IAFF Demise
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Hosted by: chjtshark
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 34513
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CHJTS needs to answer TAVINGTON's challenge - Reviewer: Casey Insider 07/31/07 07:01 AM EDT
Full Comment: What is CHJTS afraid of??? Why won't he allow TAVINGTON to appear on his show?

Fun but a suggestion - Reviewer: trio_jeepy 07/01/07 02:31 AM EDT
Full Comment: May I suggest that the host speak less and allow the guests to speak more. That is, the interruptions by the host disrupt the flow of conversation often, and this would be constructive, I think. Other than, great fun.

CHJTS is ducking TAVINGTON - Reviewer: Tavington111 06/22/07 05:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: CHJTS has jumped the shark, literally. CHJTS thought he was being funny during my Supporterz talkcast back in June. Little do you know, CHJTS, I was playing you like a fiddle. I am going to call during your FINAL Sharkcast and you will get your ass kicked!!!!!! YOU ARE ALL TAVINGTON'S CHILDREN NOW

Where else can you talk openly and honestly about the boy wonder known as Casey Serin? - Reviewer: Dolph! 06/21/07 07:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: At Shark's talkcast, that's where!

Great Show!! - Reviewer: Benoit 05/31/07 10:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: In the absence of Casey Serin's usual droning monotone, this was a nice talkcast featuring R-Boy, M SINGH, FlyingMonkeyWarrior, myself, and others in a full-on Serin bash-fest. Well done, hope for subsequent episodes in the future! :)