JamesMadison's Community Call
Category: Education
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Hosted by: James Madison
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 35567
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Title: EPISODE307 - JMCC-TrentonParker-MovementPolitics

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Past Episodes (110)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/22/2012 08:49 PM EDT
EPISODE268 - JamesMadison's Community Call-MichaelLawrence
05/15/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE267 - JamesMadison's Community Call-Tony Davis
05/08/2012 08:51 PM EDT
EPISODE266 - JamesMadison's Community Call-Mickey
05/01/2012 08:46 PM EDT
EPISODE265 - JamesMadison's Community Call-Bryan&?
04/24/2012 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE264 - JamesMadison's Community Call-Bryan
04/10/2012 08:50 PM EDT
EPISODE262 - JamesMadison's Community Call
04/03/2012 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE261 - JamesMadison's Community Call-who knows
03/20/2012 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE260 - JamesMadison's Community Call-Harris&Clarence
03/06/2012 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE259 - JamesMadison's Community Call-LuisEwing
02/28/2012 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE258 - JamesMadison's Community Call-CindyBrewer
02/21/2012 08:47 PM EST
EPISODE257 - JamesMadison's Community Call-RobbRyder
02/14/2012 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE256 - JamesMadison's Community Call-LuisEwing
01/31/2012 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE255 - JamesMadison's Community Call-just us
01/17/2012 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE254 - JamesMadison's Community Call-just talk
12/27/2011 08:43 PM EST
EPISODE253 - JamesMadison's Community Call-SheriffMack


- Reviewer: Noortje 03/25/18 09:58 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Osbogosley 03/25/18 09:57 PM EDT

- Reviewer: loneranger1 03/25/18 09:55 PM EDT

blown away - Reviewer: KennyWally 05/04/13 07:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Y'all are blessed by Yah, you have understanding and call 275 proved that to me. Too bad I've been dancin' all around you guys here on talkshoe, but it's ok, we know our brothers when we meet, we know who has the understanding and we all have our groups we share with, we couldn't possibly all fit on one call. I'm glad david clarence is ok...he just disappeared ,and I wondered what happened to the rest of the exec letter, so I listened...and I got the bonus plan! btw clarence, howard griswold would love to hear from you if you got the mind to. I'll have to make it to a live show to thank you guys by voice or chat. May Yah continue to bless y'all.

Law reference site. - Reviewer: KeeKeeKat 02/28/12 09:39 AM EST
Full Comment: I found this great reference site and wanted to share. Check it out! I think you'll find it helpful and very convenient! http://constitution.org/cs_refer.htm Thanks for all the great calls! I Love learning!

any successes - Reviewer: bluejeanfree 09/22/11 09:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: with obtaining p.o. standing/ex ltr? Would love to speak with someone/anyone....thank you for all you all do!