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Title: EPISODE76 - drphil's Call

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01/13/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE1 - drphil's Call


Yahoo Group - Reviewer: Noortje 03/18/11 02:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: Does anyone know the yahoogroup of Patrick Devine. We the people this is not the one I'm looking for it start with 1099A or so He talks about it in episode 73 but I cant find it. If someone can post the link that would be great thanks in advance

Whats going on with closed checks and the talkshoe program? - Reviewer: seminole 10/19/10 01:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: what gives with that? it sounded very interesting. is patrick still teaching this or is it something that not being done anymore? whats up with the calls?

current status ??? - Reviewer: PAfarmin 10/11/10 03:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hey people - Whats going on with DrPhil & Patrick ? Heard on another call that there may be "problems" ? Can't find any info on these guys now :(

Hey Folks !! - Reviewer: Wulfgar_Ulrich 06/18/10 11:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: To everyone visiting this page I have a call series very similar, but leaning more on the Esoteric side of this movement.

You Will Be Missed Sir! - Reviewer: Kennyrazor 05/20/10 12:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: This stands as a testimony of this mans good deeds and his quest to return personal Honor to us all. Rest in Peace my Friend.