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Title: Episode 31 - Top 10 Current TV Shows

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07/17/2017 08:55 AM EDT
EPISODE228 - The Flashbacks Podcast
03/20/2017 07:01 AM EDT
EPISODE227 - The Flashbacks Podcast
02/23/2017 07:12 AM EST
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08/30/2016 02:01 PM EDT
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01/19/2016 07:04 AM EST
EPISODE223 - The Flashbacks Podcast
06/04/2015 06:58 AM EDT
EPISODE222 - The Flashbacks Podcast
07/31/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Episode 31 - Top 10 Current TV Shows
07/03/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Episode 30 - The "Adjectiveless" Spider-Man
06/19/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Episode 29 - Band of Brothers
06/05/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Episode 28 - Pre-Prometheus Special
05/22/2012 08:45 PM EDT
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05/07/2012 08:00 PM EDT
Episode 26 - The Characters of the Next Generation
04/24/2012 09:00 PM EDT
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04/10/2012 09:00 PM EDT
Episode 24 - The Next Generation of Trekking


Tapestry - Reviewer: wrinkle stick 08/15/09 01:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: You guys are very good at the details, could you please talk about Jacob`s tapestry?

A lot of fun and thought... - Reviewer: Keys To Lost - Matt 08/06/09 09:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: Been showing up weekly for a little while to listen to this pair talk LOST. They're fun and insightful and the chat room live is always a good time too! Keep up the good work guys! - Matt

Loved rewatching w/you guys! - Reviewer: DawnOwar 01/28/09 08:19 PM EST
Full Comment: You should rewatch Season 4 & 5 during the post-5 hiatus!

Thanks for the memories - Reviewer: duffman1204 11/25/08 01:08 PM EST
Full Comment: Josh and Amanda. The Lost Flashbacks are awesome. A haiku review.

This show is awesome! - Reviewer: lkhafer 10/11/08 05:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show is awesome! I may be a bit prejudiced in my opinion (Amanda's mom) but listen for yourself and see if you don't agree with me! These two are very knowledgeable about the show and are also very enjoyable to listen to!!

Fantastic podcast! 5 stars!! - Reviewer: peony 07/05/08 09:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: Fantastic podcast! A must for any fan of the show LOST. It's one of the best LOST podcasts you will find. Josh and Amanda are great together.

Great Memory Refreshment - Reviewer: tunadonkey 05/13/08 12:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: If you don't have the DVD's this podcast is great to refresh your memory of past episodes of LOST.

Good times - Reviewer: conjested 04/08/08 05:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ramble cast was great. Good times all around. btw: double account review HAX!

Josh and Amanda RULE!!!! - Reviewer: LouieLou(NY) 03/02/08 08:57 PM EST
Full Comment: Fairly new to the whole podcasting thing, and have been lisenting to many shows out there to get a feel for them and I firmly believe that this is one of the best shows out there. You have 2 great hosts that mesh well together, hours of Lost talk every week and just a great time had by all. If you LOVE Lost, you will LOVE this show.

Best Lost podcast out there! - Reviewer: Roger_Workman 01/28/08 12:47 AM EST
Full Comment: Great in-depth podcast, by two very entertaining hosts. Hours and hours of Lost fun each week. What more can you ask for?! :-)

Fan-damn-tabulous - Reviewer: Jealous_Guy 01/23/08 11:03 AM EST
Full Comment: This is as in-depth of a LOST podcast as ever there was. All those *little* things you wonder about in an episode, you can bet your bottom dollar they're gonna get covered. Nothing gets past these two! Great work Josh and Amanda, I should have put a review in sooner!

Awesome - Reviewer: jprince23 01/03/08 07:56 PM EST
Full Comment: Really cool podcast and i was so happy i could be part of it -Jimmy

Appreciated - Reviewer: Royboytz 08/06/07 05:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: Just want to add that the time and effort put into the lost flashbacks is appreciated. . I originally watched seasons 1 & 2 sometimes 8-10 episodes at a time, so to watch two episodes a week then listen to an in-depth review afterwards is a great way to keep up interest over the hiatus.

The best Lost review ever! - Reviewer: Patti B. 07/12/07 08:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you're a fan, you'll love it! If you're not, you'll beg for the DVD's or run out and get them yourself! It's fun to listen to - Josh, Amanda, and all the participants know their stuff and come up with some interesting theories!

Awesomeness - Reviewer: congested 06/21/07 11:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: Amanda and Spivie rock! Love the show and I think you guys really go way in depth which is awesome. You also mention all the little sublte stuff that tends to piss me off so good job and w00tz0rz for you!

Loved the cast but... - Reviewer: Lockes_Brother 06/09/07 07:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: There are people talking over one another, there's the horrible sound where people are breathing into the mic.Some of the callers have a good audio link and some you can't understand at all.I suppose this is more of a Talkshoe issue but I found the cast difficult to follow. Edit - The past few shows have been fantastic and the audio quality is a lot better.