look forward to your next show....and also looking forward to Russell's ....return........LOVE AND KINDNESS....Thomas.