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Hosted by: flickguy
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 35274
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Title: Unscripted Special #1 - NaNoWriMo 2013

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Past Episodes (137)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/26/2013 11:00 PM EDT
Unscripted Special #1 - NaNoWriMo 2013
07/16/2011 11:00 PM EDT
PROMO: Reunion Special
04/09/2011 11:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 023 - One and Done - flick-a-brac|2.0
03/26/2011 11:15 PM EDT
EPISODE 022 - The Movies We Love - flick-a-brac|2.0
03/12/2011 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 021 - SMT #36: Saw VI - flick-a-brac|2.0
02/26/2011 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 020 - SMT #35: Saw V - flick-a-brac|2.0
02/12/2011 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 019 - SMT #34: Saw IV - flick-a-brac|2.0
01/22/2011 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 018 - Open Mic Night - flick-a-brac|2.0
01/08/2011 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 017 - SMT #33: Astro Boy - flick-a-brac|2.0
12/25/2010 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 016 - Holiday Hijinx - flick-a-brac|2.0
12/11/2010 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 015 - SMT #32: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - fab|2.0
11/27/2010 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 014 - NaNoWriMo 2010 Wrap-up - flick-a-brac|2.0
11/13/2010 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 013 - SMT #31: Saw III - flick-a-brac|2.0
10/23/2010 11:00 PM EDT
Unscripted #5 - NaNoWriMo 2010
10/09/2010 11:00 PM EDT
Unscripted #4 - Emergency Hiatus


- Reviewer: flickguy 11/06/16 10:41 PM EST

Very, Very, Good. - Reviewer: Jasper S. 07/29/09 10:39 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have only been listening for about a year and have very much enjoyed every episode. Even though I am sad about the recent cancellation, I will continue to enjoy the previous episodes to be released. I will miss hearing this podcast. I wanted to go to a live show, but by the time a could the time changed to 11 and I couldn't make it. All in all, this is a very enjoyable podcast and I will/have highly recommend this to almost anyone.

A masterpiece of movies - Reviewer: Logan* 07/26/09 09:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: I stumbled upon Flick-a-brac by accident, or maybe it was the divine hand of God guiding me, and it is a fantastic show. I laughed. I cried. I almost wet my pants (thank you astronaut diapers). Greta show and I look forward to hear more and participating more in the future. Live long and prosper Flick-a-brac!!!

Flickguy makes movies fun again!! - Reviewer: The Denizen 01/29/09 10:46 PM EST
Full Comment: I decided to give Flick-a-Brac a shot since Darren is so awesome on Operation BSU. I've started on Episode 1 and so far, he and his guests have gloriously failed to disappoint. I might pop in myself in the future.

The Wusdom of Sages - Reviewer: The SquidLord 09/13/08 07:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: Luckily, as we all know, my opinion really DOES matter. :P

Rewrite - Reviewer: [namehere] 07/15/08 08:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wow i just read my old review and cant believe you tolerated me during episode 19. Oh yea reviews are for people not familiar with the show uhh... its fun and you learn grammar also find other GREAT podcasts way better then this one so check it out

What i have to think about the podcast that doesent care about what i think. - Reviewer: EGgold 05/01/08 10:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: Flick your podcast is so bad its good! with your evil sense of humor and not caring about your fans opinions you make this podcast funny, good, and a bit sarcastic. Thats what i think about the podcast that does not care about what i think so what are you waiting for, get of your couch and listen to the sarcastic podcast of the year you will be sorry if you don't.

Yaaaay! - Reviewer: Donut 07/22/07 08:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: Go Flick! [waves pom poms]